Trine review by Honorabili

One Sentence Review:
“Symphony of the Night + The Lost Vikings + Out of This World = fun!”

Overall Score:

8 out of 10


Trine is a fantasy action puzzle platformer game that consists of three soul-bound characters that got trapped that way at the beginning of the game through magic making their way through each map in stages. You switch characters depending on which one you want to use, in the style of The Lost Vikings, only that all three characters take up the same place, rather than like in The Lost Vikings each being an independent character that you control once at a time.

The three characters are a mage, a rogue archer, and a warrior.

The mage can move objects around through magic and summon magic cubes/planks, which you can use to use to jump higher or drop on enemies.

The rogue archer is basically the most powerful character in the game. She can fire a ton of arrows that although they don’t do as much damage as the warrior, you can eventually fire multiple numbers of them and you can dispatch enemies safely at a distance. The best ability she has is firing a grappling arrow, sort of like the grappling hook gun that Batman has, which you can use to climb up, slide down, rock back and forth, swing, and all sorts of crazy acrobatics. She can light torches by firing flame arrows at them. For me, she’s basically the main character to use.

The warrior is supposed to be the main fighter, although the rogue archer is superior in my eyes. He mainly mashes things, whether parts of the terrain or boxes or enemies. He can also pick stuff up and move it around and he has a shield which absorbs most damage, so long as you angle it properly. He can also light torches, simply by chopping them with his sword.

There are 3 stats in this game, health, mana/energy, and XP.

Health is pretty self explanatory, with some enemies dropping hearts which can heal you. You can also heal by going to a checkpoint, if your health is lower than the minimum that difficulty setting designates as the minimum.

Mana/energy gets used up any time the mage does anything, or to do special attacks for the other two characters. The rogue archer mainly uses the energy to fire lit arrows when you pick up that power. The warrior uses energy to perform special attacks. You replentish mana/energy by going to the next checkpoint or by picking up blue vials which some enemies drop, which this is the most common drop in the game.

The last stat is XP. You pick this up in green vials that are scattered throughout the map (mainly in hard to reach places) and by killing enemies. When you get enough XP all three characters level up and you get a certain amount of character points which you use to purchase new powers or improve old ones.

The final thing to mention regarding general gameplay is that there are different treasures/loot hidden throughout the maps. Each one can boost your powers by a set amount or add a completely different kind of power to the character. For example, I picked up an item which lets my mage swim under water for unlimited amounts of time.

The game gets told as a fairy tale story, and it’s really well done in that sense.

As of the time of this writing, this game is only available on PC. You can play the demo here from Steam.

This is an indie title by Frozenbyte. It has gained a lot of acclaim/awards from other gaming sites. Overall, it’s a great, although short game.

Fun Factor:

This game is a lot of fun, especially the first time through. There are many different approaches and solutions towards getting through an area or fighting enemies and to me that makes for an intelligent game, which most games are not these days, especially a platformer game. The atmosphere and way the game got made keeps you playing. The first time I played the game I was dead tired and started playing it at 11 PM. I went to bed that day at 5 AM.

For the first playthrough I give the game a Fun Factor score of 9 out of 10. For the repeat plays, I give it a score of 6 out of 10, maybe even 7 if it’s been a while.

Difficulty Versatility:

There are different difficulties but they are mostly the same. The only difference I found in game play is that the amount of health that you get when a character dies and resurrects at the checkpoints is lowered the harder you set it. I got really good at this game real fast so I would recommend playing it right from the start at the max difficulty. Most of the game is pretty easy to me, but some parts are tricky. Difficulty Versatility gets a score of 6 out of 10.


When I got this game it was $5 (when I announced the sale last time). At that cost, the game is an amazing value.

When it’s not on sale, this game usually goes for about $20. At the time of this writing, you can get it for that much through in DVD and also as the downloaded version. You can get it for the same price through Steam.

You can also get it from Impulse here, which is one of our sponsors.


For $20, considering it took me 5-6 hours to beat the game the first time, it’s not so much a great value. At that cost, I’d give Value a score of 4 out of 10. At a cost of $10, I’d give it a 6 out of 10. At $5, I’d give Value a score of 8 out of 10.


This is a pretty short game. I’ve played it twice so far and the game was predictable the entire 2nd playthrough. I have a good memory and since I just played it back to back, I will probably revisit this game in a year or two. I’d give replayability a 4 out of 10, mainly because it’s such a well made game and the action is well done.


The voice acting for the game is great. I enjoy when they argue with each other, regarding the path they are taking for solving the main plot. It’s comical. The mage is a shy dork, the rogue archer is a hot sexy lady, and the warrior is a dumb jock.

The sound effects are well done too. The arrows sound real. The smashing of the warrior’s sword or the impact on his shield sound amazing. Sound gets a score of 8 out of 10. I would have given it a higher score, if it had more voice acting.


The music for the game is beautiful. It goes well with the atmostphere and the fairy tale setting. The music sometimes reminds me of a Tim Burton kind of fairy tale movie. Danny Elfman would be proud! It is written by Ari Pulkkinen. I wish it were available for download. The music from Trine gets a score of 10 out of 10. It’s simply beautiful.


The game looks beautiful. It reminds me sort of the style that the first Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen had, only from the point of view of a side-scrolling platformer instead of the top down and not pixelated at all. They look well drawn and the game is simply beautiful. For what this game is, the Graphics deserve a score of 10 out of 10.


The game runs rock solid even while alt-tabbing the living hell out of it. Nothing to complain here. It loads up quickly as well each time. Stability/Reliability gets a score of 10 out of 10.


The controls are simple and fluid. Standard WASD + mouse combo work like a charm for Trine. Once you’ve played the game for a while, you will be able to use each character almost as if it’s second nature to you. It doesn’t take long to get used to the controls. Eventually you will find yourself just drilling everything with the rogue archer and the enemies won’t stand a chance. Controls get a score of 10 out of 10.


The game runs perfectly on most gaming machines, even some obsolete ones. I never saw lag, not even once during any part of this game. The levels load up quickly as well. Performance gets a score of 10 out of 10.

My history with this game:

This was one of over 300 games I bought during the Steam holiday sale. Although the game is short I enjoyed playing it as much nearly as when I played Castlevania: Symphony of the Night for the first time. I would recommend it to people who like that game a lot, who are PC gamers.

Games coming out March 2010 for PC

Supreme Commander 2
Supreme Commander 2

Games coming out March 2010 for PC by Honorabili

A lot of people were interested in this kind of article so here are my picks for what might be good coming this March 2010, for PC.

Supreme Commander 2, March 2 for PC

Battlefield: Bad Company 2, March 2 for PC

Sam and Max 2 Beyond Time and Space, March 9 for PC

Assassin’s Creed 2, March 8 for PC, March 16 via Steam for PC

Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising, March 11 for PC

Command & Conquer 4, March 16 for PC

Metro 2033, March 16 for PC

Dragon Age Origins: Awakening, March 16 for PC

Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom, March 23 for PC

Just Cause 2, March 23 for PC

Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, March 30 for PC

Mount & Blade: Warband, March 30 for PC

Description/Feedback/Why do we care?:

Supreme Commander 2
I want to see what sort of influence Square-Enix will have on the development on this RTS game. I also wonder if I will need to buy another PC just for this one. ;-]

Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Battlefield always competes (on PC) against Call of Duty. Will this take the crown from COD:MW2?

Sam and Max 2 Beyond Time and Space
More Sam and Max insanity and humor, which most adventure gamers crave.

Assassin’s Creed 2
Will Ubisoft remove the online only DRM that they claim to have implemented on this PC release? We’ll see. That will dictate on whether I will buy it or not. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, click here.

Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising
I’m looking forward to this expansion pack making up for all the downfalls of the first game that many purists of DoW1 complain about. I have no beef with DoW2 so if they don’t, I’ll still probably enjoy this.

Command & Conquer 4
The C&C series is a money maker for EA. Let’s see if they will have the action of the first game. I didn’t like C&C 3 that much. I find the Red Alert titles more fun.

Metro 2033
Stalker, Fatherland, and Iron Storm come to mind when I saw the trailer for this game. Let’s see if it will blend the atmosphere of those movies and games correctly.

Dragon Age Origins: Awakening
I didn’t like the first game because I found the dialogue to drag on and the A.I. to literally be annoying and retarded. However, a lot of people like this game. Just giving you a heads-up on it and maybe, just maybe, the A.I. will be fixed on this one.

Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom
People in the States don’t know Settlers much but this is a huge series of classic RTS games that are very popular in Europe. I’ve played the original on Amiga a lot and Settlers 2 and 3 a lot back in the late 90s.

Just Cause 2
More GTA clone with a Tropico/Mercenaries 2 twist to it? Sign me up.

Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City
Kind of sad that this is finally coming out for PC but since I didn’t play this one on console and a lot of people like it, it might be good.

Mount & Blade: Warband
A ton of multiplayer functionality and more has been added to this expansion pack for Mount & Blade.

MySpace Interview – Peace Not War

So, who are you anyway?

We’re Peace Not War a co-operative record label and conscious events orginisers.

Describe your sound for us.

We’ve released 5 albums so far an sold over 200,000 records. The artists are varied and range from Ani Di Franco to Public Enemy. But in the main we’re a groove based music promoter so we have a lot of reggae and hip-hop artists who are associated with us. The only thing that links all the artists is positive politically charged music.

So you rate yourself then?

What d’you fink…

Who are your influences?

Ghandi, Martin Luther, Emily Davidson, The Dali Lama, Tupac, Germain Greer the list is endless…

Tell us one of your musical secrets.

Music with a message…

What’s in the future?

The interntional distribution of Peace Not War 3 and the emergance of Peace Not War as an online positive music distributor.

What’s your claim to fame?

Check the faceebok…we got Micheal Franti giving love as well as future contributions from Manu Chao and Damien Marley.

Musically, where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

One stop shop for the best conscious music and art worldwide.

Myspace or Facebook?


Games for Windows sale: Batman Arkham Asylum $12.49

Batman Arkham Asylum title
Batman Arkham Asylum title

Games for Windows sale: Batman Arkham Asylum $12.49

If you have yet to pick up the best Batman game made to date, do so now for $12.49.

This is one of the best action games that came out in 2009. If you want to read our review of it, click here.

Click here to go to the sale’s site.

The game is on sale this weekend only.

Star Wars Old Republic: Return to Taris trailer

Star Wars The Old Republic
Star Wars The Old Republic

If there is one game that deserves to be the first trailer in our new category it’s Star Wars, Old Republic. Check out this trailer on the return to Taris from the folks over at Bioware.

Once home to a sprawling planet-wide city, Taris was razed long ago by the Sith Lord Darth Malak while seeking to eliminate the Jedi Knight Bastila Shan. Now, a post-apocalyptic Taris is being realized in Star Wars™: The Old Republic™. After 300 years, Republic and Jedi leaders are moving forward with the efforts at colonization.

Watch insights from James Ohlen, Drew Karpyshyn, Scott Carpenter, and Mark How about the new environments – and adventures – awaiting players in our latest Developer Dispatch: Returning to Taris!

Steam Sale: all of SpellForce for 75% off

SpellForce 2 Gold Edition
SpellForce 2 Gold Edition

Steam Sale: all of SpellForce for 75% off

The entire action-rpg, strategy games SpellForce, by the same people who made BattleForge are now on sale on Steam for 75% off.

The games are RPG/RTS and they allow single player and co-op play.

Click here for the link to the sale.

Final Fantasy on the iPhone

Final Fantasy for Iphone
Final Fantasy for Iphone

Oh my God, oh my God you guys! Ok, it is clear I like the Final Fantasy series all you have to do is look at my gamer profile, but this is pretty cool just for fans of any old NES and SNES RPG game. Square Enix has released both Final Fantasy I and II on the iTunes Apple App store. For $8.99 each you get not only the full game, but upgraded graphics as well.

Keep in mind that these are the Japanese release numbers meaning FF II in the U.S. was really FF VI in Japan so with these you are getting the original FF I & II. (There will be a test on this on Friday)

Now the guys and gals over at Enix realize this game my not appeal to new comers of the FF franchise, but us old school RPG’er should be chomping at the bit. Even if FF isn’t your thing if this is successful you could see more titles down the line like Chrono Trigger and something I’d love to see, Parasite Eve.

