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You don’t get the show #19: PETA vs Games Workshop

We follow up on our story concerning PETA’s objection to Warhammer having fur on some of its figurines. We also take a look at a ridiculous anti-pot PSA and preview the Metal Gear Solid based adult film.

The Obsolete Gamer Show #1: 20XX, Until Dawn

It’s like going back to the beginning but better. Not our first show, but think of it like a brand new series launch! We’re bringing together the best of many of our other web series such as Alt F4 and Beyond the Gamer Trailer and incorporating them ...
Metal Gear Solid 3

What’s Your Favorite Metal Gear game?

Mine would be MGS3: Snake Eater. It perfected the classic MGS gameplay, and the new jungle and desert scenes with the new camo gave it a whole new level of stealth to use. The story was great and made sense (fuck you MGS2), the enemies were smarter ...
monkey plum media logo

Gabe Gonzales: MoneyPlum Media

Name: Gabe Gonzalez Profession: CMO of MonkeyPlum Media, and self-appointed leader of the agency revolution Favorite classic game: Metal Gear Solid (Sony Playstation) Quote: I never played another game that had the attention to detail, amazing environments, ...
Dragon Age Origins bitches

Dear Game Industry, Hire Some Real Writers

Dragon Age Origins bitches I don’t want to sound bias but do video games lacking story make you want to play the sequel or even finish the game? I think a well-established story can motivate you to playing a game to its full completion. There are so ...