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Thanks to the wonderful world of Netflix’s I began watching a television series from the U.K. called Survivors. Produced by the BBC the show follows a group of survivors of a pandemic that has killed more than 90% of the world’s population.

So far, I have only seen one episode, but I like the storyline so far. The story is in modern times and begins with many people in the U.K. coming down with a deadly flu. We quickly learn the government is trying to downplay how bad this outbreak really is including the fact that the Prime Minister is sick.

The show jumps around to a few different characters including Abby Grant whose son is away at camp when the outbreak begins to get worse. As her husband tries to comfort her Abby herself is stricken with the illness.

Survivors BBC

Meanwhile we meet Tom Price who is in prison during the outbreak. It is not clear what he did, but we soon learn he is very dangerous, but charming and cunning at the same time. As people begin to die the public begins to go into a panic, but by then it is too late. The flu has spread across the world and even the government can do nothing, but tell people to go home and be with their families.

There is quite a diverse cast including Al Sadiq who plays an Arab playboy who becomes a baby sitter for an 11-year-old Arab boy who loses his family after the outbreak. We also meet Dr. Anya Raczynski who not only watched hundreds of her patients die, but he two best friends as well.

Within days most of the population is dead and these survivors begin to search for a new way to live while coming to grips with what has happened. Slowly throughout the episode the survivors come together and while at first most have no interest to stay together Abby convinces them otherwise. The first episode ends introducing us to a new character David Grant who appears to be a doctor or scientist that has additional knowledge about the outbreak and a plan in place.

Survivors BBC

The premier gets you going as you see the devastation the flu has caused the population and as with all disaster stories, the human condition comes into play with how one will deal with the situation over the other. In the end, we find out there must be more to this outbreak than what it seemed which will setup an ongoing mystery.

I look forward to seeing what unfolds and will write more about it in the future. Currently Survivors is already up to season 3 in the U.K. so there is a lot to cover.


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