World of Warplanes 2.0: A Hard Earned Win (Spitfire I)

Even though the Spitfire is one of the best planes in the game, I had to try in this match.

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World of Warplanes 2.0: Difficult Carry (Spitfire Ia)

Quite a challenging match!

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Siege Breakers Sessions #3: How PC Gaming got its Groove Back

We talk PC building, the death and return of PC gaming, the fallacy of MMR hell in MOBA’s, World of Warships, embarrassing bowel moments, official lyrics for the original Mario Bros game and more.

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World of Tanks

If you love blowing up tanks with other tanks, you couldn’t ask for a better game. While the content is a little dumbed down from the PC version, you still can choose between multiple vehicles from American, German, and British stables. Upgrading said vehicles can become a chunky grind. Even if you are willing to throw down real cash for a new ride, you still have to play multiple matches with each vehicle to move to the next tier.

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World of Warplanes Beta Key Give-a-way

So it’s simple if you want a free key post in the comments your favorite classic game and tell us why it is your favorite and we will send you the code. Now, to make this easier we ask that you register using your Facebook then we can just message you the code. Otherwise you can post your commend then e-mail us by clicking here. Then we can e-mail the key to you, but honestly attaching your Facebook is best because we will be getting more give-a-ways and will randomly send them to people who post comments on our website.

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The World of Tanks Show

Anyone who is a regular reader of Obsolete Gamer knows we love World of Tanks. We first got into the tank fighting MMO at E3 a few years back and it was love at first sight. Some of the staff like myself are novices while others are pros and for a long time we wanted to have a podcast about the game we love. We were excited when we contacted Jamie King at War Gaming America and was introduced to Caleb Fox who joined us on this week show and answers our numerous and wide ranging questions. For this first podcast we wanted to talk to those newer to the game and those interested in trying it for the first time.

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