MySpace Angles

What are MySpace Angles? It is when someone takes a picture of themselves (usually for a dating site) that shows them in a flattering view, but when you meet them in real life it can become a horror film. [...]

New term: eFat

Whether it’s plowing through 8 milion facebook posts, 90 million myspace spam ads, the legion of anon, the bullshit of IGN, etc, or simply doing actual work on your computer, the e-life can take it’s toll. [...]

Community Profile: Meet A Gamer

What is gaming? Just kidding, I’ve been gaming since I was a really little kid started off playing Mario Bros series on the original Nintendo, when you had to blow into the cartridge of the game to get it to play. And I was really addicted to Excitebike that game had me going for hours. I finally moved on to Super Nintendo, Sega, and now the next generation consoles. I am really into the Call of Duty series now. I’ve tried out the Wii and Playstation 3 but it really isn’t for me. Those two consoles are collecting tons of dust right now! [...]

MySpace Interview – Unkle Funkle

I implanted the DNA of the original late 60’s and 70’s funkateers into my hips. That combined with my love for soul and pop music and my undeniably white herritage. As I’ve allways said: There will be a black president in the USA before there will be a white funk-pioneer… Well, here comes the white funk-pioneer!!! [...]