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Fallen Skies: Sanctuary Part 1



With Ben and a group of harnessed children rescued, a new threat emerges. While treating a young child named Eli, Dr. Glass is held at gunpoint and robbed of precious antibiotics by his mother and father who no longer feel the school is safe and needed the medicine to bargain with while on the road. Dr. Glass tries to fight the gunman, but is knocked to the floor.

Tom and Weaver chase down the family and a standoff begins when Lt. Terry Clayton, played by Henry Czerny arrives taking the antibiotics back from the family, but allows them to leave unharmed. Clayton, who is from the 7th Mass resistance group tells Tom and Weaver that the skitters have all but eliminated his group and that the aliens are building additional structures and are looking for child slave labor.

Fallen Skies - Sanctuary

Clayton goes on to tell Tom and Weave that the aliens took the children first and the few remaining resistance members are at a ranch. Clayton believes the skitters are heading for Weaver’s base and suggests that they split their group sending the children to the camp while the others move to a new location.

Back at base camp, we learn that Ben has recovered from the harness removal surgery and can now do over 100 push-ups without breaking a sweat. Ben tells his younger brother Matt that while it may sound weird, the skitters were like family to him and sometimes he misses the feeling. Ben explains that when harnessed the skitters know what you need and want and treated them like family. Hal overhears this and later talks to Dr. Glass worried about the fact that his brother now seems different.

Fallen Skies - Sanctuary

Meanwhile the debate over sending the children to the ranch troubles many of the parents who do not like the idea. Even Tom is not sure it is the right thing do to, but he struggles wondering if he is being selfish. Clayton makes the case that it is safer for the children at the ranch. During this, Dr. Glass meets with Maggie who earlier had given her a gun for protection. Maggie takes Dr. Glass to the woods to practice using it. Jimmy, the 14-year-old fighter, volunteers his services and Weave tells him he can join the overnight security detail.

That night while on security duty a skitter mech attacks. Jimmy escapes into a school, but is soon attacked by a skitter who he tries to fight off. Jimmy is saved by Weaver and later recounts his story to Weave and Dr. Glass. Clayton tells everyone they have to leave now as the skitters will be coming. Tom makes the decision to send the children on with Clayton to the ranch and Hal volunteers to help escort them.

The group arrives at the ranch and Clayton sends everyone to bed telling them he will give them a tour in the morning. That night, Clayton visits Eli who wants to see his parents. Clayton takes Eli into the woods where they meet up with Megan who tells Eli she can take him to his parents. When Eli sees that Megan is harnessed he refuses to go, but is hit by a blast from a skitter mech and knocked unconscious.

Fallen Skies - Sanctuary

Megan asks Clayton how many children are at the ranch and an arrangement is made to deliver more children within two days. Clayton returns to the ranch and brings food to a prisoner telling him that the information he gave him on the children was correct. The prisoner raises his head and we see it is John Pope.

While I personally saw the deception a mile a while I do like the fact that the enemy is coming from all sides. During the episode we also saw that some people did not like the fact that liberated harnessed children were allowed to walk amongst them even calling them “Razor backs”. Now we have a group of people who have seemed to make a deal with the skitters for protection in exchange for children. This opens up a new dynamic that could add some real spice to the series.

Next week is part two of Sanctuary and I must say I am really looking forward to it.

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