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Chris Campbell and Adrian Woods: Big Fish Games

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Big Fish Games logo

Name: Chris Campbell


Company: Big Fish Games



Profession: Senior Producer


Favorite Classic Game: King’s Quest III




It has magic, pirates and an abominable snowman! The feeling of tension when trying to collect the ingredients and cast the spell before Manannan came back to the house was palpable. The reward of finally giving him the “special” porridge and gaining your freedom still stands out in my mind as one of my favorite moments ever in a game!

Name: Adrian Woods


Company: Big Fish Games



Profession: Designer


Favorite Classic Game: Bard’s Tale




My summer of ’85 was spent mapping dungeons on grid paper with the Bard and company. A buddy and I backed our computers together, and played Bard’s Tale 3 cooperatively from start to finish in less than two days!

Visits: 948

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