Final Fantasy for Iphone 2
Final Fantasy for Iphone 2

J.A. Laraque: Obsolete Gamer

J.A. Laraque

Name: J.A. Laraque

Title: COO

Company: Obsolete Gamer

Favorite classic game: Final Fantasy VI (Three for the U.S.)

Quote: I remember watching my friend play it and it was so much fun to watch. I could sit there for hours watching him play and to me that says a lot about the story and action. When I finally got to play it was just so engaging that I spent hours making sure I did everything in the game.

Many people give the FF series to much grief especially after the success of FF7, but it really is a great series along with the likes of Chrono Trigger and FF tactics.

Wii News: Metroid: Other M, Batman: Brave and the Bold

Wii News
Wii News

Nintendo U.S.A is cranking out the announcements, we already know about Super Mario Galaxy 2 and now we have Metroid: Other M which will be released for the Nintendo Wii on June 27th. The game was originally announced at the 2009 E3 where the developers promised to delve further into the story of intergalactic bounty hunter Samus Aran.

For fans of the cartoon Batman: The Brave and the Bold this fall you will be able to play as Batman, Robin, Green Lantern, Blue Beetle and Aquaman in this crime-fighting brawler. In addition you will be able play co-op and even link the DS and Wii versions of the game together to unlock Bat-Mite.

See, the Wii and I can play nice nice.

Scambaiter – SandraThompson205 – Part 3

Sandra Thompson is back for round three. Check out Part 1 and Part 2.

(6:25:48 PM) sandrathompson205: hello love how are you doing today
(6:26:17 PM) c64glen: Oh. I’m having such a bad day
(6:27:07 PM) sandrathompson205: oh honey whats has happen to you again
(6:27:21 PM) c64glen: My car was taken away
(6:27:26 PM) c64glen: so now I have no car
(6:27:54 PM) sandrathompson205: yr car taken away by whom?
(6:28:24 PM) c64glen: The police took it, they said it was stolen….
(6:28:43 PM) c64glen: but I found it. Finder Keepers, loser weepers, right?
(6:28:45 PM) sandrathompson205: what a shit
(6:28:54 PM) c64glen: It’s mine far and square
(6:29:10 PM) sandrathompson205: oh you scare me
(6:29:16 PM) sandrathompson205: you are so funny
(6:29:28 PM) c64glen: Also the men next door went a bit funny and broke our phone
(6:29:44 PM) c64glen: he ripped it off the wall and hit the dog with it
(6:29:57 PM) sandrathompson205: oh
(6:30:24 PM) c64glen: Yes, I is crazy
(6:30:32 PM) c64glen: crazy angry
(6:31:18 PM) sandrathompson205: am always happy when i meet you online
(6:31:41 PM) sandrathompson205: you make my day,and i forget all the sorrow of my life
(6:31:50 PM) c64glen: Yes, that would be good.
(6:32:00 PM) c64glen: I will make you forget stuff….
(6:32:13 PM) sandrathompson205: hmmmmmmmm lol
(6:32:49 PM) c64glen: I’m always forgetting things
(6:32:51 PM) c64glen: Like my name
(6:33:09 PM) c64glen: The prison doctor said it was because of all the drugs
(6:33:44 PM) sandrathompson205: hahahahha so funny
(6:34:25 PM) c64glen: yes…. funny @-)
(6:35:16 PM) sandrathompson205: 8-|
(6:35:55 PM) c64glen: anyway, I can’t ring that barrel man, because I have no phone now
(6:36:02 PM) c64glen: also I need to bury a dog
(6:36:11 PM) c64glen: Can I send an email instead
(6:37:37 PM) sandrathompson205: yes
(6:37:49 PM) sandrathompson205: i think email is better
(6:38:13 PM) sandrathompson205: send it now please and the copy to me too for verification
(6:38:26 PM) c64glen: right ok.
(6:38:32 PM) c64glen: Remind me of the address
(6:39:53 PM) sandrathompson205:
(6:40:31 PM) c64glen: ok.. So what do I say to this barrel man?
(6:42:08 PM) sandrathompson205: tell him you want to help me consign rosemond luis father property that is in there company
(6:42:20 PM) c64glen: right ok.
(6:42:32 PM) sandrathompson205: and you want to claim it as beneficiary
(6:42:42 PM) c64glen: ok, that sounds good.
(6:43:08 PM) sandrathompson205: so hhe will tells you what you will do to to claim it for me
(6:43:23 PM) c64glen: ah ok. thats sounds simple enough.
(6:43:28 PM) c64glen: I will send him an email
(6:43:36 PM) c64glen: it might take a few hours
(6:43:43 PM) c64glen: it takes a while for the computer email to open
(6:43:58 PM) c64glen: I get lots of email about pills for having sex
(6:44:09 PM) c64glen: or pills to get a huge penis
(6:44:22 PM) sandrathompson205: tell him you are my fiance
(6:44:38 PM) c64glen: tell the pill people I’m your fiance?
(6:44:49 PM) sandrathompson205: pill for having sex?
(6:44:58 PM) c64glen: they will probably send more pills
(6:45:12 PM) c64glen: you know that blue pill. Viagra
(6:45:43 PM) c64glen: you take one, and then you’ve got a big banana in your pants for the next seven hours
(6:45:54 PM) sandrathompson205: hahahahhah
(6:46:03 PM) c64glen: that can cause some embarrassment in Church I can tell you.
(6:46:06 PM) sandrathompson205: nah nah nah i dont need that
(6:46:11 PM) c64glen: ok…
(6:46:28 PM) c64glen: hang on…
(6:46:33 PM) c64glen: you don’t need that?
(6:46:45 PM) c64glen: Are you saying you already have a banana in your pants?
(6:47:00 PM) c64glen: Because Sandra, the deals off if you do, I don’t swing that way
(6:47:04 PM) c64glen: if you know what I mean
(6:47:09 PM) sandrathompson205: nope am not a man
(6:47:17 PM) c64glen: ok.
(6:47:25 PM) c64glen: but your not a ladyboy either?
(6:47:31 PM) c64glen: you have all lady bits yes?
(6:47:43 PM) c64glen: humps, and a fag-china?
(6:48:15 PM) c64glen: I think it’s fag-china… you know the bit where the babies head comes out,
(6:48:17 PM) c64glen: one of them
(6:48:37 PM) c64glen: humps are where you keep your milk, you know like a camel
(6:50:15 PM) sandrathompson205: hahahahahh
(6:50:22 PM) sandrathompson205: pls dont start
(6:50:53 PM) c64glen: ok, but you can confirm 100% lady bits? :-/
(6:51:08 PM) sandrathompson205: i dont know
(6:51:50 PM) c64glen: you don’t know?
(6:52:03 PM) c64glen: when you take a pee, do you stand up or sit down?
(6:52:32 PM) sandrathompson205: pee whats that?
(6:53:12 PM) c64glen: where the water comes out of your thing-a-ling
(6:54:03 PM) sandrathompson205: oh pee
(6:54:13 PM) sandrathompson205: i sit
(6:54:42 PM) c64glen: ok, good. and you have humps? I like humps, they are very important to me…
(6:55:24 PM) sandrathompson205: whats do you do with it
(6:55:36 PM) sandrathompson205: play with it,ot lick it
(6:56:18 PM) c64glen: yes. all of that. Sometimes I like to relieve myself there too, but only at weekends.
(6:56:42 PM) c64glen: the doctors said I was like that because of my mother becoming a man.
(6:57:14 PM) sandrathompson205: hahha
(6:57:17 PM) sandrathompson205: =))
(6:57:43 PM) c64glen: hey, don’t laugh. it was very sad for me
(6:58:06 PM) c64glen: they said it is why I sometimes do bad things.
(6:58:19 PM) c64glen: like setting that nun on fire at school
(6:58:20 PM) sandrathompson205: really
(6:58:38 PM) sandrathompson205: thats bad
(6:58:42 PM) c64glen: yes. She looked just like mother did, after the operation
(6:59:52 PM) c64glen: but lets go back to play with it and lick it
(7:00:01 PM) c64glen: I like that bit, lets have some more….
(7:07:15 PM) sandrathompson205: more what?
(7:07:28 PM) c64glen: about your humps
(7:07:54 PM) sandrathompson205: please glen you make my hed scatter now
(7:09:22 PM) c64glen: right ok. I’d better go now anyway. the man next door is awake again, I can hear noises, and they aren’t good noises.
(7:09:27 PM) c64glen: I will send that email tonight….
(7:10:20 PM) sandrathompson205: ok i will apprecaite that plz
(7:10:35 PM) c64glen: k k, love you, bye….
(7:11:10 PM) sandrathompson205: ok love i rely on you ok
(7:13:29 PM) sandrathompson205: bye love you too

Will we hear from Sandra again?

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online: Open Beta

Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online
Tiger Woods PGA Tour Online

You can meet a lot of girls online. Tiger Woods has been with a lot of girls. Does it not make sense that Tiger Woods golf would be online? In all seriousness PGA Tour 11 online looks fantastic and plays beautifully online even on lower end PCs.

EA is pushing forward with adding more of its sports titles into the online realm and by online I mean fully online play though the website. Console fans don’t fret because it will still be released for all consoles and even the iPhone.

With EA and Tiburons free preview you can get a firsthand look at the game and invite others to join through facebook. During the free preview open beta, players will also be able to enjoy the following new features:

Facebook Connect – Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online connects to Facebook, allowing players to invite their friends to become fans, thus earning additional in-game experience. Players are also able to publish their accomplishments to Facebook.

Golfer Progression – Players will begin their career as a beginner and by earning experience points, will climb the ranks toward becoming a golf legend.

The Cut Line – As an extra challenge, each day a target score will appear that becomes the goal for each golfer. If the user meets, or scores under the target, additional in-game experience is rewarded.

Fans, Favorites & Sponsorships – Each player will be able to acquire fans within Tiger Woods PGA TOUR Online. The more fans a player has, the more experience points are rewarded. Sponsor your friends and earn in-game money if they make the Cut Line.

Realistic Wind – Experience dynamic wind that calculates the direction and speed throughout the round, making the game more realistic and challenging.

Pro Shop – Purchase upgraded equipment with in-game earnings to help improve your customized golfer and impress friends.

Let me tell you this is one of the best golf or any sports games for that matter that I have played online. As I said even if your broadband isn’t at the highest and your PC at its most powerful you will be able to run this game well using only your browser.

When you load up for the first time it is a bit slow, but after that the game flies as if you were playing it on your favorite console. Honestly you have to check this out for yourself even if you aren’t a golf fan.

Check out the game and sign up here.

Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2
Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 review by Honorabili

WARNING: This review is not for fanboys or people who like simple games or dumbed down RPGs. If you have played as many RPGs as I have, you will find it useful.

One Sentence Review:
“More action-rpg space opera mayhem”

Overall Score:
7 out of 10


Mass Effect 2 is a sequel to one of the better modern RPGs out there. Both Mass Effect games are a lot like Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR), taking some elements from the early Fallout games and Planescape: Torment. The game plays like an interactive movie done by a really good director.

I will assume that people who played this game have already played the first one. If you haven’t, you should stop reading this and go play ME1 instead before looking at this game.

You take the role again of Shepard, Captain of the Normandy. I won’t get into any spoilers but the intro of the game will leave you saying “WHAT THE HELL?!” You go around the galaxy recruiting/commanding a team of soldiers, scientists, engineers, etc. trying to uncover clues and complete missions that get you closer to attacking the home of the main baddies, etc.

I won’t cover spoilers and I am writing this review from the perspective of someone that has been playing RPGs from the mid 80s, both normal RPGs (table-top, pen and paper) and classic computer RPGs (non-MMO). Most media out there considers this game the next best thing to sliced bread but I have found some areas that I thought could have been better, especially since they were available in previous Bioware games.

