CES Report 2011: Vegas is Cold

Las Vegas from Excalibur
Las Vegas from Excalibur

Why did I believe that LV would be hot. I guess I could have avoided all this by checking the weather channel, but I was to busy running around last minute to make my flight. About my flight, dear Southwest airlines, your “free style” boarding or whatever you call it sucks big time.

We arrived in Vegas to a packed airport and a ton of people waiting for cabs and shuttles. They had us herded like cattle and when some people tried to jump the gate the security guard yelled out, “Don’t do it!” as if he was a prison guard with a riffle at the ready.

We were lucky and were guided to a shuttle that took us to our hotel, the Excalibur. Oh,I forgot to mention, I have never been to Vegas so to seeing slot machines in the airport terminal was quite interesting. At Excalibur the floor was pretty dead, but everyone tells me Vegas wakes up at night.

So, after a  shower I took a few pictures as I prepare for what is to come. Here are some shots I took from the room. Hopefully I will have more to update you on shortly.

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J.A. Laraque

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One thought on “CES Report 2011: Vegas is Cold

  • We went to Vegas in mid-December a few years back, and it was freezing. Actually snowed our first night. I am not a huge fan, but it is not a bad place to be. You might be on the lookout for the arcades. New York New York had the old Elvira pinball machine, and the MGM Grand had the Capcom Dungeons & Dragons 4-player machine. Sure, you’ll likely be the only adult there, but may find some buried treasure 😀

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