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Alt F4

Where Swagger Lives

Are you miles ahead of all other gamers, do you have the skills and the will to back that up? Alt F4 is the new show from the Obsolete Network featuring the best in video gaming and video gamers. Alt F4 will feature interviews and hangouts with professional eSports athletes from RTS to FPS, Sports Games and even Classic games.

We will also be talking to World record holders in various video games old and new. Finally we will feature some of the best gamers who do not look for fame or fortune and leave it all in the game. Alt F4 is for serious gamers only. So the question is, are you hardcore?

If you don’t have skills and you’re not hardcore, just hit those two keys, Alt F4.

Swagger aside, this show was create to showcase the gamer. We are on a mission to talk to players who for them gaming is more than a hobby or casual peruse. You don’t have to be a champion or a world record holder to take gaming serious, but if you do, we want to hear from you. We also want to hear from the community and fans of the show on what we can do to make it better so please use the contacts on the bottom of the page to let us know what we can do to improve and who you think we should have next on the show.

Previous Guests include:

[Carl “Perfect Legend” White]

[Dave Vogt]

[MK Tom Brady]

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