Scambaiter – Lola Benson – I am Born and raised In Texas

I came accross Lola Benson on Face-Pic (it says a lot for Face-Pic that her profile is still on there six month later) after she sent me the following message 

Hello how are u doing today i am so happyu to hear from u well i will like to talk to u through yahoo IM on

So we got chatting;

(10:41:31 PM) abuchi_lol1: Hello hun how are u doing today i am Online 
(10:41:45 PM) mikehock20: Hi
(10:42:57 PM) abuchi_lol1: I am Born and raised In Texas Dallas Sherman ……I am the only Child of my parent and I already lost my parent when I was Young. I have been taking care of myself…I have been engaged before and I was hurt by my Ex-boyfriend…I caught him in the shower with my best friend. I have been since for over 4years now without any man…… believe that I have everything that any man could want from a woman, I know that but am not saying that am the best woman on earth, but I still believe in me, and in God almighty father, I believe that one day my soul mate and dream man will surely come for me. I’m open, sensual, kind, gentle, romantic… a different lady, I’m a very family oriented, sensitive and tender person, I want to give all of my tenderness and care to my special man
(10:43:13 PM) abuchi_lol1: so tell me a Little about your self
(10:43:43 PM) mikehock20: I am Mike, from LA. I’m 27 single with no kids
(10:43:48 PM) mikehock20: What else do you need to know
(10:45:50 PM) abuchi_lol1: what do u do for a Living 
(10:45:56 PM) mikehock20: I’m a actor
(10:46:08 PM) abuchi_lol1: Ohh that is nice
(10:51:25 PM) abuchi_lol1: well i am Looking for a man that will show me Love
(10:53:38 PM) mikehock20: So how is your life in Texas?
(10:55:02 PM) abuchi_lol1: well i am Not in Texas right now i am In a Country Named Nigeria i am here with my mom the reason why i am here Is Because when my dad Died His family was Treating mom and i bad and then mom now decided to come back Home
(10:55:52 PM) mikehock20: ah, you’re in Nigeria? Isn’t that a back wards African country?
(10:57:44 PM) mikehock20: wow, living there must be horrible?
(11:01:06 PM) mikehock20: you still there?
(11:01:29 PM) mikehock20: I have to go now, I’ll speak to you again soon. 

I must have insulted it’s national pride, because it we didn’t chat for months after that. Then one day, it got back in contact.


