Top Ten Platforming Cliches

Coinworld Gameplay

It’s no joke being the hero in a platform game. Once you’ve died a few thousand times you know there are still so many clichés standing between you and success. Here then are the top ten…

No matter how carefully you tread, that bit of platform/bridge is going to drop away as soon as you step on it.

No matter what the scenario, the evildoer’s comedy sidekick will try, several times, in vain to stop our hero with a mechanical device that backfires.

No matter how big the hill or tower, your character is going to have to climb that, all the while risking being knocked off the platforms by the enemy sending you plummeting back down to repeat a section.

No matter what the power-up, it will run out just before the end of the stage.

No matter where the game is set, the designers will find a way to incorporate a stage full of snow and ice.

No matter how many enemies you kill, there’s always more of them in the next stage.

No matter how powerful your character, a small spike is deadly.

No matter how safe you think you are, fire will kill you too.

No matter how good you are, there will always be one jump in the game that you cannot master and fail repeatedly at.

No matter how far you fall, gravity always wins in the end…


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