NES Ice Hockey & RC Pro-AM Commercial

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NES Ice Hockey & RC Pro-AM Commercial

It is clear the goal of commercials is to get us to buy the product or service, but there is something special when it comes to video game commercials. Maybe it is because many of us were so excited for our consoles that these commercials just got us riled up or perhaps it is because of the cheese and subliminal aspects of many of them.

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This NES commercial featured the games ICE Hockey and RC Pro-AM, right from the start they mention a challenge which is to get you excited to try and beat the game followed up by informing you that your NES has the power to do it, you might not be good enough but your Nintendo is.

It is all about feeling immersed in the game which is why they keep telling you how fast the action is and how you have to be on your toes. Just look at the young man playing the game he is complete enthralled by the action.

On a side note did anyone else have siblings or friends who would turn their entire body when turning or moving while playing video games? I admit when I first played I kind of turned my hands a little, but man have I seen some people spaz out while playing. I knew this one guy who would jump when he had to in the game.

Having things fly out of the screen was also a classic tactic used to show how real something is and yes there were people who worried something would come flying out of their television screen if you bought their kids an NES.

Finally we have the mixing of video game footage and real life footage in these commercials. The idea of course is to get you to link the two and really feel as if you are playing the real thing, however, when you compare real life to the video it can sometimes through you off.

One last side note, anyone else get mad seeing G.I. Joe commercials where the kid is playing on some really cool set with caverns and fake mountains and a pond. It looked so cool to see him playing in such a cool area and then when you get your toys out you are playing in your nasty back yard, the one with no grass and dog doo everywhere, stupid dog.

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