ZX Spectrum book: 1982 to 199x


ZX Spectrum Book

When I first heard about the ZX Spectrum book – 1982 to 199x by Hiive books I was decidedly thrilled. I also decided to grab a copy and miserably failed. This apparently brilliant book, you see, swiftly sold out and was soon replaced by a luxuriant hardback edition, that was way to expensive for me. Thankfully, Hiive, being the busy indie little publishing house it is, went on and published the The Commodore 64 Book – 1982 to 199x, which I immediately grabbed. And it was brilliant. Both in content and in layout.

This of course made things worse in a weird way that had everything to do with me not being able to read the Speccy book. I even emailed Hiive books and asked them to make a digital copy of the thing available for purchase. Being the nice fellows they are, they said they’d look into it.

Obviously, they didn’t, as they went on and released the whole book for free. Yes! Exactly as I tweeted (?) almost a month ago (did feel the subject needed a proper post of its own though), the ZX Spectrum Book – 1982 to 199x can now be downloaded for free over at the World of Spectrum in its complete 258 pages glory. And, yes, it’s as good as I imagined. Even better really, what with the introduction by Sir Clive himself, the excellent quality of the game presentations and the tons of info. Here are a couple pages to wet your appetite:


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