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The Book of Graphic Adventures

Harnessing the collective powers of Wikipedia, the cunning and adventure-loving Philipp Lenssen created a lovely and extensive book covering point-and-click and parser-based adventure games. It’s none other than the aptly named Graphic Adventures – Being a Mostly Correct History Of the Adventure Game Classics By Lucasfilm, Sierra and Others, From the Pages Of Wikipedia. The book covers all major adventures from LoomManiac Mansion and Labyrinth to Space QuestLeisure Suit Larry and Myst in more than 500 pages of edited, updated and enriched Wikipedia content.

Shockingly, the official word is most enlightening:

Did you love to play graphic adventures as much as I did, and want to learn more about them? The book Graphic Adventures is the mostly correct history of the adventure game classics by Lucasfilm, Sierra and others, from the pages of Wikipedia. The book features the tales behind games like Loom, Labyrinth, Mystery House, Maniac Mansion, Space Quest, The Secret of Monkey Island, King’s Quest, Myst, Zork Nemesis and Leisure Suit Larry. The book was based on the pages of Wikipedia articles, which were edited and added to. Many game creators, like Al Lowe, David Fox and Peter Langston, are interviewed and provide further historical background on these games.

You can easily download yourselves a free digital copy here or -better yet- purchase a proper printed one, either via Amazon or via Lulu.


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