Two Worlds II

Polish developer Reality Pump and publisher Southpeak games teamed up to bring us the sequel to an Role Playing Game that was less than stellar. Did they build a better game, or just send out more trash? Read our review to find out.

Two Worlds II

Two Worlds II released last month, and with over 50 hours of play time just to get through the story mode, it is easy to say the game is lengthy. The story picks up 5 years after the end of Two Worlds. Your character, the hero, is a prisoner in the dark dungeons of Gandohar’s castle and any hopes he has of saving his sister, whom Gandahor has taken captive, seem to have vanished along with his freedom. In spite of a self-sacrificing battle against evil, the twins were separated and Kyra is now under the influence of a powerful magic spell from which there is no escape. Evil influences are attempting to awake the slumbering powers of an old generation in order to dominate all of Antaloor, and the hero is powerless to do anything about it.

Two Worlds II

However, just as his despair has reached its lowest ebb, a faint ray of hope appears from a completely unexpected direction. The hated Orcs have put together a rescue squad and the hero is amazed when they free him from the chains of his tormentors.  Still skeptical about this newfound truce between two races which have always been deadly enemies, the hero once again finds himself confronted by a completely new situation. He has to find out why the Orcs helped him – and learn as much as he can about their mysterious leader, the legendary Prophet Cassara. She is both beautiful and mysterious – but the hero must trust her if he has to have his long-planned revenge. So he starts out on a dangerous journey through a land desecrated by evil – a journey he hopes will shed some light on Gandohar’s dark past and help him find a weak point in the defenses of this powerful Mage. Only then can he finally rescue his sister, Kyra.

Two Worlds II

The story is long and the map of the world is huge. Voice acting is good, but not cinematically great. The hero’s voice can pass as Christian Bale’s Batman, even though the hero looks about 5′ 8″ and not exactly buff. A lot of detail has been put into the story, and each sub-quest has its own sub-story. The writers must have spent a lot of time to come up with a story that is not only long, but also entertaining. The characters fit well together and most are well thought out.

Two Worlds II

As expected with a good RPG, there are plenty of side quests to complete that are mini-stories in themselves. They usually pay well and are worth the extra time they take. Some quests you can complete as you progress along with the story, so be sure to speak to people everywhere. You have a map that you can use and each point of interest has a colored pin that represents what that point means. Active Quest Givers have a Sky Blue pin, so keep an eye out for them. Each quest you unlock is added to your quest log, and once open, you can activate a quest and track it on your map. This is handy in showing where you need to go for each quest. The quest log is divided into three categories. Pending, completed, and failed and each quest has a description, and sometimes hints.

Two Worlds II

Gameplay is along the lines of a good hack-n-slash. Where TW II sets itself apart from other games is in the weapons upgrading system and looting system. As you travel around killing, maiming, and destroying, you’ll find items that you can pick up and take with you. There are chests you can loot from, and some of these require a lockpick. Most of the items can be broken down into their elemental parts and these parts, in turn, can then be used to upgrade your weapons and armor. You are limited as to how many items you can carry, but you aren’t limited as to how many elemental parts you have. Dropping items becomes unnecessary since you can reduce the items to basic parts and carry as much of that as you want. You can have three different weapon sets configured and you need to make sure to not disassemble items you have selected for an inactive weapon set, since no warning is ever given.

Two Worlds II

Having three separate weapon sets is another design that sets TW II apart from other games. You can have one set up as an archer, one set up as a Mage, and another set up as a warrior. This comes in handy when traveling through areas with more than one type of enemy. Different enemies require different weapons to defeat them so pay attention to the enemies on-screen health meter. The meter will indicate their weaknesses, so act accordingly.

Two Worlds II

As you progress along, you’ll earn Skill Points and Attribute Points. These are then applied to different skills and attributes depending on how you want your Hero to evolve. The attributes are basic but the skills system is very detailed. With six different skills categories, and each category with its own subset, you can have your hero evolve in many different ways. If you want to be able fully upgrade weapons, you need to build up your metallurgy skills from the Crafting Skills category.

Two Worlds II

The C.R.A.F.T. (Complete Reshaping And Forging Technology) system is what is used to upgrade weapons. Special crystals can be found in the game and these can be attached to weapons and armor to increase the damage or protection of that item. A fully upgraded weapon can go along way to helping you defeat any foe you come across, so it’s best not to ignore this system.

