Motivational Monday: Sex Scenes

video game sex scenes demotivational poster
video game sex scenes demotivational poster

Motivational Monday: Sex Scenes

Ah, what is the old joke about video gamers and lack of sex? Perhaps this is why many of the women in video games are created in a manner that is FAPP worthy. When video games changed from just a single screen to multiple storylines with music and a movie-like quality it was the perfect opportunity to add sex to the mix.

In the past one would have to buy a specific adult game for the PC and the very few console systems that offered them. There was also innuendo in many games and the quick flash of sexiness here or there. In the classic Leisure Suit Larry sexy was used as a pun and though the game did have sex scenes it was kept mostly out of view.

Today with CGI and video game budgets that rival big budget movies the sex scene has just about reached the peak of where it can go without requiring an X rating. For the most part sex in games are used to create intimacy between characters, but sometimes it becomes a major selling point or point of debate for critics. Let’s take a look at various sex scenes from video games and you decide if it added to the game in the positive or the negative.

Content Warning: Some of the scenes may not be appropriate for children!

Leisure Suit Larry 3

You have to start with the king. Larry brought sex and innuendo to PC gamers everywhere and the best thing is the game was fun to play. Poor Larry always ended up in some humiliating and sometimes deadly situations, but he also scored from time to time along the way. Of course the sex scenes were hidden in some way, but it was pretty clear what was going on.

Indigo Prophecy

If the world is going to come to an end the thing you have to do is have sex. Honestly, it does not matter if you are on a freezing train or the guy might be a zombie you need to get your freak on. This scene took it up a notch with the boob shot and the distance butt shot giving you the skinamax experience.

Custer’s Last Stand

I really don’t know what to say about this game. Your job is to get to the Native American girl by avoiding arrows and then you are to have sex with her and you control the sex with the Atari joystick which is just a whole other issue altogether. The problem with this game and there are many is that you have to consider that if they are trying to stop you then you should not be having sex with this girl. Then again she is naked and standing there waiting for you. You have to check out the commentary on this video as well it is awesome.

God of War III

[youtube id=”p8Nq_0Cj6gc” width=”633″ height=”356″]

Kratos is truly a pimp. When you are battling the God’s and duck into a room full of half-naked women the thing to do is take a break and work out some stress. This is the male ego at its finest as we get a shot of two other half-naked women talking about how good Kratos is at laying the pipe. Perhaps I should say laying the sword as it sounds as if he is hacking her to death with a blade.

Mass Effect 2

Everyone talked so much about having sex with the blue alien you know they have to double their efforts for part two. Here we get two difference scenes and to their credit you do have to work to get them to sleep with you. In ME2 you get your choice or blue or white it’s the UN of sex out there in space.

Heavy Rain

The ultimate in interactive sex scenes, ok, it’s not the ultimate, but considering it is not an adult game where the only goal is to have sex it is interesting that you have to make the moves yourself. I don’t know what happens if you screw up like if you snap her bra or something. I really think they should add that. If you mess up she gets mad and wants to leave and you have to convince her to stay and start all over. If you screw up to many times she leaves and that’s it, or you get a crying while masturbating in the shower mini-game. Hey this can help the socially awkward.

Cold Shower Time

There are a few more sex scenes out there but there is only so much one should visually consume in one day. Also, I know a bunch of you are reading this from work and IT is already onto you and I don’t want to be blamed for your termination. See ya next week!

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