Redman and Method Man at E3 2010

Redman and Method Man at E3 2010

For those that don’t know E3 is broken up into two halls and they are pretty far apart. We started in the west hall which had booths from Capcom, Sony Online Entertainment and Nintendo. When we got to the south hall the first thing we ran into was the Biowear booth showing off The Old Republic MMO. Then we heard music coming from behind them and went to investigate.

Right next to the Konami section was a large stage showing off Def Jam’s Rap Stars that allows you to rap along with a ton of songs from the Def Jam library. It looked pretty cool; they had two people on stage testing out how it works. You can rap solo or with a friend and not only do you get the music, but also the video from the song. We’ll bring you a full review later, but not only did we get to see the game but also the rap mogul himself Russell Simmons made an appearance and had some employees rap to the song, Push It by Salt and Pepper.

Redman and Method Man at E3 2010

Obviously that was cool to see him, but then we heard Redman and Method Man would be doing a mini concert and we had to get in on that. Unfortunately, between lots of pushing and shoving, a shaky camera, two microphones going bad and a super loud speaker next to my camera the audio and video isn’t the greatest.

Even with that the concert itself was cool. Red and Meth definitely looked like they were enjoying themselves even taunting the L.A. fans by saying Rasheed Wallace was in the building. In fact it was clear that both wanted the concert to last longer, but I guess time was limited. They did go through a number of their songs from both their single albums and the Blackout series.

Redman and Method Man at E3 2010

Another funny moment was when Redman wanted everyone to chant for a How High 2 movie and everyone agreed that would be awesome. Personally I think we need a double feature, How High 2 and Half Baked 2, now tell me that wouldn’t be a blockbuster.

The Def Jam booth was defiantly rocking and drew crowds that spilled out to other sections of E3. Even if you aren’t the biggest rap fan just being there and seeing and feeling the excitement of the crowd would get you into it.

Redman and Method Man at E3 2010

As I said the main problem with the video was I was far back and had to use zoom, coupled with people pushing and jumping and my shaky camera it’s not the best footage. The worst part is my microphone records mostly base so while I have pretty much the whole concert on film most of the time all you hear is bass. However, if you guys don’t care I will upload the rest of the concert to the Obsolete Gamer YouTube channel so you can check it out.

Def Jam Rap Star is set to be released on October 5th 2010. Blackout 3 is slated for a late 2010, early 2011 release.

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