The menu has an Alchemy tab, and learning this system is key to creating useful health and mana potions. The P.A.P.A.K. (Portable Alchemy and Potions Assembly Kit) allows you to create useful potions from herbs and organic material found throughout Antaloor. Resistance potions are also useful for resisting fire attacks from foes. Killing animals along the way seems pointless until you find out that a baboon heart is perfect for restoring health and a hairball from a cheetah can make potions stronger.

Two Worlds II

The last tab is the Magic Tab. This tab provides access to the D.E.M.O.N.S. (Dynamic Enchantment, Magic, Occultism & Necromancy System). This system governs the creation and use of spells according to the five schools of magic. These schools are Air, Earth, Wind, Fire, and the mysterious fifth element Verita. DEMONS is used to customize spells created by arranging spell cards in a balanced manner. There are carrier cards, which determine a spells core functionality. Effect cards which determine the elemental magic that gives the spell power. Last, but not least, Modifier cards which influence the nature and effects of a spell based on the spell’s core.

Two Worlds II

The story has a depth and character list that goes well beyond most RPG’s, and you could easily spend weeks playing through the entire game. Lockpicking, pick pocketing, sword fighting, quests, and so on, lead you in to a world that is well designed and though out. The overall map of Antaloor is huge, but portals can be found that help you to quickly navigate between the areas of the map. There’s also a portal stone that will allow you travel to any given portal and a personal portal stone which can be dropped in a spot and become a temporary portal so as to be able to move between your current location and another portal. This is very helpful if you need to pick a lock but are out of picks. Drop your stone, teleport to a town and buy some lock picks, then teleport back to your personal stone. Be sure to pick it back up though.

Two Worlds II

The graphics for the game could be better. They are a step up from PS2 games, but don’t quite measure up to top of the line games like God of War III and Uncharted 2. This is the one area where improvements needed to be made. The enemies are well designed, but graphically aren’t as sharp as we had hoped they would be. The game had a tendency to slow down when a lot was going on graphically, and screen blur was often seen. This doesn’t make the game unplayable at all, but does take away from the overall experience.

The music for the game was enjoyable to listen to and well placed. Tempo is used quite often to help create the overall experience of a scene or battle, and it fit nicely. The music goes from soothing and delightful, to haunting and rough.


There is also a multiplayer element that allows you to play either with, or against online opponents. A seven chapter adventure mode is a fun co-op game. Village mode is a RTTS mode that pits you against an opponent and you race to build villages and keep them happy. Deathmatch, where you’ll team up against another group of online players. Crystal capture which is basically capture the flag. And Duel, where you’ll face off with an equal opponent and fight to the death.


The original Two Worlds was an utter mess that probably should have been scrapped altogether. Two Worlds II, on the other hand, is what any great RPG should be. Depth in every direction, a story worth having, characters worth remembering, and a game worth playing.

Biggest piece of advice for this game: Read the Manual before playing


E3 2011: My E3 Guide

E3 2011: My E3 Guide by Ignacio/honorabili

E3 2011


Before going, the first thing to do is see if you can get in there for free! Well, the way I did it is by having this website and registering as soon as I could for the event. Starting this year, E3 was capping the number of passes they would give out to media, requiring your website to have 8000 unique visits per month per media pass given out. If you don’t even get 8000 a month then they would make you buy your ticket instead, which could making going to the event really expensive.

Like most of these kind of events, try to book as early as possible, both your travel arrangements and lodging. We booked 9 months before and paid 700 dollars a person for 6 days. We used Orbitz and that price included complete air fare (flew American Airlines), lodging (we stayed at the Ramada Inn in Koreatown, which I found to be a great place and neighborhood), and a rental car (Avis, which broke down and then they tried to rip us off when we returned the car; listen to the podcast to hear Laraque complaining about that!). I really recommend going to E3 especially if you already live in California or nearby, so it’s much cheaper.

When you get to the event, get one of the free magazines that is pretty much a quick guide to the event plus the IMPORTANT PART is the map in the center of the magazine. You can simply look at the map and see which booths interest you the most. If you mainly go there to see the next big game, you can easily find them on the main floor in megabooths. If you have media passes, you can go talk to their reception desk and they give you priority to test them, instead of making you wait in line most of the time.

