I did this to myself: The customer proves they are an ass

Customer Feedback - Motivational Poster

For this story I need to be purposely vague but in a nutshell here it is. This customer orders a computer and it arrived to the customer and something is wrong. The system will not turn on. At this point we do not know if the problem is due to shipping or something else but either way it isn’t working.

The customer sends the system in for repairs and the system is fully looked over and the problem is found and fixed. It does look as if something came loose in shipping. So it is tested with our normal tests and sent back to the customer.

The system arrives to the customer and they turn it on and it works great. The system is for the customer’s son and he tells his parents it works great. Case closed right? About a week later the customer calls in angry as hell. The story we are told is one of the parents decides to check in on the kid to see how the computer is running.

The kid begins to show the computer off to the parent and when he opens up internet explorer it has bookmarked links to porn sites. It also has spyware and spam pop-ups one may get from surfing at porn sites. So the agent tells the customer did you ask your kid about where he has been surfing on the web.

The customer goes crazy talking about how they are super religious and would never even think about stuff like that. (This is funny considering the kid ordered games that had violent acts of killing in them) now there was no porn on the computer at all but the customer accused our technicians of going to porn sites on their computer.

Now we did not connect any systems to the internet. We only used a local internet protocol so there is no way this was possible but the customer wasn’t hearing it. The customer even called government agents on us. The government agents pretty much laughed at the whole thing and said we have nothing to worry about.

But this customer wouldn’t give up. The customer claims the computer is now defiled and infected like a plague victim and they cannot have it in their house any longer. Then they said they would get a lawyer on us. So fast forward a few weeks the lawyer calls and a meet is setup. Keep in mind we have not had possession of the system since the incident.

So they send the system in and within minutes we are able to pull a log that shows it was the son who did this and not us. Our management was satisfied, the lawyer was satisfied but the crazy customer still would not accept that her baby Jesus could possibly go to porn sites.

In the end the system was returned to the customer and the case was closed. The customer didn’t have a leg to stand on. But I bet you that even today the customer still thinks we have a porn gnome who sneaks into the factory every night putting porn on everyone’s system.

I want to speak to your manager: The customer is still an ass

Customer service motivational poster

I would have never thought in a million years that I would encountered another customer as stupid as I did at Best Buy so long ago but I was wrong.

After buying my HDTV on black Friday I told a friend of mine I was planning on buying a new stereo receiver. So he called me and told me there is an open box buy on a nice 5.1 receiver with speakers at Circuit City that normally would cost over two hundred bucks and is being sold for seventy one.

Since he works there he tells me he will keep it with him behind the service desk until I arrive. I make my way over there and get inside and see a long line. It’s not a big deal since the item is being held for me so I just chill.

Most of the rest of the story comes from my friends point of view since I really only found out about exactly what happened a few hours later when my friend got off shift. Now where my friend worked mostly what he did was hand people the items they purchased off of Circuit City.com.

Now how it works is you go on the web then you pick an item and select how you want to get it, you enter your zip code and it gives you a list of stores that have your item that you can pick up, and then you pay online then go in and get it.

I later did this myself and it’s easy as hell, so this guy walks up to my friend and says

“Yes I ordered the Dora the Explorer Fix-It adventure and The Wiggles: It’s Wiggle time here is my printout from the web”

My friend takes the receipt and sees that the pick-up location is in another store across town and not here so he goes,

“I’m sorry sir you came to the wrong location, you selected to pick-up your merchandise in Dadeland this is Aventura”

The man get’s a pissed off look on his face and says

“Why would I set the pick-up in Dadeland when I live up north, I am way to tired for this, please just give me what I paid for”

So my friend checks to see if they have the items but they don’t so he says…

“I’m sorry sir we are out of Dora the Explorer Fix-It adventure and The Wiggles: It’s Wiggle time, but I went ahead and checked for you and both items are at the location you selected, if you go there the items will be waiting for you”

The guy get’s pissed and snatches the print out from my friend

“You think this is some joke you little shit? I don’t care what this goddamn paper said I ordered my items to be picked up here not from across town. Now you give me what I paid for right now”

By this time people in the crowd including me hears this guy getting mad but my friend is good with dealing with angry customers

“Sir it is possible there was an error with the web and I apologize for that however we do not have Dora the Explorer Fix-It adventure or The Wiggles: It’s Wiggle time in stock in this store, if you would like I can refund the amount to your credit card”

You’d think that would have done it but no, this just got the man angrier.