In general, in both games I have a problem with the way they made the dialogue circle. It’s fairly evident after you have been playing for a few minutes that all the nice/good-guy/Paragon options are positioned towards the top of the circle and the asshole/bad-guy/Renegade towards the bottom. My beef with this is that in real life, there’s more to just the extremity of being super nice Jesus Chris Superstar or being Satan/Adolf Hitler. I wish they would have implemented more alignments than just good or bad. In reality nothing is black or white. How about a grey zone? The game has it but all the responses for most of those choices are half assed and you will usually end up getting screwed by the game when you try to apply a rational solution to a problem that compromises both sides.

I wish they would go away from this dumbed down choose-your-own-adventure system and go back towards the roots of more intricate RPGs. It’s kind of annoying how they only phrase part of what your response would be in the options. I miss the days of being able to look at 8-9 different responses that were worded out exactly as my character would deliver them. I would look at lines in Fallout 2 or Planescape: Torment and think “hey, that’s really clever, let’s see what happens?!” Now I can just click on the obvious choices and just keep making my guy nicer/more of an asshole. Like, it takes no skill or thought.

Some people have said that this is now more an action game than rpg. A big problem I found with the action is that there are NO GRENADES. Grenades have been a part of warfare for more than 100 years now. Are you telling me there are no more being used by the military in the future?

Mass Effect 2 vs Mass Effect 1:

ME2 is a lot like part 1 but many things are changed as well.

The first thing that you will notice is that character progression is pretty primitive vs ME1. The game lacks an attribute progression system (hell all attributes in general other than shields, HPs, DPS).

They have done away with the planetary landings/random missions (they are MUCH less in ME2) and your little buggy is gone, which they in turn have replaced with you launching probes (which magically mine minerals for you) from a point and click screen. This is a huge mistake as, at least to me, this was one of the funnest parts of part 1 and that’s the difference between me beating part 1 in 1.5 weeks playing a good 4-6 hours a day and me destroying ME2 in 3 days only. The probing is BORING as hell. I’m good at it but basically as soon as I would start doing it, it would put me in the mood to go do something else (like go play another game or go to sleep). You might say, “Hey, it’s a good concept” but it’s been done right in other games, like Star Control 2 (The Ur-Quan Masters, a 1992 space exploration/combat game, with rpg elements to it). They should have included the buggy and maybe added a chemical analyzer to it to manually explore and drop off mining drones. That might have given the game a feel sort of like Koronis Rift, a lost Lucasfilm Games classic for c64 and other 8-bit computers/systems.

The game was dumbed down even further by removing the inventory system. When you kill enemies the only thing they drop is generic ammo, which you adapt to fit on any gun. This is the same as the previous game, and yes it does make the game go a lot faster. It’s not very realistic though, at least from the perspective of loot. It would have been nice if they gave you bonus money for salvaging and selling the weapons/armor/equipment that enemies dropped, for missions where you can pick that stuff up (not ones where you run off a ship/space station that is blowing up). That part of the game just made no sense to me. Some people think this is an improvement of the game but a good part in just about every RPG is gear/weapons/armor/tool management. Many people who play RPGs care about loot and having special items for their characters. (Some real RPG purists will argue otherwise but the plug-and-play system of loot in this game is just silly).

The game now makes you research for weapon mods, which for which you get resources by probing/mining (the game killer for me). You still buy stuff at stores but they are mainly mods which lead to new research projects for which you still need to waste time mining. This feels like grinding except that you’re not killing anything except strip mining a planet through a simple little interface. Where’s the action?

Fun Factor:

The fight scenes are pretty nice but they are impaired by probing/mining in between missions. I’m only really bitching about it so much because if you want to unlock every item mod/ship mod, you will have to spend time grinding on the probes. That’s not my idea of fun.

The fights themselves are pretty fun, although they are easy, especially with the dumb A.I. (see below) and lack of challenge.

The story is nice, but essentially it’s more of the first game (which I love) but it lacks more secret/side quests. It would have been nice to see more of those that secretly integrated into the background of the main story. An example is in Planescape: Torment when you buy a little toy Modron (an artificial robot race in this fantasy setting) and he lets you go to a special Modron dimension that’s an endless Dungeon. I think something like that is unique in a game but I see how that could make a game company dedicate a lot of resources towards something like that. Some people consider Planescape: Torment to be a failure as a “product” but it’s more like what a real RPG (non video game) is like than many others.

I would have liked as well to have seen a LOT MORE interaction between characters while in missions. I purposely picked characters on missions that would have ethical problems with whatever the mission was at hand. I would have liked to have seen them interacting more with each other, maybe even arguing rather than provide a one liner like “Shepard I don’t agree with this, but you’re the Captain.” They had that in Planescape: Torment but I would like that developed even more than that so it seems like you’re dealing with real people/real characters.

Back to ME2, I would have liked more interactivity with my plot/dialogue choices and more challenging combat and NO grinding/mining (if I wanted that I would go play an MMO). When I played ME1 or KOTOR, I cherished every moment. As I played ME2 I just felt like “okay let’s beat it to say I beat it.” I liked the characters in ME1 more as well but that’s beside the point of this section. Fun Factor got a score of 6 out of 10. Bring back more non-predictable dialogue/plot and better/harder/more intense action and my love will return.

Difficulty Versatility:

Overall, I found this game to be easy. There’s multiple difficulties but overall you won’t feel much of a difference unless you play it on the max difficulty. Doing that will sometimes create a situation where if the story dictates that you get screwed/ambushed by multiple enemies from multiple directions, you will often die then. That’s not really an issue for most of the game because you can just switch the difficulty on the fly through the options menu, and that IS useful.

The A.I. of the game is pretty linear/retarded (for the enemies). It’s not as bad as Dragon Age: Origins (that literally made me stop playing that game, although I bought that game). The biggest problem I had with the A.I. is that the enemies take cover really POORLY. In just about 95% of all combat in the game I have just been able to keep attacking the enemy even when they hide behind a box or wall. I especially love when they hide everything except the top of their head and I just unload a clip of sniper rifle on their sweet spot.

I would have liked the A.I. to get smarter as I set it on a higher difficulty, and not just lower my regen rate. Oh, yes, you have a regen rate in Mass Effect 2. Healing items are pretty common and they’re pretty useless unless you’re a really bad gamer. On the 2nd to last and even on the max difficulty there have only been about 2 real fights where I needed to heal my character. The rest of the time I just take cover and drink some tea and pretend I’m playing Gears of War.

The option to change the difficulty is nice (although it doesn’t do much) but the game is a cakewalk (for me). Difficulty Versatility get a score of 6 out of 10.


The best price for the PC at the time of this writing that I found quickly was from for $41.90.

For Xbox 360, on they have it on “sale” right now for $52.50, which is a bit steep for me, but then again I don’t buy console games as they are expensive.

The game took me about 3 days to beat which is longer than most new video games these days. The problem with RPGs is that unless they have dramatically different replayabilities then they’re pretty much a game you will play NOW and then again a year or so later. I can justify more paying money like that for a game you can play daily, whether a strategy game (any Civilization game) or FPS (Unreal Tournament series, Call of Duty, Team Fortress 2) than a game you will play sparsely like this one.

Most fans will pay the current amount for the game, if they like it enough to buy. If you are a fast gamer like me, especially for the console crowd, you’re better off renting the game.

I give Value a score of 5 out of 10. Too expensive for my blood to buy but longer than most one shot games out there.


I unlocked pretty much everything on my first run of the game, so I don’t think I’ll replay this for a while now. I’d probably replay Mass Effect 1 before I replay this one anyways (especially since I think ME1 is a better game).

If they add more missions, game modes through DLC then it would entice me to play it again (assuming they addressed at least some of the game design problems I had with ME2). The problem I have with DLC is that it’s simply a way for companies to milk you of more money for stuff they could have included in the game to make it a better game from the start. Business-wise it’s a good move (for profits) but it does make inferior games come out.

Some of my friends are as of this moment replaying it as a different class but the game overall is the same. For me that has the same appeal as watching a movie and then immediately rewatching it. Unless an rpg has a lot of different endings and side quests that are unique to that way you picked to play, then they don’t really have much replayability. Since I have really good memory, I will not go back to ME2 for a long while, maybe before Mass Effect 3 comes out. I give replayability a score of 4 out of 10.


The sound effects are nicely picked. You have many sounds from ME1 repeated but they did the job for that game and they continue to work for this one. Some of their menu interfaces have their own sounds and they are pleasant. The weapons sound authentic and that’s important for an action (rpg) game.

The voice actors do a good job and you will hear familiar voices (not just from the gaming industry) doing an amazing job with their characters. I think they add a great level of immersion to the game. Sound gets a score of 9 out of 10.


The music is great for this game but my beef with it is that it is not constantly playing. There will be some songs like the galaxy interface that you will hear over and over. Some songs, like the ones in your private quarters, are pretty epic, but you can only listen to them by going into that room (for which you hardly ever go into). I would have liked an option to force the game to play music constantly to be integrated, and you can make specific songs override what’s playing for dramatic effect in cut scenes or specific fights.

The music I enjoyed but if we can’t really hear it then it’s not really there. Music gets a score of 7 out of 10. It’s there and great, just absent.


Eye candy! This game looks just as good as ME1 and even almost as good as Dead Space. I think they did a great job with the ingame graphics and cut scene movies. Graphics get a score of 10 out of 10.


The game never crashed for me, even though I alt-tabbed the game a bunch of times. You’d expect a game with such a pretty graphics engine to go nuts from that but it never did. In fact, I purposely crashed the game sometimes to see if it could recover and the game relaunched immediately, with no performance hit. Stability/Reliability gets a score of 10 out of 10.


For PC, the controls are pretty standard. WASD moves you around, the mouse aims, F melee attacks, Shift pauses the game (so that you can issue squad commands and use powers), and Spacebar is the general use/run/everything else key. The controls could have been a bit better, such as including a crouch key, common in most other FPS games, rather than forcing me to run like a little girl for cover. The general action spacebar key sometimes got me killed because my character decided to stand up from cover rather than jump over it. Controls get a score of 7 out of 10. They are enough considering how easy ME2 is but they feel primitive.


The game runs pretty okay on my 2 year old gaming PC. There were moments, especially during heavy action sequences when the game did lag/skip frames. Most people will be satified with the overall performance of the game, especially since the graphics of the game are PRETTY. Performance gets a score of 8 out of 10.

My history with this game:

Overall, I like the game. (I’m not as much of a hater as you’d think, but I am critical). I have my opinions on what I wish they would have done differently and I hope they implement some of those changes especially for when we see Mass Effect 3, which is pretty much guaranteed to be made considering how much money this franchise makes.

Ubisoft DRM: Q & A


So if you haven’t heard software maker Ubisoft are unveiling a new DRM that would require an always on internet connection as part of their DRM and online services platform. This means those of you without internet or when your internet is down, you are out of luck.

In an interview with PCGamer Ubisoft answered many of the questions from the gaming community on what is being called a “heavy handed” approach to security.

In the interview the Ubi spokesperson stated about piracy; “It’s a huge problem – you know it, I know it, other people know it. It really is a very important issue that all serious companies need to address,”

Ubi did state that with the new always online approach gamers will no longer need a disc to play and can install the game on as many PC’s as you want as many times as you want and with the ability to save your games to the Ubisoft servers.

So let’s say you are playing a game and your internet goes out, here is an example of what can happen, keep in mind that every game may function differently. “In Assassin’s Creed, if your connection cuts out, you’ll be taken back to the last checkpoint. With Settlers, your game will resume exactly where you left off,”

Now let’s talk maintenance and downtime. As any MMO player knows having to wait hours to play due to server maintenance can be a pain and in the past you could at least play your single player games, now, maybe not.

In the case of a server failure their games will be taken offline, and you’ll be unable to play them. “The idea is to avoid that point as much as possible, but we have been clear from the beginning that the game does need an internet connection for you to play. So if it goes down for real for a little while, then yeah, you can’t play.”

Like everything else this is a test run. As companies grow larger and merge they know they have the upper hand and will make more changes to move closer towards their vision. I am not saying this move is bad (thought I don’t like it) but the key is players will have less and less say in what happens and less choices on what else to do and in other games to play. Hopefully this will not be a major inconvenience to gamers, but it is another step forward toward the end of PC gaming at least in the way that we use to know it.

