The Obsolete Gamer Show

The Obsolete Gamer Show

Where Retro Gaming Goes Primetime!

The Obsolete Gamer Show or OGS came from our guestbook feature called Gamer Profiles where we asked people in the video game industry what their favorite video game was. As the responses expanded we thought, why not interview them for the fans since the reception of the profiles was so well received.

OGS began at a local radio station in Miami Florida and we began inviting guests on to talk about subjects ranging from consoles vs computers to being a gamer parent. With the shows move to video, we reached out to fan favorites in the gaming industry to bring you interesting interviews and discussions and hopefully some laughs.

We love to hear from our fans so reach out to us and let us know how we are doing and if you have a suggestion on a future guest please tell us about it.

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