Hello, It’s me Famicom Freak

Super Mario Bros 3 Box Cover
Super Mario Bros 3 Box Cover

I just want to do an opening post to many more posts to come! Let me introduce myself, I’m Famicom Freak! As you can tell I love Famicom as well as its other half, the NES. I run a blog which mostly consists of my findings and trips to places with retro games among other things. I hope to contribute a lot in here and be helpful to the ever growing retro gaming population. Cya later… oh yeah if you get a chance visit my blog as well! Visit www.famicomfreak.blogspot.com

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Luis Zena

I'm Luis Z, aka Famicomfreak from Retro Gaming Life the site that has everything you need to know about retro games, emulation, and information involving the magical past of video gaming.

One thought on “Hello, It’s me Famicom Freak

  • Nice to meet you! I think that you should write an article on every famicom game ever made 🙂

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