World of Warcraft: Patch 3.3.5 – The Ruby Sanctum

World of Warcraft dragon
World of Warcraft dragon

Hey guys remember when they announced Icecrown Citadel and how each week they would open another wing before you could fight the Lich King himself? Remember how everyone said that even with this delay you would reach the end long before Cataclysm would be released? Remember how everyone said there would have to be an additional raid zone after ICC ala Sunwell?

Well check out this Q&A Blizzard’s Tom Chilton participated in over at Game Informer:

For the final question, there’s been some rumors going around and I wanted to clear them up. You guys have wrapped up the main Lich King storyline. Icecrown is out there, which you guys have said is the final major raid for this expansion. But there are some rumors that there might be another content patch of some sort before Cataclysm releases.

That is a possibility. We can’t say for sure at this point, but we are looking into the possibility of having a boss in the Ruby Sanctum, which is another part of Wyrmrest Temple. It’s a little too early to have a lot of details on that, but I wouldn’t characterize it as a huge chunk of content. It’s not a patch 3.4 or anything.

At the time of that answer it was still a rumor, not anymore. On the World of Warcraft official forums posted Zarhym cleared the air:

As we prepare for the public testing phase of minor content patch 3.3.3, some players might come across information regarding upcoming content that isn’t yet available. To avoid any confusion, we’d like to tell you about an exciting new raid dungeon we are working on for content patch 3.3.5.

The Ruby Sanctum

A powerful war party of the Black Dragonflight, led by the fearsome Twilight dragon, Halion, have launched an assault upon the Ruby Sanctum beneath Wyrmrest Temple. By destroying the sanctum, the Black Dragonflight look to crush those that would stand in the way of their master’s reemergence into Azeroth and to ultimately shatter the Wyrmrest Accord – the sacred bond that unites the dragonflights.

The battle that is to come will surely deal a crippling blow to the Red Dragonflight, however, it is up to you to stop this unprecedented offensive and defend the Ruby Sanctum. First you must face the assault of Halion’s servants, Saviana Ragefire, Baltharus the Warborn, and General Zarithrian, before squaring off against Halion the Twilight Destroyer, a new and deadly force in this realm.

Free Stuff – Beneath A Steel Sky

Beneath A Steel Sky box
Beneath A Steel Sky box

Free Stuff – Beneath A Steel Sky

Our friends at Good Old Games are offering the full Windows XP & Vista converted version of Beneath A Steel Sky for FREE.

I first head of Beneath A Steel Sky when I mainly used to play games on my Amiga. I unfortunately was not able to play it at the time because I only had the version for the Amiga 1200 available to me and my simple Amiga 600 could not handle it.

The game is a cyberpunk/dystopia futuristic adventure game where the protagonist is trying to pursue the truth in that kind of a sinister setting.

Dave Gibbons, which worked on the Watchmen and Rogue Trooper comics, created much of the art and the setting for this game.

You can download the full game here from

Dungeon Bandits: Open Beta

Here at the beta bin if it’s open or free we bring it to you. Today’s Open beta is Dungeon Bandits. Dungeon Bandits is a free to play MMO where if you wish you can purchase in game items for real cash from their item shop but it is not required to play the game.

Dungeon Bandits screenshot
Dungeon Bandits screenshot
Dungeon Bandits intro
Dungeon Bandits intro

There you have it, open beta is now online and you can download the game here.

Star Trek Online: New Klingon Content forthcoming

Star Trek Online Klingon
Star Trek Online Klingon

STO is several days post release, but that doesn’t mean the fans cries for more Klingon content have gone unheard. As you may or may not know Klingon gameplay revolves around PVP, however, fans have submitted requests to Cryptic Studios to add more PvE quests for the faction.

In an interview with IncGamers, Star Trek Online’s executive producer Craig Zinkievich stated;

“Klingons will soon receive a new Star Cluster to explore as well as a brand new Fleet Action, with much more to come.”

There has been no timeline for release of this new content, but we expect it won’t be long. As more information becomes available we will keep you posted.

EVE Online: Tyrannis announced

Eve Tynannis cover
Eve Tynannis cover

When traveling across the vast reaches of space you will undoubtedly come across hundreds of beautiful planets and in EVE what is a better thing to do to these lush bountiful planets but to harvest the living hell out of them.

In the newly announced expansion, Tyrannis you will have that chance. EVE Online Senior Producer Torfi Frans Olafsson announced on the official website that players will be able to survey planets for juicy deposits of minerals and other goodies, build infrastructure to harvest them, store them, process them and launch them into space. Build complex networks of facilities and fine tune them for optimal production.

We are not just talking about a small number of planets. we are talking all of them, gas giants, the lava planets, the ice worlds, the water worlds and even the elusive plasma planets. Each type with their unique properties. Maintaining facilities on gruesomely hostile planets will be tougher and more demanding, but the rewards may be so much more “onturning.”

As for combat on the planets the word at the moment is no. This expansion is about exploration and industry. When something goes bad or breaks it is because of the owner‘s mismanagement, and when things are awesome and perfect, it is because of skill and hard labor on part of the player that runs the facilities.

In future expansions you will be able to project military force for attack and defense of planetary installations. That will be where DUST 514 will connect with EVE. But DUST 514 will not be coming out at the same time as Tyrannis, so that is at a later date.

Tyrannis has no set release date but expect it to be released before the summer solstice according to the blog.

For more information check out the original article here.

MySpace Interview – ZONTOX

So, who are you anyway?

ZONTOX, an Australian Metal project in which all music is written, performed and produced by myself (Tim Spriggs). Born and raised in the small town of Halls Gap in Australia, living pretty much in the middle of nowhere gave you not a lot to do, music was a great escape. The meaning of the word ZONTOX? There isn’t one.. Basically it’s just a random word I made up, I wanted something completely different so that if you were to search up the name on the Internet, the only results you would get are of the music. People have told me it sounds ridiculous, but when it comes down to it, I think the music itself will give the name a real meaning.

Describe your sound for us.

More or less a combination of all my influences with my own little twist.

So you rate yourself then?

No not really.. I’m happy making music that I like, if other people like it then thats great, if not then so be it! I think there has to be a certain element of confidence in anything you do if you want to succeed with it.

Who are your influences?

I’ve more or less liked heavier music since early primary school, the first time I heard Metallica I was blown away! As far as my main influences go though, Pantera would have to be the biggest. That band was on fire, many have tried to emulate what they did and have failed miserably. I think that band was one of those things that once was and will never be again. Other bands I gain inspiration from are Machine Head, The Haunted, Meshuggah, Deftones, Slayer, Sepultura etc. The list gos on.. I try to take a little bit from everything I hear. I think that its good to keep an open mind with music, otherwise you’ll wind up sounding like another number in the countless array of clones in the music world.

Tell us one of your musical secrets.

I don’t know if theres really any secrets, if you want to be good at anything then I guess the key is PRACTICE. I think my secret to life is music, it keeps me sane. It’s the yin for my yang!

What’s in the future?

Well an album is not too far off from being finished! Hopefully then I’ll be rehearsing some bass players and drummers to take on tour to unleash the material to you all!

What’s your claim to fame?

Hard work I guess, if you want something enough who’s’ to stop you other than yourself? I think most great things take a lot of work and effort, and if they don’t they just won’t seem like great things.

Musically, where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Honestly I don’t know, I try not to think too far ahead. Live for the day I say, I do know that music will be a big part of my life for many many years to come! Whether ZONTOX will still be around then? It’s pretty likely..

Myspace or Facebook?

Myspace is better for music, facebook better for keeping in contact with people you consider actual friends, not fans, bands etc. Sale – Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity for $8 total

Divine Divinity
Divine Divinity Sale – Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity for $8 total

You can get both Divine Divinity and Beyond Divinity for $8 total from this weekend only.

I’ve played Beyond Divinity the most of these. They are action RPGs similar to Ultima 8, Sacred, and even Diablo.

Click here to go to the sale.

Obscure Gamer – Not So Jolly Roger

Piracy is once again back in the headlines, for several reasons. The latest DRM for PC games from Ubi Soft has been heavily satirised by the web cartoonists. The industry has also released figures showing losses accumulated due to game piracy. Then there was the million-dollar fine for the Australian accused of illegally uploading a Wii game.

Let’s deal with Ubi Soft’s DRM first. Producers have a right to protect their content. After all, they have invested a lot of money in getting it to market. However, as soon as that starts to make things inconvenient for a legitimate user, then the balance is wrong. While the new system does allow unlimited installs – handy for the PC fanatic who constantly upgrades their hardware – and “Cloud” save data online, the reliance on a permanent Internet connection is less welcome. You have to be online to play, and any interruption in your connection will cause the game to stop abruptly. Progress since your last save will be lost, forcing you to go back to the last checkpoint or whatever the game has. One cartoon characterised the software as being like a stalker or jealous partner, calling and harassing you, particularly if you “move on” to another game.

We can all probably tell stories of difficult to install software, or long and boring anti-piracy messages that cannot be skipped. Surely there must be some way to detect a legitimate copy and jump past those messages, and force the pirates to watch them? Codemasters’ Operation Flashpoint from a few years ago was clever enough to work out that it was an illegal copy and gave the illusion of continuing to run properly but gradually disabling features.

The sad truth is, the current generation of consumers has got used to the idea that virtually all the entertainment they want can be found for free. The one thing they haven’t grown up with is the moral judgement on whether they SHOULD get the music, TV or games they want in an illegal manner. But on the other side of the argument, software companies touting figures of a “$300 million loss” have missed the point. How many of those people illegally downloading would not have bought the game anyway? From my experience of people who pirate, the increased consumption rate that illegal activity gives them also means a shorter attention span. And while many of those who download music are also big legal consumers as well, using downloads to find potential new purchases, the higher price tag of games would seem to mitigate that effect.

The car boot sales and market stalls may be heaving with pirate games and DVDs, but the vast majority of console owners still buy their games (albeit many of them second-hand). The target of the authorities should be those dealing in thousands of illegal copies and not the individual caught with a few. In the long term, piracy hurts us as consumers more than the companies.

Not So Jolly Roger


Piracy is once again back in the headlines, for several reasons. The latest DRM for PC games from Ubi Soft has been heavily satirised by the web cartoonists. The industry has also released figures showing losses accumulated due to game piracy. Then there was the million-dollar fine for the Australian accused of illegally uploading a Wii game.

Let’s deal with Ubi Soft’s DRM first. Producers have a right to protect their content. After all, they have invested a lot of money in getting it to market. However, as soon as that starts to make things inconvenient for a legitimate user, then the balance is wrong. While the new system does allow unlimited installs – handy for the PC fanatic who constantly upgrades their hardware – and “Cloud” save data online, the reliance on a permanent Internet connection is less welcome. You have to be online to play, and any interruption in your connection will cause the game to stop abruptly. Progress since your last save will be lost, forcing you to go back to the last checkpoint or whatever the game has. One cartoon characterised the software as being like a stalker or jealous partner, calling and harassing you, particularly if you “move on” to another game.

We can all probably tell stories of difficult to install software, or long and boring anti-piracy messages that cannot be skipped. Surely there must be some way to detect a legitimate copy and jump past those messages, and force the pirates to watch them? Codemasters’ Operation Flashpoint from a few years ago was clever enough to work out that it was an illegal copy and gave the illusion of continuing to run properly but gradually disabling features.

The sad truth is, the current generation of consumers has got used to the idea that virtually all the entertainment they want can be found for free. The one thing they haven’t grown up with is the moral judgement on whether they SHOULD get the music, TV or games they want in an illegal manner. But on the other side of the argument, software companies touting figures of a “$300 million loss” have missed the point. How many of those people illegally downloading would not have bought the game anyway? From my experience of people who pirate, the increased consumption rate that illegal activity gives them also means a shorter attention span. And while many of those who download music are also big legal consumers as well, using downloads to find potential new purchases, the higher price tag of games would seem to mitigate that effect.