E3 2011 - Konami

Some people like to go to E3 to demo the new games and hardware, mainly from the megacorps. Other people like to go to see what small companies are there and to see what big thing they brought to the show. Many of the small companies or the companies that are not coming out with a big product usually have a booth in the meeting rooms in the Concourse Hall. Those are better for you if you are into networking and seeing more unique things that the public usually cannot. There’s a more private version of that area on the second floor that you can only access if you have a VIP pass. There’s where you can see unreleased stuff more and negotiate business deals.

If you go, don’t expect to sleep much. You pretty much walk and stand most of the day and after the show, if you have connections expect to go to a ton of after parties (there’s one pretty much every day); this is where you can really make connections with developers, vendors, etc. If you go there trying to setup some business deals, bring a stack of business cards and some nice clothes. I made more contacts wearing dress clothes than simply the Obsolete Gamer T-Shirt.

As far as being in L.A., bring a lot of money because things there are PRETTY EXPENSIVE. Most places we went to charge a bare minimum of 3-5 dollars an hour to park, with many places having a 15-30 dollar parking fee, even like going to a local mall. Food at most restaurants will cost you about 20 dollars a person unless you want to eat a lot of fast food. At E3, the food is very expensive and we’re talking like 6 dollars for a pizza slice kind of expensive and 5 dollars for a can of Monster (no Red Bull, which is my crack). A cheapskate trick is to go to the Concourse Hall and munch on the snacks (cookies mainly) and free soft drinks that a lot of the companies have there. Hey! You wanted a real guide, now you know how cheap I am!

E3 2011

When at E3, try not to take breaks. Be smart and go have a meeting where you can sit down to rest, while you keep working and networking. Again, I mainly recommend going to the event if you are in the industry, whether you have a game company, gaming website, resell video games, blog, shoot funny videos (like Mega64), otherwise, you can pretty much watch everything at the show for free on the internet on some of the mega video game sites or directly from the main companies websites, in the form of trailers.

If you are media/press, pick up every free bag of goodies they give you. The best stuff I got was from World of Tanks, which gave me a bunch of toy tanks, a special bag, a World of Tanks T-Shirt, mouse pad, and special game bag, as far as the main floor went, and the biggest gift I got was from Topware which gave me a Collector’s Edition of Two Worlds 2 and a ton of T-shirts. Even if you don’t like a game, who knows, a friend of yours might like it! If you have a gaming website, some of this swag would be great to giveaway in the form of a contest.

My Experience:

E3 2011 - Cooking Mama

The day before E3 I was rushing to get some Obsolete Gamer shirts over to J.A. Laraque’s house as well as a camera I bought him and some micro SD memory cards when the engine of my 1998 Mustang GT decided to die a block away from my house. After pushing the car with some neighbors up my driveway, I had my mom help me to drop the OG gear off at JA’s house. I stayed up pretty late playing League of Legends with my brother and his friends until we lost so badly that I had to go do something else. I remember drinking some rum while watching episodes of The Three Stooges on Hulu.

My old man took J.A. and I to the airport like around 5 PM EST on Tuesday, the first open-to-the-public day for E3 2011 and we quickly met up with Alienware’s Patrick Theodore and Ashley Brito. Even though Orbitz booked us on Alaskan Air, we quickly had to go running with all our luggage to the American Airlines concourse and go through the TSA checkpoint. After seeing old ladies from Miami Beach get checked to see if they have C4 in their shoes, the terrorists won! Anyways, they let us through and after a short while we were on the plane. I played the living shit out of Solitaire on the plane, which going to L.A. we had a 777 (great ride). Laraque played a lot of games on his iPad like Streets of Rage and some Homer Simpson game which was a lot like the original Simpsons arcade game. I slept on the plane but for the duration of this trip I was pretty much tired a lot.

