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King’s Quest III Redux – To Heir Is Human

In case you are still wondering what the fuss is all about, know that King’s Quest III Redux is a PC/Mac remake of the original KQ3: To Heir is Human by Sierra, that adds a beautiful soundtrack, an excellent voice-over, a sleek point-and-click interface, amazing 256-colour VGS graphics and a ton polish to an already great game. And is it really that good? Well, of course it is! Having already played its review build, I can guarantee its quality, but this very post will not be a review. Oh, no. The review will appear within the week, just to give you time to savor the experience.

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Eriq Chang Art

Stunningly beautiful pictures, aren't they? Well, better thank Eriq Chang for being brilliantly creative in all sorts of ways and -of course- for being generous enough to let us glimpse both his studio and the creative process taking place there. And in case you hadn't noticed, you are indeed looking at King's Quest III – Redux art and the game's official poster. To actually grab said poster better have a look here.

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Chris Campbell and Adrian Woods: Big Fish Games

It has magic, pirates and an abominable snowman! The feeling of tension when trying to collect the ingredients and cast the spell before Manannan came back to the house was palpable. The reward of finally giving him the “special” porridge and gaining your freedom still stands out in my mind as one of my favorite moments ever in a game!

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