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I want to speak to your manager: The customer is still an ass

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I would have never thought in a million years that I would encountered another customer as stupid as I did at Best Buy so long ago but I was wrong.

After buying my HDTV on black Friday I told a friend of mine I was planning on buying a new stereo receiver. So he called me and told me there is an open box buy on a nice 5.1 receiver with speakers at Circuit City that normally would cost over two hundred bucks and is being sold for seventy one.

Since he works there he tells me he will keep it with him behind the service desk until I arrive. I make my way over there and get inside and see a long line. It’s not a big deal since the item is being held for me so I just chill.

Most of the rest of the story comes from my friends point of view since I really only found out about exactly what happened a few hours later when my friend got off shift. Now where my friend worked mostly what he did was hand people the items they purchased off of Circuit

Now how it works is you go on the web then you pick an item and select how you want to get it, you enter your zip code and it gives you a list of stores that have your item that you can pick up, and then you pay online then go in and get it.

I later did this myself and it’s easy as hell, so this guy walks up to my friend and says

“Yes I ordered the Dora the Explorer Fix-It adventure and The Wiggles: It’s Wiggle time here is my printout from the web”

My friend takes the receipt and sees that the pick-up location is in another store across town and not here so he goes,

“I’m sorry sir you came to the wrong location, you selected to pick-up your merchandise in Dadeland this is Aventura”

The man get’s a pissed off look on his face and says

“Why would I set the pick-up in Dadeland when I live up north, I am way to tired for this, please just give me what I paid for”

So my friend checks to see if they have the items but they don’t so he says…

“I’m sorry sir we are out of Dora the Explorer Fix-It adventure and The Wiggles: It’s Wiggle time, but I went ahead and checked for you and both items are at the location you selected, if you go there the items will be waiting for you”

The guy get’s pissed and snatches the print out from my friend

“You think this is some joke you little shit? I don’t care what this goddamn paper said I ordered my items to be picked up here not from across town. Now you give me what I paid for right now”

By this time people in the crowd including me hears this guy getting mad but my friend is good with dealing with angry customers

“Sir it is possible there was an error with the web and I apologize for that however we do not have Dora the Explorer Fix-It adventure or The Wiggles: It’s Wiggle time in stock in this store, if you would like I can refund the amount to your credit card”

You’d think that would have done it but no, this just got the man angrier.

“You know what, I deal with piss ants like you everyday, people who screw up and think a fake smile and bogus apology can fix anything. I paid for my merchandise and I want it now but since you do not have the metal capacity to help me why don’t you go get one of your money managers from the back out here right now!”

Needless to say my friend was pissed but he kept his cool and got a manager who basically came out and told him the exact same thing but he then asked the man to step to the side and he will work with him to try and resolve the issue

The man slamed his fist on the desk which alerted the security guard, the man turned around looking at all the other people in line and says,

“This is bullshit, now you are trying to make me the bad guy, saying I am holding up the line, it was your incompetence that caused this, I’m not moving until you get me my merchandise”

The manager just nods to the security guard and they security guard walks up to the man and tells him he needs to either move out of line or leave the store. The man ignores the security guard who then puts his hands on his shoulder

The guy jerks away from the security guard, “Get your fucking hands off me” by this time the manager has called the cops and the security guard just backs up to the door. I think by this time the guy knew he was in trouble and soon heads out the door just as the police pull up

I see the cops talking to him as the manager and security guard goes outside and talks to the cops, about ten minutes later they arrest the man. Later on I found out that the manager was not going to press charges and even said that he would still refund the guys money but that he couldn’t return to the store.

But the man had a warrant out on him for DUI and speeding tickets so he went to jail for that. In the end I came home with two things, a nice receiver and a story to tell.



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