The car boot sales and market stalls may be heaving with pirate games and DVDs, but the vast majority of console owners still buy their games (albeit many of them second-hand). The target of the authorities should be those dealing in thousands of illegal copies and not the individual caught with a few. In the long term, piracy hurts us as consumers more than the companies.

Steam Sale – THQ Complete Pack for $50

THQ Complete Pack
THQ Complete Pack

Steam Sale – THQ Complete Pack for $50

For $50, you get just about all the best games that are out currently from THQ. For that price, from Steam, you get: all of Company of Heroes, Frontlines: Fuel of War, all of Full Spectrum Warrior, Juiced 2, all of Red Faction, S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl, Saints Row 2, all of Titan Quest, W40K: Dawn of War 2, and all of W40K: Dawn of War.

For the price, it’s worth getting for CoH, Red Faction 1, STALKER, Saints Row 2, and all of the DoW games.

The Company of Heroes games are basically some of the hardest World War 2 RTS games out there. Online play is pretty competitive.

Red Faction 1 was the first FPS game that allowed serious destruction of terrain. It’s an oldie but a goodie, these days.

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is like Fallout (3) but MUCH harder and more realistic.

Saints Row 2 is like GTA 4 but funner and crazier.

Many people still like DoW 1 over DoW 2, and it’s worth getting all 4 games and playing them through if you are a fan of the RTS genre, especially since the Warhammer 40K universe is so sick, it’s a great experience sending your troops forth to die for you (In the Name of the Emperor!).

It’s a good time to pick up DoW 2 since the expansion is less than a month away! Our internal link to the promo on the expansion. Click here for our review of DoW 2.

The link to the Steam Sale for the THQ Complete Pack is the following:

Civilization 5 coming Fall 2010

Civilization 5 Coming Soon
Civilization 5 Coming Soon

Civilization 5 coming Fall 2010

The latest installment of one of the best strategy games of all time, if not the best one will be out Fall 2010.

The Civilization games are the ultimate empire game strategy simulation games ever made. I have probably played these games more than anything ever. I can’t wait for Civilization 5 to make me lose sleep and make me forget to eat all over again. 😀

Sid Meier is an (evil) genius! 😀

UPDATE: This game sucked. Read the review here.

StarCraft 2 PC Beta client is live

StarCraft 2 login
StarCraft 2 login

So what are you reading this for? Go to to grab the PC beta client for StarCraft 2! It doesn’t look as if a MAC client is available yet, yawl)

I hope you have fast internet or a good book to read because the client is pretty big. At 1.64GB it could take a while, perhaps a dungeon raid or two.

Here are the minimum system requirements for the beta:

Windows XP SP3/Vista SP1/Windows 7
2.2 Ghz Pentium IV or equivalent AMD Athlon processor
1 GB system RAM/1.5 GB for Vista and Windows 7
128 MB NVidia GeForce 6600 GT/ATI Radeon 9800 PRO video card
1024×768 minimum display resolution
4 GB free hard space (Beta)
Broadband connection

Free Stuff – Rad Video Tools (Bink Video Player & Converter)

Bink Video logo
Bink Video logo

Free Stuff – Rad Video Tools (Bink Video Player & Converter)

Rad Video Tools is a free player and coverter that gives you total control over and bink (bnk) and smacker (smk) video and sound files for any game that uses that compression technology. You can use the tool to play any video in the game that is one of those files, export the music or sounds from such games, convert the movies to AVI files, etc.

Don’t think that only old games use the technology. Even Mass Effect 2 uses Bink movie files.

You can download the free tool/program here:

ScamBaiter – SandraThompson205 – Part 2

Continued from Part 1. It’s been ages since I did a good scambaiter so when Sandra Thompson popped up and my screen, I thought I would take full advantage.

(7:31:07 PM) sandrathompson205: this is details of the barrister
(7:32:51 PM) c64glen: where?
(7:33:46 PM) sandrathompson205: Mr John———+233246940083
(7:34:16 PM) sandrathompson205:
(7:35:16 PM) c64glen: ok, where is that?
(7:36:26 PM) sandrathompson205: in ghana
(7:37:10 PM) c64glen: right ok
(7:37:14 PM) c64glen: is there anything else?
(7:37:48 PM) sandrathompson205: give me your details too so i can alert him also to let hm know that my beneficiaery will call so he can pick your call when you call him
(7:38:17 PM) c64glen: ok
(7:38:22 PM) sandrathompson205: your full name your number
(7:38:29 PM) c64glen: so If I kill this guy when can get our moneys?
(7:38:51 PM) sandrathompson205: kill him?why
(7:39:00 PM) c64glen: so we can get the money
(7:39:14 PM) c64glen: can I have my way with him before I kill him?
(7:39:28 PM) c64glen: I still have some Acid left.
(7:39:50 PM) sandrathompson205: you cannot kill him is just the barrister for the company my dad kept the property
(7:39:58 PM) sandrathompson205: hahahahha
(7:40:03 PM) sandrathompson205: :))
(7:40:17 PM) c64glen: oh, hahahahaha.
(7:40:28 PM) c64glen: Ok, I won’t do that….
(7:40:36 PM) c64glen: but I can still do him?
(7:40:39 PM) sandrathompson205: hhhhhhm
(7:41:02 PM) sandrathompson205: yes if he wanted to fustrate me you will od that
(7:41:16 PM) c64glen: excellent, I will teach him…
(7:42:04 PM) sandrathompson205: you can fly to ghana right?
(7:42:16 PM) c64glen: sure. Do they airports there?
(7:42:36 PM) c64glen: proper ones? Not like of the flintstones?
(7:43:13 PM) sandrathompson205: yes they have
(7:43:34 PM) sandrathompson205: what is your full name,i want to call him now
(7:44:03 PM) c64glen: Glen Bowness
(7:44:54 PM) sandrathompson205: phone number pls?
(7:46:17 PM) c64glen: I don’t know the country code
(7:46:57 PM) sandrathompson205: what country code?
(7:47:39 PM) c64glen: for my country
(7:47:53 PM) sandrathompson205: is 44
(7:47:55 PM) c64glen: anyway the number is <SOME MADE UP NUMBER>
(7:48:37 PM) sandrathompson205: what number is this
(7:48:53 PM) sandrathompson205: this is not your number glen
(7:49:08 PM) c64glen: why not?
(7:49:19 PM) c64glen: works for me
(7:50:45 PM) sandrathompson205: i have your number before but i lost it i remmeber your did not start with this 12 what ever
(7:51:06 PM) c64glen: aye, was it the old 16 number?
(7:51:46 PM) sandrathompson205: something like that
(7:52:04 PM) c64glen: yeah, that’s my old number
(7:52:20 PM) c64glen: I don’t live there anymore, coz of the prison thing
(7:52:47 PM) sandrathompson205: where do you live now honey
(7:52:58 PM) c64glen: Guisborough
(7:53:53 PM) sandrathompson205: in uk
(7:55:04 PM) c64glen: aye. In UK
(7:55:18 PM) c64glen: I haven’t move to Mars
(7:55:55 PM) sandrathompson205: ok call me now 07024012592
(7:56:13 PM) c64glen: k k
(7:56:20 PM) c64glen: five minutes
(7:56:31 PM) c64glen: I’ll have to wait for the phone in the room to be free
(7:56:38 PM) c64glen: the other bloke is in there
(7:56:53 PM) c64glen: sometime he has homeless people in there with him
(7:57:11 PM) c64glen: he lures them in with Cider
(7:57:23 PM) sandrathompson205: whos?
(7:57:39 PM) c64glen: then steals their clothes and leaves them in the bin outside. He’s crazy
(7:58:45 PM) sandrathompson205: ahhaha
(7:59:13 PM) c64glen: no I mean crazy like mental hospital crazy
(7:59:30 PM) c64glen: his room is full of piss, he can’t go to the loo
(7:59:51 PM) c64glen: he keeps shitting in the kitchen sick
(8:00:11 PM) sandrathompson205: i just call yr number now
(8:00:24 PM) c64glen: no. he’s on the phone now.
(8:00:32 PM) sandrathompson205: that carzy
(8:00:32 PM) c64glen: we will have to wait
(8:00:42 PM) sandrathompson205: whos ?
(8:00:57 PM) c64glen: the other bloke
(8:01:05 PM) sandrathompson205: dont yo u have cell phone?
(8:01:11 PM) c64glen: the one in the other room in the safe house
(8:01:28 PM) c64glen: the cell phone got removed when the prison guards found it
(8:01:36 PM) c64glen: I was hiding it in my anus
(8:01:55 PM) c64glen: to be honest, I didn’t want it back after that anyway.
(8:02:43 PM) sandrathompson205: hmmmmmmmm……
(8:02:59 PM) sandrathompson205: what do you want me to think about you now
(8:03:27 PM) sandrathompson205: i must be honet with you ,i need you to be honest with me, pls
(8:03:48 PM) c64glen: what’s a honet, is that like a wasp?
(8:04:04 PM) c64glen: because I don’t like wasps
(8:04:09 PM) c64glen: one sting could kill me.
(8:04:20 PM) c64glen: You ain’t gonna sting me are you Sandra?
(8:05:12 PM) sandrathompson205: its a mistake,i said i want you to be honest with me
(8:05:25 PM) sandrathompson205: becasue my heart is fragile
(8:05:27 PM) c64glen: oh honest
(8:05:38 PM) c64glen: Yes. Heart very fragile
(8:05:48 PM) c64glen: Punch in the right way. you kill someone just like that
(8:05:55 PM) c64glen: just like in Kill Bill Part 2
(8:06:05 PM) sandrathompson205: huuuuuuu
(8:07:26 PM) c64glen: are you having a stroke?
(8:09:51 PM) sandrathompson205: nope why?
(8:10:06 PM) c64glen: what is huuuuuuu?
(8:10:53 PM) sandrathompson205: when you want to punch its sound like huuu
(8:11:05 PM) c64glen: if you says so.
(8:11:19 PM) c64glen: Sometimes I don’t think you are serious
(8:11:44 PM) sandrathompson205: am very serious
(8:12:16 PM) sandrathompson205: are you contaction the lawyer now
(8:12:18 PM) c64glen: I am serious as cancer when I say rhythm is a dancer
(8:12:31 PM) sandrathompson205: are you cancer
(8:12:44 PM) c64glen: that’s what they said on /b/
(8:13:21 PM) sandrathompson205: what?
(8:14:11 PM) sandrathompson205: glen i gotta to go now
(8:14:18 PM) c64glen: ok you go. I phone soon
(8:14:33 PM) sandrathompson205: i will be online at same time tomoorow ok
(8:14:39 PM) c64glen: Ok
(8:14:42 PM) sandrathompson205: ok luv
(8:14:44 PM) c64glen: I’ll try and get online
(8:14:48 PM) c64glen: LOVE YOU
(8:15:05 PM) sandrathompson205: take care of your self and keep away from danger
(8:15:10 PM) sandrathompson205: love you too
(8:15:17 PM) sandrathompson205: :-*
(8:17:14 PM) sandrathompson205: one more thing try and get intourch wtih the barrister ok

That’s not all Part 3 is coming next week.

Gamestop Coupon Code – Buy 1 Game get 2nd 20% off

GameStop Logo
GameStop Logo

Who doesn’t have a Gamespot in their town? Now believe me I have heard a lot of the hate for Gamespot and I’ve agreed with much of it, but sometimes they do good. For those of you who have a Gamestop in your area check out this deal.

Gamestop is offering this promotion: buy 1 Game get 2nd 20% off, get any additional titles for 36% off with Coupon Code: FEB20 (Exp 2/28). Free Shipping on orders $25+ with Coupon Code: SAVER (Ongoing).

Thanks to Techbargins for the info.

The Death of Customer Service: The Better Business Bureau

Computer Fraud
Computer Fraud

In the age of online shopping even from our phones many people do not look for companies to be part of the BBB like they use too. Twenty years ago, if you weren’t part of the BBB chances are you would not receive much business. People would call to find out if the company they were going to deal with was part of the BBB and if so what their standing was. It was like a government run Angie’s list with consequences.