As soon as the plane landed we hauled ass to Avis, and then drove fast to the show. Parked (see me bitch above about the parking, which in this case was 15 dollars cash [be sure to bring a lot of cash]) and then we got some of the food they sell there (again see above if you want to hear me bitching). Afterwards, we walked off into the main floor. My first impression was that this was a huge arcade. Colors and colors everywhere. We saw the Sony Online Entertainment booth, which we have been trolling on the podcast a lot lately, and I got a bunch of the free mints they had there. The only games they had which interested me were Payday (co-op bank robber game) and some Magic The Gathering strategy game, but that game looked pretty dated. I hit up Capcom, then Kalypso, which to my surprise is remaking (and this is much needed) Jagged Alliance and is making Tropico 4, another sequel to one of my favorite dictator sims of all time.

E3 2011 - Square Enix

I had a meeting with Indiecade, which showed me a lot of board games, which we will probably review later on The Inverted Paradox and a couple of Indie games. I got to play this experimental game project called Deep Sea where the game has no graphics and its just you attacking a sea monster based on what you hear only. Pretty original idea and it generates a feeling of solace and dread being stuck on a submarine with a leviathan around you. I also saw a game that was a rogue-like clone and also a cute strategy game called Skulls of the Shogun which is a like like Shining Force and Ogre Battle.

We went to the after the show parties for AMD and also for S2 Games, the makers of Heroes of Newerth. Both parties had free bars and the AMD party had AMAZING food! =P It was fun talking to AMD about the new APU that already got released by now as well as talking about old hardware with some of the people who helped design it, like Marc who helped design my favorite CPU the AMD K6-3. 😀 The AMD party was also very special for me because I got to speak in person with my friend Alfred Giovetti who runs The Computer Show. In the middle of people talking about the latest and greatest we sat for a good while talking about stuff like the rise and fall of Microprose and Interplay and games such as Darklands by Microprose. I recommended he try out Mount & Blade which is a lot like Defender of the Crown mixed with Darklands.

E3 2011

Back to the show, I got to meet up with the people from Riot Games, the makers of League of Legends which let me see upcoming champions (hero units) for that game, one of my current addictions.

The people from World of Tanks gave us some goodie bags which was put to good use in-game (another one of our addictions now).

I got to meet (finally in person) with my long time internet friend Seth Sternberg (8 Bit Weapon) and got to hear them live. We interviewed both band members and you can check out the 8 Bit Weapon interview here.

We stayed in L.A. for 4 days after the show and it was a nice vacation for us.

In conclusion, the E3 experience was a good one and I highly recommend it, especially if you can go there cheap or get somebody to sponsor your trip! ;-]

Games coming out February 2011 for Consoles

Luna Video Game Store
Luna Video Game Store

Ah, it’s February, Black History Month, Valentine’s Day and my birthday. It is also a good month for console gaming. Now keep in mind this list is not very game that is coming out, but the ones we personally think are worth taking a look it and spending you hard or not so hard earned cash on.

Two Worlds II – Feb 8th

This sequel offers not only enhanced graphics, but also a detailed and fun to play combat system that includes customization of attacks, defensive stances, and combat combos that allow you to fight back against the upgraded enemy AI that actually strategizes an attack against you. If you like combat oriented RPG’s this is worth a look.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 – Feb 8th

It is not just about racing it is about living the lifestyle that is the theme in TDU 2. Along with updated graphics, environments and cars you also experience the lifestyle of a Test Drive racer and all the trappings that go along with it. Not only will you have your dream garage, but also your home, clothes and tons of things to do outside of racing including a fully functioning casino. With single player and multiplayer options, this racing title is worth a check out.

Portal 2 – Feb 9th

The cake is still a lie and Value is making sure we do not forget it with Portal 2. This follow-up takes place directly after the events in Portal and we find out that damn computer did not go down for the count. During gameplay you will see the computers attempt to rebuild the facility with all the traps and tricks you were used to. In this version, you will find help from a friendly computer and with the co-op abilities announced it looks as if they have another winner on their hands.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds – Feb 15th

I admit I marked out for this one. I have been a fan of the series since X-Men Children of the Atom and in this new installment expect a lot of the good old with some good new. The stage and background environments have all been updated as well as the attacks, specials and music. There will be a number of new characters to choose from including Dante and Deadpool and old favorites like Wolverine and Spiderman. Point blank, if you liked any of the MvC games you have to get this.

