Games coming out February 2011 for Consoles

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Ah, it’s February, Black History Month, Valentine’s Day and my birthday. It is also a good month for console gaming. Now keep in mind this list is not very game that is coming out, but the ones we personally think are worth taking a look it and spending you hard or not so hard earned cash on.

Two Worlds II – Feb 8th

This sequel offers not only enhanced graphics, but also a detailed and fun to play combat system that includes customization of attacks, defensive stances, and combat combos that allow you to fight back against the upgraded enemy AI that actually strategizes an attack against you. If you like combat oriented RPG’s this is worth a look.

Test Drive Unlimited 2 – Feb 8th

It is not just about racing it is about living the lifestyle that is the theme in TDU 2. Along with updated graphics, environments and cars you also experience the lifestyle of a Test Drive racer and all the trappings that go along with it. Not only will you have your dream garage, but also your home, clothes and tons of things to do outside of racing including a fully functioning casino. With single player and multiplayer options, this racing title is worth a check out.

Portal 2 – Feb 9th

The cake is still a lie and Value is making sure we do not forget it with Portal 2. This follow-up takes place directly after the events in Portal and we find out that damn computer did not go down for the count. During gameplay you will see the computers attempt to rebuild the facility with all the traps and tricks you were used to. In this version, you will find help from a friendly computer and with the co-op abilities announced it looks as if they have another winner on their hands.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds – Feb 15th

I admit I marked out for this one. I have been a fan of the series since X-Men Children of the Atom and in this new installment expect a lot of the good old with some good new. The stage and background environments have all been updated as well as the attacks, specials and music. There will be a number of new characters to choose from including Dante and Deadpool and old favorites like Wolverine and Spiderman. Point blank, if you liked any of the MvC games you have to get this.

Killzone 3 – Feb 22nd

Squad-based FPS games have been a hit for a while now on PC’s and Killzone has made its mark by creating a great game for the console. In this direct sequel to KZ2 you pick right back up with the team as they take the fight to the Helghast forces. As usual you will be outmanned and out gunned, but that is half the fun right. Guerrilla Games has promised many new features for Killzone 3, support for 3D TVs and Sony’s PlayStation Move controller, split-screen co-op, jetpacks and more.

Trade in Time?

With a number of good titles, maybe it is time to trade in some of those old games, but then again most stores cheat the hell out of you so you might as well keep them. See ya next month.

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