Today with thousands of companies online the BBB is not as important as it once was. Though many companies still register with the BBB far less people look into companies through the BBB and much less care if a company is registered with the BBB.

Even companies with the BBB no longer have to adhere to strict policies once laid down by the BBB. Though the BBB still has their 8 important steps to being a member:

– Build Trust
– Advertise Honestly
– Tell the Truth
– Be Transparent
– Honor Promises
– Be Responsive
– Safeguard Privacy
– Embody Integrity

Now these things may sound good, but for many consumers who have a problem and try to seek help from the BBB may find that this list is easy to work around.

Building trust for the most part is already established once a person finds out a company is with the BBB so they figure if anything goes wrong they are safe or safe enough.

Advertise honestly. Here it can get tricky. Let’s talk in the realm of computers. Some companies offer rebates with their systems. Many people have come to realize that rebates are not so much to give the customer back his or her money, but to hope they forget to send their form in so they do not get the discount.

An example would be that a computer has a $500 off coupon which makes it a great deal. What you may or may not read is all the limitations and time restrictions on that rebate. For instance, one trick is to make you send the rebate in within a month of purchase. This means when you are charged. So if you are charged before building and it is a custom system, then it could be almost a month before you receive your system.

Now, in order to retrieve most rebates you have to have your invoice which only comes with the system, so if you receive your system at the 25th day it could be very hard to send it back within the timeframe.

Another trick it to make you request the rebate once your system ships they claim they do this to prevent being scammed, but the scam is on you. Now all this is totally legit, it’s not illegal or against BBB rules, but the idea here is to give you another task that hopefully you will forget.

Many times the rebate form will not arrive in the box and you have you call in and have it mailed to you. If you are ever told this demand they fax it or e-mail it to you, there is no reason they should not be able to.

Even if you send the rebate in on time you may encounter problems with them only applying the rebate to the card you used to purchase the system. In most cases this is normal and standard, except when you split pay across multiple cards. Here the problem comes in when the company delays the process making you wait. It is a known fact that many companies will delay payment when nearing the end of a financial quarter.

There’s much more to break down regarding the BBB and we will be doing so in the next installment. For now, if you have any experiences dealing with computer related or gaming related companies giving you a hard time with rebates please share them.

Click here to read part 2 of this article. Click here to read part 3 of this article.

Steam Sale – all of Shadowgrounds for $5

Shadowgrounds Pack
Shadowgrounds Pack

Steam Sale – all of Shadowgrounds for $5

You can get both Shadowgrounds games for $5 total. They are similar to Alien Breed, Alien Swarm, Alien Shooter, and Alien Syndrome.

For $5 both games are pretty fun. They remind me the most of Alien Breed and are better than Alien Shooter, another cheap Alien killing game.

The link to the sale is the following:

Halo: Reach – Multiplayer Beta

Halo Reach
Halo Reach

So what will you be doing Monday, May 3rd? If you are a Halo fan you better be in the multiplayer beta that will be launching that day. Last week Halo: Reach entered private alpha and in just a few months you will be able to access the multiplayer beta. By “you” I mean those out there who own ODST. When May third hits you’ll be able to play the Reach by using the ODST discs.

For the one or two people out there who don’t know Reach is the latest game in the Halo series from Microsoft and Bungie. Reach is a standalone prequel to the existing Halo series. The planet Reach is not only the last line of defense against the Covenant, but also home to the Spartan program. The game focuses on one group of Spartans known as Noble Team, led by Carter 259.

Halo Reach is expected to ship sometime in the fall.

Aliens versus Predator 2000

Aliens versus Predator classic 2000
Aliens versus Predator classic 2000

Aliens versus Predator 2000 Classic review by Honorabili

One Sentence Review:

“AvP 2000 might be old but it sure still is SCARY!”

Overall Score:
10 out of 10


AvP 2000 is one of the scariest PC games ever made. It might have come out back in 2000 but the atmosphere of the game is chilling, especially when you play as the space marine and aliens come swarming after you, and predators decloak as they cut you in half.

You can play as any of the 3 races: Aliens, Predators, and human Space Marines. Each of the races plays completely different and each has their own strengths and weaknesses, although the Predator is the most powerful of all.

There’s two aspects to the game, the single and the multi player modes. For single player, you follow a string of missions as any of the races interacting with the story and trying to survive through each level any way possible. Multiplayer consists of either playing co-op against hordes of aliens or a free-for-all slaughter-fest that mainly consists of survival of the fastest.

When you play as the Aliens, you are weak and easy to kill, if they can catch you. You special ability is mainly claw grabbing to any surface and moving really, really fast. You gain health by eating organics (humans, predators) especially if you are lucky enough to get a headshot (you literally eat the brain). The game shows you when this is possible by making a set of teeth come out at the top and bottom of the screen. You have a secondary attack that is your tail which you mainly use to decapitate and rip limbs off opponents.

The Alien by far literally is the most alien to play. When you set your vision to the special vision the alien uses and you run upside down on the ceiling going like 50 mph you will no longer feel like a person, once you get used to it. It kind of has the same feeling (as far as making you dizzy, if you get that) as the game Descent.

Should you decide to play as the human space marine, you will quickly find out why I claim for this to be one of the scariest PC games of all time. Everything pretty much kills you really fast. You have the worst vision in the game (the game is pretty dark enough as it is) and you have to rely between switching your night vision off and using your motion sensor which has the same sound effects sort of like the second Alien movie, Aliens. Your weapons range from the assault rifle to a smart gun, various rocket/missile launchers (overkill usually, and can kill you from the splash damage) to the flame thrower. You will get nervous playing as the space marine as you hear the claws and feet of multiple aliens coming at you from every direction.

The predator is by far the easiest race to play with in the game. You have 4 different vision (filters) to use, each one specializing in a specific kind of prey for you to hunt. The predator is pretty much overpowered in the sense that your weapons pretty much one shot every other thing in the game easily and you have the ability to cloak and self-heal.

This game is a classic.

Fun Factor:

Few games have the speed to rival both the Unreal Tournament and Descent games but AvP does. The action is non-stop and when it does stop, it makes you nervous because usually that indicates that something is hiding or they are building up to come get you. I find that exciting in a game, especially when everything in the game is so lethal.

This game is a pure adrenaline rush. The predator is the slowest but if you want to make it funner/scarier, jump into the space marine or see how far you can last being an alien. I love sneaking around and eating people’s brains.

Fun factor gets a score of 10 out of 10.

Difficulty Versatility:

This game is HARD. I’m good at this game and I can tell you that it’s really tough still, after 10 years of playing it. The terrain and environment for the most part can get you killed, whether it be barrels that can explode or sentry guns that rip you in half or the splash of an explosion or even the acid blood from an alien you killed at point-blank range and that’s now eating a hole through you.

You can play in 3 different difficulty settings, and each one is dramatically harder than the previous one. The harder you put it, the less saves you get (yes, this game has a limited number of saves unless you opt out to cheat and put unlimited saves).

It’s so easy to die and that makes the game way challenging and in a good way! Difficulty Versatility gets a score of 9 out of 10. Why not perfect? Some people will go home and cry to momma since this game is too fast and rough for them.


Since this game is old, you can either track down an old CD of it through mainly ebay or the easy way to get it is just to spend $5 on Steam (it’s always on sale there for that price). The link to get it on Steam is

I think that’s a price that anybody, even a child, can afford to spend on a game, especially a classic game like this one. Value gets a score of 10 out of 10.


It never gets old to get the rush and fear this game gives you. Even when one knows what’s coming up on the mission, if that is too “easy” for you, set it at the max difficulty and get a real challenge.

Think you’re good? Go online and play against people that are champions at the game.

I’ve played over 2000 hours of this game. If you are like me and like being shocked in a game and enjoy an epileptic experience, you will come back over and over to play this classic. I think that deserves a Replayability score of 10 out of 10.


Sound is SO important, especially in a horror game. The sounds the Aliens and Predator make are completely authentic and sound as great as their movie versions do. The growl of the Predator and the scream when you heal will remind you a lot of the original Predator (vs Arnold) movie. The game will scare you when you are a lone space marine backed up in a hallway (or how about a stairway!) and you hear the screams of oncoming aliens crawling on the walls all around you. Sometimes the humans can sound a bit cheesy but otherwise the game creates a great tension. Even hearing the thump of your motion detector and some of the lights in the installations turning on can be quite creepy. Sound gets a score of 10 out of 10.


I used to play this game with the music off and it made it easier. However, the soundtrack adds a lot of tension to the game and it does a great job at it. Music should augment what the mood of the game is and it does the job right in AvP. Music gets a score of 9 out of 10.


The graphics are dated but they still look nice considering this game was written on an antiquated DirectX engine. Some of the terrain looks crappy but this is an old game. If you want it to look better you can always play part 2 or the new game which is scheduled to come out tomorrow. The character models look the best and that’s what’s important as well as making the weapons look realistic, which it does. Graphics get a score of 8 out of 10.


The game has been patched a lot over the years. It’s extremely stable. Stability/Reliability get a score of 10 out of 10.


Controls are standard wasd fps game controls but each faction has its own variation. Basically, as soon as you play a new race, pause the game, go to the key mappings and see what your special keys are. It might be a little annoying at first but once you get used to it, it’s not so bad. Overall controls get a score of 9 out of 10.


This game always ran fast. The engine is awesome and even when it came out it ran GREAT! Performance is not an issue. Performance gets a score of 10 out of 10.

My history with this game:

My brother, friends, and I have played this game extensively single player and even more so doing LAN parties throughout the years. This is one of those games where the explosions and screaming that would come from the speakers and players was so loud that we would literally get kicked out of any place we LANned it at.

I hope the new game continues with the shock treatment tradition that this game started.

Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising promotion

Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising
DoW2 Chaos Rising promo

Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising – Steam promotion

The expansion to Dawn of War 2 “Chaos Rising” is now for sale for $30 on Steam. If you get it, they give you a free copy of the GTA clone Saints Row 2 (which to me is a superior game).

Chaos Rising will be available on March 11th, 2010. This expansion to DoW 2 adds the Chaos faction. More stuff is added to the campaign, the ability to warp (or keep them from it) team members, a higher level cap for heroes in the campaign, new gear and toys, 2 new “heroes” for the Last Stand (Chaos and Tyranid), more expansions for multiplayer modes, etc.

Saints Row 2 is basically a much more fun version of GTA 4, except with better comedy and non-stop action and less micro managing stuff that makes GTA annoying now.

The link to get the DoW 2 expansion and Saints Row 2 (bundled) is:

You don’t gank lowbies IRL

Swan stand alone
Swan stand alone

There are losers out there who spend all day killing level 20 players at eighty. They will stealth and open up on you with their best gear and attacks (as if that is really needed) and then laugh at you as if somehow you suck for not being able to counterattack someone 60 levels above you. Do you want to know what happens when their mom tells them to keep the maniacal cackling down to a minimum after doing so?

They go into a nerd rage and try to choke their own mother out. James Swan a 27-year-old man child did just that in front of five young children. It happened last Thursday (2/11) on the 6400 block of 12th Avenue East about 10 p.m in Bradenton, Florida.

After a night of wowing and drinking (because we all know this is the epitome of cool) Mr. Swan began to get a little too loud. When his 50-year-old mother asked him just to quiet down a little so her three grandchildren could go to sleep in the room Shawn ignored her request.

When she approached him from behind and touched him on the shoulder to get his attention he freaked out. Swan grabbed her by the hair and threw her onto the bed, according to the sheriff’s report.

The woman was able to get to the kitchen to call 911, but Swan ripped the phone off the wall, banged his head into the drywall and then grabbed his mother and threw her on the floor. He then began to choke her, “saying he was going to kill her,” the report states.

Swan’s grandfather tried to intervene, but Swan screamed that he would kill him as well if he did. What Swan didn’t know was that his grandfather was an Everquest ranger who happened to use his AA point to learn modern firearms.

Dusting off his old trusty gun the old man holstered it not wanting to one-shot his own grandson no matter how much of a douche he was being, but of course when Swan saw the gun he had to have the fat loots and tried to ninja it.

