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Music for the Sharp X68000 computer from Japan

Music for the Sharp X68000

When we had the Commodore Amiga, Japan had the Sharp X68000 computer. Most hardcore computer enthusiasts know how the c64 and Amiga had a huge underground scene where it came to music, graphics, and warez but the X68k had its own in Japan.

If you want to read about the specifications and want to know the history of the computer click here. The specs are very similar to a high end Amiga.

Last year while looking around on youtube I found the channel of SH2ARP, which has a ton of hardcore techno music that they wrote in the demoscene for the X68k.

A lot of the music sounds like music by artists like Prodigy but then again so did a lot of techno/industrial Amiga music. I must say I’m very impressed by how hardcore it does sound even with it using old samples. Most of this music will blow your speakers and your mind, and that’s great πŸ˜€

So… let’s get to it!

One of my favorites,
Song: GENOCIDE by hally & Utabi

This one was kind of weird,
Song: DEEPXPEED by Speeeed Hysteria

A neat tribal song,
Song: γƒŽγƒγƒ’γƒ‹γƒˆγ‚―γƒ‹γƒ’γƒ© by Utabi

You gotta love classic Acid tunes especially with a chippy feel to them,

This one sounds like speed jungle to me,

This one just made my brain implode,
Song: prototype 990826-xpd-04x by FAAST TYKOON

Now this is more like it,
Song: Tekkno is HardCore by MACK

This one gets really good near the middle,

This one just gave me a headache,
Song: Be Invoked by hally

Song: prototype 980202-028-at by satori

One of the most melodic songs from his channel,
Song: demo-5 by Utabi

I could totally see this playing at a match in an Unreal Tournament game,
Song: Summer Carnival ’96 by hally

Here is one of the first songs I found and one of the ones that made me want to write this article,
Song: Pyrotek Medley by hizmi

Totally awesome for a good rave,
Song: η„‘εŒε€ͺιΌ“ by hizmi

My favorite song from all of these,
Song: Rave 2151 by hizmi

This sounds like really aggressive trance,
Song: Razor Destroyer by hizmi

Chaotic yet really innovative,
Song: Ratsback2 – Saitone Remix / 鉄コン筋クγƒͺγƒΌγƒˆremix by Saitone

Reminds me of old arcade game music but on crack,
Song: Neo X Rally Ver. 0.8 by Saitone

This is the kind of music that robots love,
Song: metazaxxxiremix (remixed by Saitone) by coova & lilil

This one takes the sound capabilities of the machine to the limit,
Song: Yorumachi by coova

Song: Skeng (Version) by quarta330


Okay, so it’s a bit different from Amiga demoscene stuff and some of you are saying what the fuck but hey it’s great on its own as well.

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