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Mark Sheeky: Cornutopia

Cornutopia logo
Cornutopia logo

Name: Mark Sheeky

Company: Cornutopia

Profession: Artist and Game Developer

Favorite Classic Game: X-COM UFO: Enemy Unknown

Quote: There are so many choices for a classic game. The best games combine action and strategy and my other favorites Airborne Ranger of Project Stealth Fighter on the C64 did that brilliantly, as well as Frontier Elite 2 on the Amiga. Oh and I can’t help but mention the brilliant Nethack on PC too!


In my games I aim to be original and fun. I programmed games for over 20 years, and in the time produced 50 titles, mostly shareware, from small fun action games to larger more in depth titles like Taskforce and the Flatspace series. Game development is difficult and very few people manage to do the programming, art and audio. Gradually I discovered that I liked the creative aspect best, and in 2008 stopped game development to concentrate on art and game audio for my website indiesfx.

Bio: Cornutopia is a one man development team consisting of Mark Sheeky, with help from Andrew Williams for play testing and ideas.

Flatspace II DVD Cover
Flatspace II DVD Cover

Project: Flatspace II v1.05

Project Info: This is the latest update to my most successful game, Flatspace II, a game that tried to cross a dungeon crawling game like Nethack, with a space trading game like Elite. Its random elements and intelligent autonomous universe are its key features. The game is available for Windows on Impulse for $24.95. Visit Flatspace for details.

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