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Dangun Feveron

Dangun Feveron-arcade gameplay screenshot

Another in a long line of vertical scrolling shooters that seriously test ones ability to avoid an insane amount of enemies and firepower barreling down on you. Also known as Fever SOS, which I assume is what happens when you play the game too long. Dangun Feveron was developed by Cave and released by Nihon Systems Inc to the arcades in 1998.

Dangun Feveron-arcade gameplay screenshot

So you have pretty much a typical shooter. One of the major differences to note is the soundtrack of the game which features various disco music. I assume this is to further confuse you as you fight against a horde of enemies ships with no real chance to avoid the incoming hail of gunfire.

Dangun Feveron-arcade gameplay screenshot

There are some added features to the game that helps it stand out a little including being able to select how fast you want the ship to move. Therefore those who are really twitchy can select the highest setting while others can select a slower one. Like most other shooters you can select the type of ship you want and its special weapon.

Dangun Feveron-arcade gameplay screenshot

The game features five levels with a boss at the end of each level. The game starts off pretty easily to get you used to the game, then the rain comes and its dodging time. You have your primary weapon, which you can power-up with power-up items by killing enemies and you have your secondary shot you use by holding down the fire button. Finally you have your bomb button which can pretty much kill everything on the screen except for the boss.

Dangun Feveron-arcade gameplay screenshot

Dangun Feveron also has a capture scoring system which consists of catching these little round discs that have an image of a man on it. These are supposed to be cyborgs even though they look like dancing men and by capturing them you increase the points you get for killing enemies. However, if you miss a cyborg or lose all your lives the score counter resets.

Dangun Feveron-arcade gameplay screenshot

There really aren’t any tricks to this game besides using your bomb to avoid death. Beyond that try to save your bombs for the boss. The good thing about the boss is there is a life meter for the boss so you know how much you have left. Also during the game and when you beat a boss, you hear the computer cheering for you and see images of people dancing and a huge disco ball.


Overall a fun game for emulators since you don’t waste real quarters. Give the game a try just make sure the flashing lights, fast motion and disco music doesn’t cause a stroke or something.

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