Blade Runner


Blade Runner

Everybody has seen the movie (I hope) however there is a great game also with the Blade Runner logo on it , released in 1997, it follows the Blade Runner Ray McCoy. It is set in the same universe as the Blade Runner movie but it follows a story of it’s own, although many characters of the movie appear in the game as well.
What is Blade Runner
Blade Runner is a Point and Click adventure game by Westwood studios that was released back in 1997. Unlike the movie, the game follows Blade Runner Ray McCoy who is trying to hunt down a group of replicants. It is one of the first 3D adventure games ever and it does a great job of telling us a side-story inside the Blade Runner universe.
Why it’s Great
Because it is set in the Blade Runner universe and it has it’s own story, it references many parts of the movie and back in the day it was 4 cd disks. Oh did I mention that it has thirteen possible endings?

Where you can get it

I tried to do a research for a place that can be selling the Blade Runner game, unfortunately I was only able to find it only at the standard places that you find great games nobody wants to remake or republish:
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“I was just finishing up my twelfth hour on patrol when I got the call. Welcome relief considering that the most action I had seen all night was a schizoid grandmother doing the shimmy in her underwear in the second sector.”

Ray McCoy

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