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G.I. Joe’s & Jessica Nigri

While breaking down why gamers are having more and better sex we came across number 14 and 15 in our list and both J.A. and Randy had some interesting takes on them. You can view the full show here – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xpTywb0fTRs

Self-Checkout + GameStop = You’re still getting Ripped Off

The gamer’s talk about those “convenient” self-checkout lanes at groceries stores and how some people found a way to make very little money by selling their ill-gotten games to GameStop.
Hollyanne Setola

Profile: Hollyanne Setola

Name: Hollyanne Setola Favorite Classic Game: Donkey Kong Country We are in the age of gaming for all the good and the bad. The good, a smart, talented woman who began her love of gaming at age 5 and by age 12 was getting into competitive gaming where ...
Gaming under the influence

Gaming Under the Influence

Gaming Under the Influence As the video game industry and culture has continued to grow, gaming has grown from interactive entertainment to a spectator sport. Numerous leagues and streaming websites now feature live streaming broadcasts of almost any ...

The Gamers of Origin PC

The Gamers of Origin PC One of the questions I was often asked during my time at Alienware was, are you guys really gamers and do you play games at work. I can tell you originally pretty much everyone at Alienware were gamers, just check out our interview ...

Andy Briggs: Pwned

Name: Andy Briggs Company: Pwned Title: FounderWhat is your favorite classic video game:  Tetris [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CvUK-YWYcaE[/youtube] Why is it your favorite: This is a tough question, I could of gone with a few games that ...
Gamers Film logo

The Interview: Ben Gonyo: Gamers Film

Gamers Film logo Gamers Film So what is the best way to learn about MMORPG’s the gaming world and the culture surrounding it? The answer is to immerse yourself in their world and ask a ton of questions and that is exactly what Ben Gonyo did in his film ...
Looking Glass Studios logo

Looking Glass Studios, The Series Finale

Looking Glass Studios logo Looking Glass Studios, The Series Finale 5 part videos shot by Mike Chrzanowski showing the day that Looking Glass Studios closed down their doors. My fondest memories of their games are System Shock 1 and 2 and Thief 1 and ...
The Lion The Witch And The Mouth Breather

The Lion, The Witch, and The Mouth Breather

Angry Multiplayer You are traversing with a small battalion of your closest friends through a seething cave leading toward the coiling serpent dragon which has daunted your whole lot for the past three weeks. This monster has left the nearby village smoldering, ...
The Internet and Real Life

My Favorite Ventrilo Harassments

The Internet and Real Life are two different things My Favorite Ventrilo Harassments by Honorabili Need a good laugh? Check out these videos to show clever pranks done on fellow & noob gamers by the Ventrilo Harassment experts! I love a good prank ...
F-Zero 1st place

F-Zero review & strategy guide

F-Zero Title F-Zero review & strategy guide (SNES) by Honorabili One Sentence Review: “The trend-setting pioneer of futuristic racing games.” Overall Score: 10 out of 10 Overview, Gameplay, & Strategies: Before Wipeout came out to ...
Pile of money

U.S. Gamers Spent $3.8 Billion on MMOs in 2009

Pile of money U.S. Gamers Spent $3.8 Billion on MMOs in 2009 Any World of Warcraft fan knows about the big money Acti-Blizzard rakes in, but the MMO business goes far beyond that as seen in a recent U.S. study. A report on Gamasutra shows that U.S. gamers ...
OriginPC systems

The Interview: Origin PC

OriginPC systems Origin PC If you were to ask someone what city they think of when you mention high end gaming computers Miami most likely would not be one of the answers. However, with the launch of Origin PC, Miami may come to be known as the custom ...

What Gamers Want

What Gamers Want Everyone loves a good metaphor in a column. You get to say “I get it” and the columnist gets to say “That’s a clever bit of writing”. So, what strained, pureed and mashed line of thought am I going to use ...