The Memorex PS3 Quad controller charger Review

The Memorex PS3 Quad controller charger

Memorex of CD-R, and for you old people like me, VHS cassette fame, have manufactured a pretty nifty controller charger for the PS3. With this contraption you can charge 2 controllers and 2 Move controllers at the same time. The normal Ps3 controllers plug into two slots on the front of the device, and the move controllers plug into holsters on both sides. It works pretty well, the coolest thing being the charging light on the front. Red if it’s charging, blue when it’s done. It’s pretty quick too.

It’s price point, around $35, makes me consider the following: If you have only 1 PS3 controller, then this probably won’t be worth your while. This product will mainly benefit those with PSMove and extra controllers. For everyone else, just stick with simple USB to console charging.


Handy way to charge multiple Dualshock and or Move controllers

Cool lighting feature lets you know when charge is done.

Won’t overcharge your controllers thus depleting battery life.


A bit pricey, probably not worth it to those who only own a single controller.

Rating: 9/10

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