(8:39:47 PM) abuchi_lol1: hello there am on line 
(8:39:54 PM) mikehock20: hey
(8:40:34 PM) abuchi_lol1: am ok an u
(8:40:50 PM) mikehock20: Yes, and am very good, how are you doing
(8:41:21 PM) abuchi_lol1: am ok 
(8:41:56 PM) mikehock20: good to hear
(8:41:58 PM) abuchi_lol1: so how are u doing and how is work 
(8:42:31 PM) mikehock20: work is ok, now strike is over
(8:42:37 PM) abuchi_lol1: yes am happy to meet u on line 
(8:42:46 PM) mikehock20: yes, I bet you are
(8:43:02 PM) abuchi_lol1: thanks that means i will chat with u all the time 
(8:43:14 PM) mikehock20: that is good news
(8:44:18 PM) abuchi_lol1: so tell me what are u up too 
(8:44:36 PM) mikehock20: I am just on the internet listening to slayradio
(8:45:12 PM) abuchi_lol1: ok, tell me do u mist me on line
(8:45:43 PM) mikehock20: yes, I always mist you online. this makes me sad
(8:46:28 PM) abuchi_lol1: ohhh am so sorry that is why i am hear to make u happy
(8:46:52 PM) mikehock20: excellent, so what are you up to…?
(8:48:29 PM) abuchi_lol1: nothing im  just here thinkink of u an i been to gethere
(8:49:38 PM) mikehock20: what?
(8:50:19 PM) abuchi_lol1: i mean i am here thinking of u
(8:51:33 PM) mikehock20: ah, oh. nothing better to think off. You like slayradio?
(8:52:08 PM) abuchi_lol1: yes
(8:53:39 PM) mikehock20: excellent, not many birds are into 8bit music
(8:54:11 PM) abuchi_lol1: yes
(8:54:30 PM) mikehock20: I’m listening to Boz’s bit of Bollocks now, are you?
(8:55:00 PM) abuchi_lol1: nop
(8:55:06 PM) mikehock20: oh, why not?
(8:55:27 PM) abuchi_lol1: is like u love music alot
(8:55:47 PM) mikehock20: yes, It is, isn’t it
(8:56:42 PM) abuchi_lol1: yes
(8:57:20 PM) mikehock20: I’m glad we agree. So where you a spectrum or C64 owner?
(8:58:08 PM) abuchi_lol1: i don;t understand 
(8:58:28 PM) mikehock20: ah right, a Atari owner then. never mind…
(8:59:31 PM) abuchi_lol1: ok
(8:59:43 PM) mikehock20: So tell me how class I am then…
(9:02:26 PM) abuchi_lol1: u mean a lot to me 
(9:02:37 PM) mikehock20: of course I do, and…
(9:03:47 PM) abuchi_lol1: u are the onlly man that i will ever think of 
(9:04:24 PM) mikehock20: goodo, did you send me any pics?
(9:04:46 PM) abuchi_lol1: nop i will send it to u ok
(9:05:13 PM) mikehock20: try and find some nudes, ok
(9:05:28 PM) abuchi_lol1: ok i will send it to u 
(9:05:35 PM) mikehock20: excellent
(9:06:17 PM) abuchi_lol1: thanks

The following pictures arrived, surprisingly the exactly match the original picture from the Face-Pic profile.



(9:15:58 PM) mikehock20: I got your pics
(9:16:18 PM) mikehock20: went in spam folder for some strange reason? Can you believe it Yahoo are crazy
(9:16:29 PM) mikehock20: but there are no nudes, why not?

(9:16:44 PM) abuchi_lol1: did u get that 
(9:18:33 PM) mikehock20: I got some pics
(9:18:38 PM) mikehock20: but I want pics with no clothes on
(9:19:06 PM) abuchi_lol1: why that wii be when i get to u 
(9:19:22 PM) mikehock20: You gonna get me a Wii?
(9:22:03 PM) mikehock20: I would rather have naked pics, so i could see what I was getting

(9:23:08 PM) abuchi_lol1: i don;t have a naked pics 
(9:23:28 PM) mikehock20: boring, ok. what can you do for me then?
(9:23:39 PM) abuchi_lol1: as ssoon as i get to u i will show u every thing u want to see
(9:23:57 PM) mikehock20: this I like, TELL ME MORE
(9:23:58 PM) abuchi_lol1: do u have cam
(9:24:05 PM) abuchi_lol1: ok
(9:24:31 PM) mikehock20: away then, MOAR
(9:34:04 PM) abuchi_lol1: are u there talk to me 
(9:35:38 PM) mikehock20: I’m waiting for you
(9:35:46 PM) mikehock20: See where I say more?
(9:35:58 PM) mikehock20: that means more; as in, tell me more
(9:36:25 PM) abuchi_lol1: ok
(9:36:45 PM) abuchi_lol1: i told u that i don;t have a neked pics
(9:37:04 PM) mikehock20: jesus,  no tell me more what you gonna do when you get to me
(9:38:05 PM) abuchi_lol1: i will show u that i love u so much 
(9:38:29 PM) abuchi_lol1: and i will show u what i have for u 
(9:38:37 PM) mikehock20: and…
(9:39:08 PM) abuchi_lol1: i will talk to u later
(9:39:33 PM) mikehock20: what? what? what?

…And with that it was gone. I don’t know, It’s was almost like I was asking a man, who was pretending to be a women, to discribe performing sexual acts on another man.

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