Killzone 3 – Feb 22nd

Squad-based FPS games have been a hit for a while now on PC’s and Killzone has made its mark by creating a great game for the console. In this direct sequel to KZ2 you pick right back up with the team as they take the fight to the Helghast forces. As usual you will be outmanned and out gunned, but that is half the fun right. Guerrilla Games has promised many new features for Killzone 3, support for 3D TVs and Sony’s PlayStation Move controller, split-screen co-op, jetpacks and more.

Trade in Time?

With a number of good titles, maybe it is time to trade in some of those old games, but then again most stores cheat the hell out of you so you might as well keep them. See ya next month.

Games Coming Out February 2011 For PC

Games Coming Out February 2011 For PC by Honorabili

My list for games I’ll play on PC for February 2011, which mainly boils down to a few real picks.

Dungeons, February 8 2011

This game sounds and looks a lot like Dungeon Keeper which I guess is a good thing because many people no longer remember that game these days.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 Box
Test Drive Unlimited 2 Box

Test Drive Unlimited 2, February 8 2011

Test Drive Unlimited 1 was a pretty fun game, with a ton of cars, authentic car sounds but it was played with a laggy multiplayer that was basically unplayable. As a single player experience it was similar to the original Test Drive in the sense that it felt like you were driving the real versions of each car but it lacked the police factor from the original, with some Need For Speed games now beating it in that sense. Still, it was a really pleasant driving/racing game to have, and this game promises more of what the original, with a world 2-3 times as big, more cars, more options, etc. I will play this.

Two Worlds 2, February 8 2011

Two Worlds 1 was fun to me although everybody bashed it. This one includes a co-op function which would make exploring the vast map a much more enjoyable experience. Not many RPGs do this these days and it brings me back to the days of playing Final Fantasy 6 on the SNES!

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, February 22 2011

Ubisoft will probably implement their draconian DRM on this game AND chances are that if you are enough of a Assassin’s Creed fan you already have this or have played this on console anyways. Well, at least the pirates will certainly not be able to play this version unless they come up with some crazy workaround like they did For Assassin’s Creed 2, although that was only a single player experience…

Bulletstorm, February 22 2011

The unique theme of this game makes this look like a mix between Borderlands, Fallout 3, and Serious Sam. Since those games all sold well, this might as well, so long as it’s not a nest of bugs. Could be fun…

UPDATE! Actually, I will have to get this game. Just watch this trailer!

Everquest 2: Destiny of Velious, February 22 2011

I don’t understand how they expect to sell a $40 expansion for a play-for-free MMO.



A lot of sequels to games you either love or hate OR that are based on stuff you played already are coming out this month. Could be a good month to go back and play old games you love instead.

Games Coming Out In January 2011 For PC

Games Coming Out In January 2011 For PC by Honorabili

Great! Finally some games I have been looking forward to are coming out! This 2011 *might* be a good year!

DC Universe Online, January 11 2011

This MMO might be really fun based on all the teasers and videos I saw of developers giving us details about it, but let’s see how it really is when it is live. I’ll probably wait for my friends to get this (Umar, ahem) and tell me how shitty or great it is. Still, it looks fun, so it might be worth it for you if you love the DC Universe, even if the game is just okay. I actually got excited about this one when the first teasers leaked and I don’t care too much about most MMOs that come out.

Venetica, January 11 2011

Something about this game, just based on the trailer makes me think it probably won’t do that well unless it has something really unique to it.

Spellforce 2: Faith in Destiny, January 12 2011

These RPG-RTS games are pretty good. Although this expansion is not made by Phenomic who make one of my favorite games Battleforge, this is still made by Jowood who makes a ton of sleeper games that are actually very, very good.

Dead Space 2 Box
Dead Space 2 Box

Deadspace 2, January 25 2011

The first Deadspace was scary and brilliant. It was the total spiritually real successor to System Shock 2. Although Bioshock copies its formula every single freaking time from System Shock 2, Deadspace actually added a whole new level of horror and gruesomeness to the desolation and hopelessness of being stuck alone in a ship full of raving things that want to kill you, chop you up into a thousand pieces, and eat you.

Two Worlds 2, January 25 2011

Part one for Two Worlds was a fun game, although many people said it was pretty generic. I found the combat in the first one actually a LOT more fun than Oblivion, a game a lot of people always compare this one to. Yeah, it was generic but if the gameplay is fun, what’s the problem? Let’s see if Two Worlds 2 caters more to the hipster fanboys that hated the first one. ;]