Steam Halloween Sale

You really don’t need a reason to buy video games, especially on Steam when they have an awesome sale. This week you can find a number of awesome games on Stream that have a Halloween flavor to it which is why it is for sale.

 steam halloween sale

Check out the full list here, but I cheery picked a few to comment on:

Dead Island

dead island

You know what this game and Halloween had in common? This game was like going up to a really awesome looking home fully decorated with the best Halloween swag and you are given mini bibles instead of candy. Yes, the game blows that much, but for half off I guess it’s worth checking out for yourself.

Alan Wake

Alan Wake

Hey, the only thing scary about this game was the original price and the fact that the game seemed designed to get you to buy a ton of DLC. Okay, the game wasn’t horrible, but honestly it should have always been priced under 20 and at $14.99 it is worth a pick up.

Left 4 Dead 2


While many may have moved on to newer games L4D2 is one of those games you should have in your collection. At only 4.99 you want to keep it just so you can log on and play some multiplayer and if you have never played it this a great time. Awesome game.

Dead Rising 2


Not as bad as Dead Island, but this was a letdown as well. The story has you mixing and combining items to use against hordes of zombies as you try to save your daughter. This kind of reminded me of a mix between The Running Man and Zombieland which sounds awesome until you start playing it, but hey for $7.49 it’s worth a look at.

BioShock 2


I get the feeling this was just thrown in there to elevate the lessor games. If you have not played BioShock 2 then get on it because you are seriously behind the curve. This is a fun game with a mix of action, mystery and excitement and you get to syphon mystic powers from children. For only 4.99 it would be criminal not to get this game.



You know what got me raging about this game, that it felt like a cheap mix of Boarderlands and Fallout and did not get either right. I know some people liked it and so for 9.99 I guess you can see for yourself, but like Alan Wake, Rage should have been priced like this from day one.

So much more

There are a ton of other great games from 25 to 75 percent off so start blowing your Black Friday money today. The sale ends November 1st so unlike early voting you do not want to miss this.

GOG unleashes several classic titles from Activision

Zork Anthology
Zork Anthology

The classic gaming gurus over at Good old Games have added a number of awesome Activision titles to their line-up with more coming in the next few weeks. For those of us who loved to play the non-cape and cowl type of detective will be able to enjoy GOG’s bundle of Police Quest games, which includes part 1 through 4 for only $9.99.

Next up is the Zork Anthology for the adventure fan in us all. This bundle will offer six classic text adventures going back to the golden age of gaming in the 1980’s. With the bundle, you will get the first five Zork games as well as Planetfall for only $5.99

So if you pick up these titles and you should, tell them Obsolete Gamer sent ya!

GOG Holiday Sale: Half off almost every game.

gog holiday sale banner
gog holiday sale banner

So you are a little short on cash this year, but you are a classic gamer and you need your fix. Well Good Old Games has just launched their holiday sale that gives you 50% off pretty much every title they have. The offer is good from December 14th, 2010 until January 3rd, 2011.  In addition, GOG is also giving a free copy of Tyrian 2000 as a virtual stocking stuffer.

Check out just some of their awesome games:

gog sale list
gog sale list

And that is just a few of over 290 games they have on sale so head on over to and tell em Obsolete Gamer sent ya.

GOG sale: Gabriel Knight games

Gabriel Knight cover
Gabriel Knight cover

GOG sale: Gabriel Knight games

Good Old Games this weekend is offering the first three Gabriel Knight adventure games on sale at a massive discount.

You basically get Gabriel Knight: Sins of Our Father, Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within, and Gabriel Knight 3: Blood of the Sacred, Blood of the Damned.

You will enjoy the games if you like puzzles, mysteries, and the occult.

Click here to go to the sale.

GOG sale: Kalypso god-games

Constructor cover
Constructor cover

GOG sale: Kalypso god-games

This weekend, until Monday May 10 at noon, Good Old Games is offering all their Kalypso god-game simulators on sale.

Constructor involves you being a construction company that builds houses and rents them out to different kinds of people. You must meet their needy demands while maintaining the buildings, building more houses and properties, and keeping your enemies from building all your stuff to the ground. A very hard and fun strategy game!

The Good Old Games version includes the manual.

Click here just for Constructor.

Creatures: The Albian Years is a huge compilation of the game Creatures. Creatures involves the exploration of a world and the caring of different creatures that you manipulate.

The Good Old Games version includes Creatures, Creatures: Life Kit 1, Creatures: Life Kit 2, Creatures 2 and Creatures 2: Life Kit 1, Object Packs: C1 Christmas Pack 1, C1 Object Pack 1, C1 Object Pack 2, C1 Christmas Pack 2, C2 Object Pack 1 and C2 Object Pack 2.

Click here to go to the sale just for Creatures: The Albian Years.

Creatures: Village adds on to Creatures, adding new environments.

The Good Old Games version includes the manual and is a compilation of Creatures Adventures and Creatures Playground.

