Wesley Willis

Game Reviews

Bad Lip Reading – Magic Man

Bad Lip Reading is a rather brillant YouTube channel that takes music videos of pop songs and writes their own original songs designed to match the lip movements of the people in the video, with little to no regard for making sense. Usually substantial editing of the original video is also involved. This video takes Ludacris's My Girl Video and adds hobbits, silly lyrics, clever editing, great music and (look out y'all) the Bee Gees. I'm sure you'll love it as much as I do.

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Obsolete meets Obscure

Wesley Willis: I Whupped Batman’s Ass

Wesley Willis was one of the first musicians to gain a cult following not only in his hometown of Chicago, but on the internet as well. Willis, who was a schizophrenic, released several hundred songs in the 1990’s which propelled him to a cult icon in Chicago music. Willis not only appeared all over the internet, but also on MTV and The Howard Stern Show. One of Willis’s most famous songs was, I Whupped Batman’s Ass.

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