The old ranger wasn’t having any of that and a struggle ensued. The gun discharged grazing Swan behind the left ear and struck the living room window and the wood frame of the porch. I believe he cried out; “Don’t graze me bro!”, but reports on that are sketchy.

In the end the mother was ok and Swan was taken to Bayfront Medical Center in St. Petersburg, but he refused treatment. He later returned to Manatee County and was being held without bond at the county jail on charges of domestic battery by strangulation, child abuse and felony tampering.

It is yet another sad tale of World of Warcraft related violence. This never happened in the days of Everquest, we only beat up each other at fan faires. You can read the original story here.

Overclocked Remix

Overclocked Remix
Overclocked Remix

Free Stuff – Overclocked Remix, home of video game remixing

Overclocked Remix is one of the best websites in the world for video game music remixes. You can find almost any game music remixed at the site. Whether you are looking for NES music or Sega Genesis or old DOS games or whatever, you will most likely find any remix on the site, usually if a remix does exist for it.

The link to Overclocked Remix is the following:

Interview – CoLD SToRAGE (Tim Wright)

CoLD SToRAGE (Tim Wright)
Cold Storage logo

We recently interviewed one of our favorite musicians CoLD SToRAGE (Tim Wright). The following is the interviewRead More

MySpace Interview – Spat

So, who are you anyway?

We are four shady lookin’ bastards called Spat.

Describe your sound for us.

A toddler falling from a climbing frame and landing on a cat.

So you rate yourself then?

It varies due to external factors relevant to how drunk, what we drank and whether we can concentrate. So anywhere between a 2 to an 8 out of 10.

Who are your influences?

We are all into different shit but I’ll take the highground on this one cause I wrote most of the songs. So Crass, Oi Polloi, Black Flag and GBH.

Tell us one of your musical secrets.

I’ve got small bollocks.

What’s in the future?

Failed kidneys- they’ve already started playing. That and an unlimited supply of Wagon Wheels.

What’s your claim to fame?

Don’t have one.

Musically, where do you see yourself in 10 years time?

Up shit creek.

Myspace or Facebook?

Steam Sale – Quantz for $3


Steam Sale – Quantz for $3

If you enjoy inexpensive puzzle games that you can replay often over and over then you will like Quantz (especially at $2.99).

The game consists of making combinations of marbles on a rotatable cube get together to create an explosive reaction and making the rest of the marbles disappear as soon as possible. There are other game modes as well that play similar yet differently.

Free Stuff – First 3 original Command & Conquer games

Command & Conquer free game
Command & Conquer free game

Free Stuff – First 3 original Command & Conquer games

Electronics Arts has released the original Command and Conquer game, Red Alert, and Tiberian Sun (and its expansion) for free. If you’ve never played these games now you can check them all out for free.

Of these, C&C and Red Alert are my favorite.

In C&C, you will love the obelisk of light and the commando unit. “Got a present for you!!!”

You will love the wacky alternate history in Red Alert.

You can get all 3 games at the following site:

Steam Sale – Mount & Blade for $4.99

Mount and Blade
Mount and Blade

Steam Sale – Mount & Blade for $4.99

If you like Defender of a Crown and want a true medieval world simulator, then Mount & Blade is what you’re looking for, especially at $4.99! It’s available now on Steam.

The game is very challenging and you will find the combat unforgiving and realistic. Usually getting hit with a sword in the game directly will result in getting crushed in the battlefield. If you want a game that makes you feel like Braveheart or Robin Hood or a knight from Camelot then you should check it out. At $5, it’s more than worth it.

The link to get it through Steam is the following:

Games coming out February and March 2010

aliens vs predator new
aliens vs predator new

Games coming out February and March 2010

A lot of big games have been coming out this early 2010. More great games are coming out soon as well. The following are the ones that I like for the next 2 months:

Aliens vs Predator, February 16 for PC

Napoleon: Total War, February 23 for PC

Supreme Commander 2, March 2 for PC

Battlefield: Bad Company 2, March 2 for PC

Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising, March 11 for PC

Assassin’s Creed 2, March 16 for PC

Metro 2033, March 16 for PC

Let’s talk a little bit about them.

Aliens vs Predator
The original AVP is one of my favorite FPS games of all time. It’s actually quite scary and FAST as all hell. The new game is a remake of that game and looks to be done as its spiritual successor.

Napoleon: Total War
The Total War series is always great for (most) war gamers. I look forward to yet another title to this great series.

Supreme Commander 2
Supreme Commander 1 among my friends is known for how badly it killed their systems. I hope 2 is optimized for performance and continues the brilliant interface that part 1 had for handling your big armies. I hope they kept the awesome zoom GUI.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2
I wonder how strong this game will be. Can it compete with everybody out there playing Modern Warfare 2?

Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 2 Chaos Rising
The Dawn of War series I always love. They are the RTS games I usually play the most. I’ve been looking forward to this expansion for a while. Now that more of my friends got DoW 2 I have more people to play with and the game needs more content/factions, so keep them coming Relic/THQ.

Assassin’s Creed 2
Finally! I keep hearing how good this is from my console gamers. (ahem) Well maybe it will be like with Mass Effect 1 where the PC version turns out to be superior later. Either way, I will still play the living hell out of this game, at least until I destroy it.

Metro 2033
This game reminds me of a mix of the game Stalker, the movie Fatherland, and the game Iron Storm. Looks nice!

Scambaiter – SandraThompson205 – Part 1

It’s been ages since I did a good scambaiter so when Sandra Thompson <> popped up and my screen, I thought I would take full advantage.

(6:49:58 PM) sandrathompson205: hello dear
(6:50:25 PM) c64glen: hi
(6:51:10 PM) sandrathompson205: where have you been since all this while
(6:51:23 PM) sandrathompson205: hmmmm …
(6:51:44 PM) c64glen: no where special
(6:51:50 PM) c64glen: just prison
(6:52:37 PM) sandrathompson205: prison?
(6:52:51 PM) c64glen: yeah, but not like that…
(6:53:03 PM) c64glen: just for assault and rape
(6:53:39 PM) sandrathompson205: oh am so sorry,is that all serious
(6:53:57 PM) c64glen: nah, that’s not serious
(6:54:03 PM) c64glen: I mean I could have killed them
(6:54:19 PM) sandrathompson205: just be wondering why have yo not be online all this while
(6:54:27 PM) c64glen: sending me to prison was a complete over reaction
(6:54:29 PM) sandrathompson205: hahahha
(6:54:40 PM) sandrathompson205: who are those?
(6:54:40 PM) c64glen: It’s not like they were English
(6:55:03 PM) sandrathompson205: where did they come from?
(6:56:17 PM) c64glen: bah, who cares.. they were all, blah, blah, don’t hurt me, blah, blah. Stupid people can’t even English properly.
(6:57:23 PM) sandrathompson205: they must be crazy,but never mind,am happy they did not kill you
(6:57:46 PM) c64glen: Yeah me too. Kill me with their AIDS
(6:57:50 PM) sandrathompson205: i should have come over there to push them where they belong
(6:58:06 PM) c64glen: Yeah, I would like you to push them right up it
(6:58:26 PM) sandrathompson205: they are aids pati or what?ent
(6:58:51 PM) sandrathompson205: oh honey you have to becareful
(6:59:54 PM) c64glen: Yes, I am always careful. I poured acid on them afterwards…
(7:00:49 PM) sandrathompson205: wow!!!!!!!!!!
(7:01:04 PM) c64glen: just on their bits, you know
(7:01:15 PM) sandrathompson205: nah you went too far honey
(7:01:26 PM) c64glen: that’s what they said
(7:01:43 PM) sandrathompson205: okies
(7:01:48 PM) sandrathompson205: i see
(7:02:29 PM) sandrathompson205: any way lets forget them for now and put them aside okay
(7:02:59 PM) c64glen: Yes. Yes, I forget them already
(7:03:43 PM) sandrathompson205: very good to hear that
(7:03:52 PM) c64glen: so whats up with you then?
(7:04:26 PM) sandrathompson205: so how are you feeling now
(7:04:35 PM) sandrathompson205: am good
(7:05:56 PM) c64glen: I am great. Fresh air is good
(7:06:05 PM) c64glen: so what have you been up to in all this time?
(7:06:27 PM) sandrathompson205: nothing just missed you
(7:06:42 PM) sandrathompson205: and about what i discuss with you last time
(7:06:45 PM) c64glen: you’ve done nothing at all?
(7:07:03 PM) sandrathompson205: am working
(7:07:20 PM) sandrathompson205: am in cotonou now
(7:08:08 PM) sandrathompson205: because of the property issues i told you baout last time we had coversation
(7:09:06 PM) c64glen: yes, yes. Your house fell down, because of the rats or something?
(7:09:45 PM) sandrathompson205: nope
(7:09:56 PM) c64glen: then remind me
(7:10:39 PM) sandrathompson205: my father work with gold field in ghana before he died
(7:11:33 PM) c64glen: Gold in a field? I though it was in Volcano’s, with the Dinosaurs?
(7:12:05 PM) sandrathompson205: hahah pls be serious for once
(7:12:19 PM) sandrathompson205: this is not joke matter at all
(7:12:52 PM) c64glen: I’m not joking. the internet is very serious business. no time for funny
(7:15:21 PM) sandrathompson205: i wanted to claim all my father property an d come to london or go back to canada,but the company lawyer told my that if i dont have husband or beneficiary they cannot realease this propery for me
(7:17:13 PM) sandrathompson205: so i will need your help as my benefiary if you can talk to the solicitor for me please
(7:18:31 PM) sandrathompson205: are you there
(7:18:36 PM) c64glen: right, so I talk to a solicitor
(7:18:44 PM) c64glen: who does that work?
(7:20:52 PM) sandrathompson205: yes iwant you to stand as my beneficiary as elder man,and tell the barrister you are ready to claim sandra father properties
(7:21:15 PM) c64glen: right ok. So I need to talk to a barrister as well?
(7:21:39 PM) sandrathompson205: yes
(7:21:55 PM) c64glen: ok, how do I contact all these people?
(7:22:40 PM) sandrathompson205: i will give the email address so you wil contact
(7:22:56 PM) sandrathompson205: they explain in detail s to you
(7:23:03 PM) c64glen: ok, that would be goooooood
(7:23:12 PM) sandrathompson205: i know i can trust you right?
(7:23:46 PM) c64glen: ofcourse I am nothing but I man of high standing.
(7:23:56 PM) c64glen: well when I say standing, I don’t mean I’m tall
(7:24:07 PM) c64glen: but people still look up to me
(7:24:14 PM) c64glen: or they’ll get hurt
(7:24:40 PM) c64glen: kinda like… Trust me or I’ll smash your face in.
(7:24:45 PM) c64glen: and then your backdoors
(7:24:59 PM) c64glen: and then possibly your face again
(7:25:22 PM) sandrathompson205: hmmm….sound motivated
(7:25:29 PM) c64glen: exactly!
(7:25:46 PM) sandrathompson205: i want to look upon you and God
(7:26:05 PM) c64glen: yes, you will look upon me as god
(7:27:10 PM) sandrathompson205: because the propety worth million of pounds whick i cannot let it go just like thata
(7:27:26 PM) sandrathompson205: thanks my dear,
(7:28:10 PM) c64glen: awesome. Send me the details, and I’ll beat the money out of them with my special stick.
(7:28:34 PM) sandrathompson205: thanks honey
(7:28:58 PM) c64glen: no problems. dearling

Part Two coming next week, it get’s a lot better.

Dig Dug review

Dig Dug in-game
Dig Dug in-game shot

Dig Dug review by Honorabili

One Sentence Review:

“Pop that monster!”

Overall Score:
9 out of 10


Dig Dug consists of you being this blue man in a white suit that digs your way underground to kill monsters in tunnels. You do this by impaling them with an air pump that has like a tip like Scorpion’s weapon in Mortal Kombat (weird, I know but it’s cute!). You them pump the little monsters with enough air until they pop like a balloon. The game keeps progressing as you kill more monsters and there are none left in that level. Each level is progressively harder (especially when multiple enemies come at you at once).