Click here to go to the sale for Creatures: Village.

Creatures: Exodus is Creatures 3 mixed with the Docking Station expansion. It’s like the previous Creatures games but with a science fiction twist to it.

The Good Old Games version includes the Creatures 3 walkthrough, manuals (66 pages), and reference cards.

The link to the sale for Creatures: Exodus is this one.

Mob Rule is supposed to the the sequel to Constructor but it’s also much, much harder. (As if Constructor wasn’t hard enough as it is.) If you need more of a challenge, check it out. (It will hurt!)

The Good Old Games version includes the manual and the in-game soundtrack.

Click here for the sale of Mob Rule only.


If you want to see the overall sale of these games and the savings tabulated, click here!

I enjoy that they sell these games cheaper on the weekends when most working people have time to play. 😀 sale: Kalypso’s strategy collection 50% off

Commandos 2+3
Commandos 2+3 sale: Kalypso’s strategy collection 50% off

All the Kalypso strategy games sold at Good Old Games are now on sale, 50% off.

The games on sale includes all the three Commandos titles, Imperial Glory, Patrician 1 and 2, Port Royale, Praetorians and Tropico: Reloaded.

The Commando games are great stealth murder games where your team are usually on a mission to blow up a German objective in World War 2 and usually there is a pile of bodies involved on the way to complete that objective. The Good Old Games version comes with the manuals, wallpapers, the Commandos 2 soundtrack, artwork from the games, and avatars for the series.

Imperial Glory is similar to Empire: Total War except that it came out first! The Good Old Games version comes with the manual (36 pages), hi-res wallpapers, the in-game soundtrack, and avatars.

The Patrician games are classic games about being a noble and working your way as a trader. The Good Old Games version comes with the Patrician II manual and wallpaper.

Port Royale is like Sid Meier’s Pirates but with more trading. The Good Old Games version comes with the manual (34 pages) and game map.

Praetorians, I have yet to play but I heard it is a mix between the Total War games and Dawn of War games. The Good Old Games version comes with the manual (38 pages), hi-res wallpaper, the soundtrack, artworks, and avatars for the game.

Tropico: Reloaded is a pack that includes the original Tropico, the expansion Tropico Paradise Island, and the sequel set in pirate times Tropico 2 – Pirate Cove. The Tropico games are essentially games like Sim City except you’re Castro or another of your favorite Latin dictators. The games are filled with humor and are fun as hell. The Good Old Games version comes with the manuals (127 pages) and soundtrack. The soundtrack for all the Tropico games are always very funny Latin songs.

Click here to go to the sale. sale: all Majecso games 50% off today only

Psychonauts cover
Psychonauts cover sale: all Majecso games 50% off today only

Our friends at Good Old Games are offering their entire Majesco catalogue for sale at a 50% discount. Now is a great time to pick up classics such as Psychonauts and the Bloodrayne series!

You can get Advent Rising, Bloodrayne, Bloodrayne 2, and Psychonauts.

Advent Rising is an action adventure game with its story by Orson Scott Card, author of Ender’s Game.

The Bloodrayne games are classic vampire action games which later got turned into horrible movies by Uwe Boll.

Psychonauts is one of my favorite games of all time. My review for it should be coming out this week. You play the role of a boy that’s trying to become a psychic and are involved in a conspiracy to take over the world. By Tim Schafer, our friend that helped bring us the Monkey Island games, Day of the Tentacle, Full Throttle, Grim Fandango, and recently Brutal Legend.

Bloodrayne title screen
Bloodrayne title screen

If all those games don’t interest you, you can buy selective ones for 30% off. It’s all for 50% off, or individual ones for 30% off.

If you opt to buy all of them, the total cost is $15.96.

Click here for the sale.

Steam Sale – all of Shadowgrounds for $5

Shadowgrounds Pack
Shadowgrounds Pack

Steam Sale – all of Shadowgrounds for $5

You can get both Shadowgrounds games for $5 total. They are similar to Alien Breed, Alien Swarm, Alien Shooter, and Alien Syndrome.

For $5 both games are pretty fun. They remind me the most of Alien Breed and are better than Alien Shooter, another cheap Alien killing game.

The link to the sale is the following:

Steam Sale – both Far Cry games

Far Cry
Far Cry

Steam Sale – both Far Cry games

This week both Far Cry 1 and 2 are on sale through Steam. Far Cry is selling for $4.99 and Far Cry 2 is selling for $9.99. Part 1 is worth picking up for that price. I have yet to play part 2 and I’ve heard mixed things about it from some friends.

The link to the Steam Sale is the following:

Steam Sale – Company of Heroes for $12.49

Company of Heroes header
Company of Heroes header

Steam Sale – Company of Heroes for $12.49

One of our favorite and hardest RTS games, Company of Heroes is on sale this weekend through Steam for only $12.49. The link to buy it is:

You get the original game and both expansion packs included. They would all regularly sell for a combined price of $50.