The GAG Quartet: le Internet Medley

The GAG Quartet - le Internet Medley

This is totally awesome, they play over 40 internet tunes in one song.



Gilad Chehover – Drums | Guy Bernfeld – Bass | Or Paz – Guitar

Recording, mixing, pianoing and feminine singing by Eyal Amir ( )
Drums recorded by Martial Bouhassira

le Photography – Dafna Sasson
le Second Unit- Tamari Goddard
le Editing & After Effects – Or Paz
le Animation – Tom Trager

DubStep Friday’s: NYANSTEP


We found the cure to all your worries and it is the mixture of Nyan Cat and DubStep. Salad UK is back again this week with an enchanting music video that will consume your soul.


Video info:

Nyan Cat gets a mindfucking Dubstep Video remix to the Alex S remix 😀

Made this in like 3 hours seeing as i hadn’t made a video in a few days plus im going Hype this weekend and will prolly be too fucked all weekend to make one then too.
So yea, sorry its not amazing, but what else could i do with a cat that hardly moves o.O

Original Video(s):

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DJ Alex S

Nyan Cat (Alex S. Dubstep Remix)

Nyan Cat


This reminds me of some of those classic 8-bit themes from my early gaming days and mixed with this Gif its just additive as hell. I mean are they brilliant or high or both, either way, this is awesome and makes our list of Best of the Internet.