The Gamer Profiles Show

The Gamer Profiles Show

The Gamer Profiles Show is two things in one. First it a web series dedicated to showcasing the incredible people from the gaming industry and second shows us the love of classic gaming that many of us have. In our profile segments, our guest tell and sometimes show us some of their favorite classic games.

The Breakdown

One of our major goals at Obsolete Gamer was to reach out to people and ask them about their favorite classic games. As you can see here, we have been very successful in doing so. Our Gamer Profiles All-Star list also grows with names most of you will know. Now we have taken Gamer Profiles to a whole new level.

The Gamer Profiles Show, will feature video gamer profiles from notable people in the gaming, television and film industry. We will also feature interviews with game developers, publishers and do it yourselfers from indie to mainstream. Have a cool Kickstarter? The Gamer Profiles Show is the place for you, come and talk about your project, show off some footage and boost your chances to get funded. However, we won’t pick just any old Kickstarter, it has to be good.

Gamer Profiles

Gamer Profiles will feature discussions about a many gaming related topics like Downloadable Content, Online CommunitiesLAN PartiesVideo Game Conventions and more. From the people who make the game to the fans that love them Gamer Profiles has you covered.

Contact Us

Make sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook to keep up with all the latest from the Obsolete Network and see all our videos on our YouTube channel. You can e-mail us here. We value your feedback so if there is a way we can improve the show or you have a guest suggestion please reach out to us.

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