“You know what, I deal with piss ants like you everyday, people who screw up and think a fake smile and bogus apology can fix anything. I paid for my merchandise and I want it now but since you do not have the metal capacity to help me why don’t you go get one of your money managers from the back out here right now!”

Needless to say my friend was pissed but he kept his cool and got a manager who basically came out and told him the exact same thing but he then asked the man to step to the side and he will work with him to try and resolve the issue

The man slamed his fist on the desk which alerted the security guard, the man turned around looking at all the other people in line and says,

“This is bullshit, now you are trying to make me the bad guy, saying I am holding up the line, it was your incompetence that caused this, I’m not moving until you get me my merchandise”

The manager just nods to the security guard and they security guard walks up to the man and tells him he needs to either move out of line or leave the store. The man ignores the security guard who then puts his hands on his shoulder

The guy jerks away from the security guard, “Get your fucking hands off me” by this time the manager has called the cops and the security guard just backs up to the door. I think by this time the guy knew he was in trouble and soon heads out the door just as the police pull up

I see the cops talking to him as the manager and security guard goes outside and talks to the cops, about ten minutes later they arrest the man. Later on I found out that the manager was not going to press charges and even said that he would still refund the guys money but that he couldn’t return to the store.

But the man had a warrant out on him for DUI and speeding tickets so he went to jail for that. In the end I came home with two things, a nice receiver and a story to tell.



Memories of Gaming 1997-2003

3dfx logo - a symbol of quality
3dfx logo – a symbol of quality

Memories of Gaming 1997-2003 by Honorabili

Around the year 1997, I started to go a lot to ebgames to buy a lot of PC games. Rather than go for whatever was the top title that week, I would always check out what games they had for sale in their bargain bin. I did buy hit games like Carmageddon, Fallout 1, Master of Orion 2, and Grand Theft Auto 1 but for the most part from 1997 til about 2003, I stuck to buying cheap games. The bargain bin had a lot of failed games that were either bad or had failed in their marketing and distribution and nobody knew about them or they were simply budget titles that did not have the best graphics but had awesome enough gameplay that they got released.

My criteria for buying these games was that they had to cost usually about $1-10. For me to buy one that was $15, it had to have been highly recommended or praised. This shopping included buying used copies of games as well. I also bought a lot of stuff based on the brands of developers and publishers. Almost anything that got made by Microprose and Interplay was bought for sure. They were my favorite company in those years up until Brian Fargo lost control of the company and Herve Caen destroyed the company. Because I would still play the popular titles at the time but I would also played a ton of obscure and lost titles, I gained a good understanding as to why games and gaming companies fail. As far as Microprose goes, went they got liquidated I remember buying all of their games (multiple copies too) for 25 cents a piece!

Back in 97-03, my life consisted of going to college, hanging out with my friend Bruce and little brother, watching a ton of VHS movies which we usually rented from Future Video or Hollywood video (both are out of business now), playing a ton of video games, and buying video games almost every weekend. Usually Bruce or my brother and I would go and scout out 3-4 stores at a time seeing which ones had the best deals and stock. We would go a lot to The Falls, Miami International Mall, Dadeland, and later Dolphin Mall. I usually had a policy of buying at least one game each time I went into those stores, even if it was a crappy $1-2 game (of which I bought plenty of!). I remember one time that Bruce and I went in to buy what was either Fallout 2 or Carmageddon 2 and we ended up walking out with about $300-400 of cheap games.

