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Tales of a Driver: Open House

Swingers Club

When I was sixteen I took a job at a restaurant at Chicago called Chicago Style Grill, it was a family owned fast food restaurant that severed every food under the sun from breakfast, lunch and dinner

It was located near the gold coast (rich area) near Lake Michigan so it was a safe small area to deliver. I lucked out because they paid me hourly plus two bucks per delivery and tips. I only worked from 6 to 10pm weeknights and was paid at the end of the night.

About 90% of all the people I delivered to tipped at least two bucks, those that didn’t were easy to handle. I would use my blackness to scare them into tipping me with the look of tip me or I will come back to rob you and they always would tip me well. Granted I didn’t do this to much and most people were very nice to me and I to them.

In the two years I worked there I have seen tons of things. One time I came to the door of the apartment a little boy about 11 answered the door and began talking to me. I told the kid I have his dinner can he get his parents. His dad comes out of nowhere and yells at the kid for leaving his piano lesson.

He tells me to hold on scoops up the kid and begins spanking him while I am there waiting for the money. Needless to say I felt bad for the kid but my dark side thought it was kind of funny. So the dad finishes and apologizes to me and pays me and I am on my way.

One of the weirdest trips was an order for eight full slabs of ribs to a really upscale fancy apartment tower right on the lakefront. I get to the apartment and hear sex noises coming from inside so I knock on the door and within thirty seconds someone is opening the door.

I just figured maybe it wasn’t sex but a porno I heard. This mid forty year old woman answers the door wearing a silk see through robe. Also she barely tied it at the waist so the top part of the robe was clearly open and she could care less.

Then I noticed I still heard the sex sounds and could smell it in the air. The lady goes “You got here fast, good, I need some food for energy” This lady I must say had a nice body so I doubt she was going to pig out on eight full racks of ribs.

She pulls out a wad of hundreds the bill, was only about 65. “All this membership money, why do I accept hundred dollar bills” she says. “Hold on let me get some smaller money” She opens the door wide and it was like something out of a porno movie.

It was some kind of sex party and in full swing to. About four couples doing the nasty all over this ladies house, the kitchen, the floor, the couch and the balcony. They all looked about late 30s to 40s as well.

When she went in the bedroom I saw one guy just spread eagle on the couch and he looked tired. So she comes back and gives me a hundred dollar and says “keep the change” then she notices the look on my face.

She pulls out a fifty and gives it to me. “You’re still a bit too young for this club, however we do not discriminate, look me up in about five years you can join our newcomers team” Yes she said TEAM!

So I left with a big tip and a big something else and a night I will never forget. The best part is this isn’t the last time I visited her place, but that is a story for another day.

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