You can get an extra man every 20000 points and you can pick up fruit in the middle of the stage when you kill enemies in a spectacular way, accelerating your 1UP rate.

The original game keeps going for 256 levels with the remake having about 400 levels.

The game is available on most Ataris, the Intellivision, Apple II, Commodore VIC 20 and c64, for PC, NES, gameboy, Wii, and the TI-99/4A. The remake is also available under Namco Classic Collection Volume 2 for Xbox, Gamecube, and the PS2.

Fun Factor:

I always thought it was a trip to fill up cute little monsters with air and watch their belly burst. If you’re braindead like me then you will love this kind of action. As the game will become much harder later, you will have to react instantly to the onslaught of monsters and have to adapt to using the terrain to your advantage and tricking the game’s A.I. by timing your attacks. You will sometimes have to run like a little bitch for your life and that can be fun to do especially in an old game! Fun Factor gets a score of 1o out of 10.

Difficulty Versatility:

Dig Dug is a challenging game. It’s from an era where if you wanted to get a high score you had to be a good gamer. Continues? Never heard of them. You put in a quarter and you got a set amount of lives. If you lost them all, you had to pay again to replay from the beginning. If you like your games easy then Dig Dug is not a game for you. If you like a game where the A.I. will eventually come at you from every direction, really fast then this is your game. You do get one more life though every 20000 points.

The first levels are easy and the game constantly keeps acccelerating in diffuculty. There’s no way to alter that but the game is challenging enough as it is. Difficulty Versatility gets a score of 9 out of 10.


Since this game is so old now, most people will probably play the emulated (usually MAME) version which you can get for free.

The PS2 Namco Classic Collection version is now out of print and not available online. You can track it down either by calling your local game stores or finding it through ebay.

The Wii version you can probably get online from their store for probably a few dollars.

Overall, since you can either play this game for free or for a few dollars for the PS2 or Wii version, Value gets a score of 10 out of 10.


Most classic arcade games are highly addictive/replayable, unless you find them too hard/frustrating for you. You can pretty much set your own goal as you what you want your experienced with this game to be, whether to get to whatever number of level or whatever your high score will be.

Myself, I find this game fun and I often wonder to what level I can get to the next time I play. Considering I’ve played this game thousands of times since the 80s and I still play it, the game is a classic and very replayable. I give replayability a score of 9 out of 10.


The sounds mainly consist of hearing the dragon roar (whistle) and your pump that fills up the cute monsters and pops the living hell out of them. For an old game the sounds are really well done and I think Sound deserves a score of 1o out of 10.


The music is so simple but it’s so catchy. The music is interactive in the sense that the little jingle will only play whenever your guy is walking. Mega64 makes fun of that fact and made a video where they go around harrassing people with it! Here is a video showing that:

It’s catchy and it keeps you playing this hectic little game. For a few simple notes, it’s a classic. Overall the game has like 4 little melodies but the main melody is the one that you will hear the most. Music gets a score of 10 out of 10.


The graphics look pretty cute for this old game and they are actually great. It’s fun watching the monsters blow up like a balloon and then POP! Graphics get a score of 10 out of 10.


This game actually has 2 bugs.

If you get to the end of the game, the game has a kill screen where you are basically stuck because the game will not progress any further. This happens when you get to the last level of the game (level 256) and beat it.

The other bug happens if you drop a rock on an enemy while you are pumping it with air and snuff it. It basically makes all enemies disappear making the level unbeatable but the work around is to trigger another rock to fall.

Other than those two bugs, mainly the rock one (because most people will NOT get to the last level), the game is rock solid. Stability/Reliability get a score of 8 out of 10.


The controls are simple. Up is up and so forth, and the fire button always triggers the harpoon gun/pump which lets you kill enemies. Other than that you walk into the ground to tunnel and you make rocks fall by leaving a tunnel under it (to try to trick a monster into getting crushed). Controls get a score of 10 out of 10.


The game runs flawless whether you play it on an arcade machine, emulation (MAME, etc), or on a console remake of it. If only all games could run as well as old games! Performance gets a score of 10 out of 10.

My history with this game:

This is one of the first games where I was impressed by an arcade game, specifically Namco and Atari. I remember seeing this around the same time I first played Ms. Pacman, another arcade favorite of mine. I’ve played Dig Dug over 1000 times, literally. It’s not as popular as the Pacman games but among the arcade community, it’s always a classic.

If you’ve never played Dig Dug, you are missing out on a major arcade game that is a corner stone for arcade gaming history. Go play it and stop reading this.

Allods Online – Open Beta

Allods Online logo
Allods Online logo

The Allods team announced today that their Open Beta will official go live on Feb 16th. Everyone will be able to access their game, without a beta key, and all content up to level 40 will be available for play. Just keep in mind all closed beta characters will be deleted prior to Open Beta. However, characters created in Open Beta will not be deleted once the game is released.

You can find more information and download the client here.

What is Allods Online?

Allods Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, set in the fantasy space opera universe of Sarnaut.

It is the fourth opus of the Rage of Mages series which started in the mid-90s, conquering the minds of millions of gamers around the world, and covers over 12 years of storyline in the making.

You can choose to enter the deep storyline, puzzling out relationships between the two factions at war, races and characters, and plumbing the depths of the mysteries at work in this unique setting. Or you can focus on developing your character, maximising his abilities, crafting, getting very rare items and enchanting them via the runes system to become the best in both duels and space Astral battle ship confrontations.

Throughout the game, you will discover and fight your way in dungeons, castles and temples as a raid or as a group.

At high level, you can build your own Astral space ship and take off to explore the Astral with your party, looking for adventures, raids or if you want, become a pirate and board other ships to steal their loot. You will also discover many unique encounters such as Astral demons, ship versus ship battles, boarding other ships or even just annoying them during your journeys in the Astral.

The guild system greatly increases your opportunities and enhances your game experience in co-operative game play through specific raid encounters, some even being contested.

Whether you enjoy solo questing and discovering a world with lots of player versus environment content, or bashing other players with the player versus player mechanisms (and of course the ship versus ship in the Astral space), Allods Online is a lot of fun for all kinds of players. You can always stand aside all battles and just meet your friends in game and chitchat about whatever you like.

Allods Online no subscription fees and you can play as long as you wish. All you need is a account.

Free Stuff – Lineage II 14-Day Trial

Lineage 2 free trial
Lineage 2 free trial

The folks over at NCsoft have announced that the 14-day free trials for Lineage II. The free trial limits characters to reaching level 40 on up to three characters, but will save your data so that you can continue the same character or characters should you decide to keep playing after the trial by subscribing for a monthly account.

What is Lineage II?

The world of Lineage II is a war-torn land spanning two continents, where trust and betrayal clash as three kingdoms vie for power. The young king Raoul has successfully quenched a civil war and established the newest kingdom, Aden. Elmore, the military superpower located in the northern part of the continent, boasts that it is a direct descendent of ancient Elmoreden kingdom. Gracia, located across the ocean on the west, is currently embroiled in a chaotic battle among blood relatives trying to take over the throne. These kingdoms share a delicate balance of power; however, within each kingdom they are vulnerable to internal strife, as each manor has strong desire for self-rule.

You have been thrown into this chaos. However, unlike the ordinary people who pray each day for safety, you have the power to protect yourself. In Lineage II, developing a character is not an end in itself. Rather, it is your instrument to obtain the power to enforce your will in this world. Seize your destiny! Your own hand will write the history of this world.

The trial is hassle free, requiring no credit card details. Simply download, sign up, and play!

Get started here!

J.A. Cares: HappyWorkers

My new year’s resolution was to work harder than ever, that was before my job gave me the boot. Lord Obama called me upset because me being unemployed hurt his job numbers. Obscure Internet called asking why if I was unemployed I was not submitting more. Well the tear bucket is full and this is my birthday month so let’s read some more e-mails.

Misty Pendleton from Galesburg Illinois writes:

I know my time is soon J.A., my job has been laying off people left and right and now that the holidays are over there will be blood, my blood. The strange thing is the people at my company are just so happy and upbeat. It is like they are on some drug and forgot to give me some. How can these people love their job so much? How can they be happy when the end is near? Am I crazy or is everyone else?

It is very possible you are crazy, but since the government recalled my shock treatment kit I cannot give you a qualified diagnosis. However, I can tell you about some people that can act like they love their job but it is all an act.

The Best Buy Carolers

You remember these guys right? They sing to people about what to buy from Best Buy. They look happy right? One reason is because they don’t have to sell those scam bait extended warranties on the street. Did you know they whip you if you don’t sell an extended warranty? Maybe my DVD does not need a five year scratch guarantee.

I have seen the fear in their eyes when I tell them no. They know a beating is coming and the one time of the year they get outside and taste freedom, well, they sing. But don’t fall for it, big brother is watching and if those smiles fade a sniper from across the street will take them out. Just look what they did to Circuit City.

A tale of two Wal-marts

We know War-mart is evil, but how evil are they. First of all, the old lady in the front of the store, she is not an old lady. She was Becky, a fifteen year old freshman from Valley High, but she mistakenly flipped the bird to one of those smiley faces they have all over the store. What Becky didn’t know what that those smiley faces transmit data to Satan in hell and then back up to the Wal-mart mother-ship in orbit. Becky punishment, she was turned into an old lady and placed in the front of the store to greet people, if she steps more than five feet away from the door her Wal-mart brand shock collar delivers a reminder of why she should not disobey her masters.

You know what else Flo’s?

Crap down a toilet. Flo the perky, not sexy enough to sleep with sober, but will do her if intoxicated and deny it till death the next day, is not a real human. See, Wal-mart has another company not many know about called People-mart. People-mart creates pod people that are sold as spokespeople to major companies. Flo is currently one of their top sellers.

Flo is perky and happy and loves Progressive Insurance because she was programmed to, but it is so over the top that her CPU overheats and she explodes after every commercial. This has made People-mart a ton of money.

By the way, the subsidiary of People-mart is Critter-mart and they have created such spokescritters as the Taco Bell dog and the Geico gecko.

Don’t you believe it!

Nobody likes their job, because it’s a job. Maybe they tolerated it or they work high or drunk, but if you see that level of happiness look out, it most likely is a pod person or a People-mart spokesperson.

Now I would tell you about Politician-mart, but they are watching me too.

Steam Sale – Total War series for $20

total war series sale
total war series sale

Steam Sale – Total War series for $20.39

If you like your RTS games to be mega games with a ton of units on the screen, the Total War series of games are for you. All the Total War games are on sale through Steam right now for $20.39 total.

You get Rome: Total War and it’s expansion, which are obviously about the Roman Empire, Medieval: Total War and it’s expansion, again self explanatory, and Empire: Total War, that takes place around the US Revolutionary War.

The link to the Steam Sale is the following:

Fallout Vegas

Fallout Vegas
Fallout Vegas

I think it is safe to say that everything is a little bit more fun in Vegas and if you are a fan of the Fallout series then today is a day to rejoice. Bethesda today announced that Fallout: New Vegas will be available in fall of this year. The game is currently in development at Obsidian Entertainment for the 360, PS3, and PC.

Check out the first trailer giving us a little tease as to what we can expect in FOV:

PRESS RELEASE: Fallout: New Vegas, the follow-up to Fallout 3 – the 2008 Game of the Year – brings this beloved franchise to a location only Fallout could do justice: Vegas. Fallout: New Vegas takes all the action, humor, and post-apocalyptic grime and grit of this legendary series, and raises the stakes.

WEBSITE: Experience all the sights and sounds of fabulous New Vegas, brought to you by Vault-Tec, America’s First Choice in Post Nuclear Simulation. Explore the treacherous wastes of the Great Southwest from the safety and comfort of your very own vault: Meet new people, confront terrifying creatures, and arm yourself with the latest high-tech weaponry as you make a name for yourself on a thrilling new journey across the Mojave wasteland. A word of warning, however – while Vault-Tec engineers have prepared for every contingency,* in Vegas, fortunes can change in an instant. Enjoy your stay.

* Should not be construed as a legally-binding claim.

Maybe after this trailer Honorabili will starting liking this new version of Fallout, nah, I doubt it.