After buying a bunch of these games, we would test out a bunch on the crappy LAN we built using our main machines which were initially powered by AMD K6-2’s and our bitch computers usually were a bunch of trade-ins I got from my PC repair/building business that were Celerons or Pentium I’s or 686’s. Sometimes we would just setup multiplayer games of a specific game to see if we could get it to run because maybe the multiplayer component of a game was utter crap.

I remember very well when I tried to run Carmageddon 1 on my AMD 486 DX-4 100 Mhz and the game was a slide-show. Quickly after that I jumped to my AMD K6-2 266 Mhz with 128 MB of RAM and a Diamond Stealth 2000 video card tied to a Creative 3dfx Voodoo 2 with 4 MB of RAM. I got addicted to Glide games quickly… Thanks to my gaming I got a lot of orders for gaming computers which paid for my college and taught me more about the real business world than many classes I took and books I read ever were able to show me.

What I like about 97-03 was that I saw the explosion of graphics acceleration for PCs. We also experienced the graphics acceleration and CPU wars. Some casualties of the graphics acceleration were were 3dfx, S3 and PowerVR. Some victims of the CPU wars were Centaur, Cyrix, and VIA. I remember the race to hit 1 Ghz with AMD hitting it stable with their Athlon and Intel’s 1 Ghz P3 being a complete mess that melted. A lot of hardware that comes to mind of these days are: 3dfx, the TNT 2, Voodoo 2 and 3, AMD K6-2 and K6-3, Pentium 2 & 3, Athlon and Athlon XP, Matrox, ATI vs nVidia, Radeons vs GeForce cards, AMD vs Intel, SDRAM & DDR, PC100 & PC133, introduction of SATA drives, introduction of RAID to gaming PCs.

Around these years we also started to see a differentiation between the kind of gamers that were attracted to PC gaming vs console gaming. I also began to see that for PC gaming some years were good strong years and some years just about nothing good came out.

In these years we also saw a giant growth in the availability of better broadband and the explosion of the internet (and the dot com bubble burst). In terms of gaming this improved multiplayer games and the availability of pirated software and games. We saw stuff like Scour and Napster and WinMX rise and fall. Then came torrents, which are still going strong.

Apart from the usual pirated games, we saw the rise of emulation. Emulation has always been around just about, even in the 60s and 70s with mainframes trying to emulate rival companies operations. Certainly around the time the AMD K6-2 and Intel Pentium II were commonly available we saw a lot of good NES and SNES emulation, as well as Sega Genesis, and even c64 (which doesn’t take much to run) and the Amiga emualators (which took a lot to run when they first came out). Playstation 1 emulators were out, as well as Nintendo 64 but initial performance and availability of these was terrible. Around this time I got to know well sites such as zophar.net. You also saw the growth of MAME and ROMs for all sorts of systems going around.

These years also saw an explosion in video game and computer music remixing. I even took part of this, even killing RKO, the home of c64 remixes. General video game remixing blew up on sites such as OverClocked Remix. I made a lot of good friends at remix64 and micromusic.

Some PC gamers in 1997-2003 were either of the camp that cared only for framerates (FPS junkies) or image quality. Around the late 90s, I felt that 3dfx had the best graphics but lowest frame rates, then came ATI, and with nVidia having highest frame-rates but lower quality renders.

We also saw around these years the rise of the mp3/ogg files. Many games before used proprietary sound formats and also a lot of MOD tracker formats. CD quality audio became a standard for games around this time. Initial games at this time had actual CD audio tracks incorporated into the game CDs.

Other trends include the further increase of popularity of first person shooters in the form of the Doom games, Quake series, Unreal Tournament series, Half-Life, Counterstrike, Medal of Honor and Call of Duty, Far Cry, etc. We saw just about the death of turn based strategy games and the explosion of more real time strategy games. Although Ultima Online was around, then came the explosion of Everquest (which made me a lot of money), and other MMOs.


These were great times for gaming for my friends and I because back then we had the time to do it. Later on complications such as girlfriends and wives and shitty jobs and children interfered with our hobby. The equivalent of me getting cheap games these days are the Steam sales and the gog.com sales. I have enough old games that I can relive parts of the old days any day I want! (well, except having my old friends to LAN it up with)