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Pentasonic logoBand members

Vocals – Vitez
Guitar – Rolland Rock
Keyboard – Lady H
Drums – Chun Leek
Bass guitar – Steve


It’s no secret that I am not a fan of female vocalists in bands. I believe that very few ‘cut the mustard’ but Pentasonic’s front woman, Vitez, certainly pulls it off. With her strong bluesy vocals and unique style, she has the ability to belt out a tune.

The album boasts an eclectic mix; from the smooth ballad of ‘Six Years’ to the heavy bass line of ‘Show of Hands’. With its hypnotising intro from Chun, ‘Caveman’ is my personal favourite. ‘Apathy’, ‘What Do You Know’ and ‘Show of Hands’ are brilliant tunes which indicate the quality of this bands talent. You can listen to a selection of Pentasonic’s music if you visit their MySpace page:

Pentasonic have spent most of August touring London and the South West.
I was fortunate enough to see them twice and this is one band who know how to perform. Vitez’s ballsy stage presence demands attention from the crowd. The obvious passion that each musician has for their instrument and each other is pure class. Too many bands consist of conflicting egos but the close rapport between these guys, both on and off stage, is truly something to behold.

Pentasonic have a number of free cds to give away. You can visit their MySpace page (above) or you can e-mail the guys with your name and full postal address

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