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I did this to myself: The customer proves they are an ass

Customer Feedback - Motivational Poster

For this story I need to be purposely vague but in a nutshell here it is. This customer orders a computer and it arrived to the customer and something is wrong. The system will not turn on. At this point we do not know if the problem is due to shipping or something else but either way it isn’t working.

The customer sends the system in for repairs and the system is fully looked over and the problem is found and fixed. It does look as if something came loose in shipping. So it is tested with our normal tests and sent back to the customer.

The system arrives to the customer and they turn it on and it works great. The system is for the customer’s son and he tells his parents it works great. Case closed right? About a week later the customer calls in angry as hell. The story we are told is one of the parents decides to check in on the kid to see how the computer is running.

The kid begins to show the computer off to the parent and when he opens up internet explorer it has bookmarked links to porn sites. It also has spyware and spam pop-ups one may get from surfing at porn sites. So the agent tells the customer did you ask your kid about where he has been surfing on the web.

The customer goes crazy talking about how they are super religious and would never even think about stuff like that. (This is funny considering the kid ordered games that had violent acts of killing in them) now there was no porn on the computer at all but the customer accused our technicians of going to porn sites on their computer.

Now we did not connect any systems to the internet. We only used a local internet protocol so there is no way this was possible but the customer wasn’t hearing it. The customer even called government agents on us. The government agents pretty much laughed at the whole thing and said we have nothing to worry about.

But this customer wouldn’t give up. The customer claims the computer is now defiled and infected like a plague victim and they cannot have it in their house any longer. Then they said they would get a lawyer on us. So fast forward a few weeks the lawyer calls and a meet is setup. Keep in mind we have not had possession of the system since the incident.

So they send the system in and within minutes we are able to pull a log that shows it was the son who did this and not us. Our management was satisfied, the lawyer was satisfied but the crazy customer still would not accept that her baby Jesus could possibly go to porn sites.

In the end the system was returned to the customer and the case was closed. The customer didn’t have a leg to stand on. But I bet you that even today the customer still thinks we have a porn gnome who sneaks into the factory every night putting porn on everyone’s system.

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