A look Back: Journeyman


Sometimes a remake or program that appears to be a remake can be lambasted because it is just a cheap attempted to bring in viewers (cough, Knight Rider, cough). However, there are some shows that give a new generation a chance to experience something good and in my opinion, Journeyman did just that.

In 2007, Journeyman premiered on the NBC network and followed the story of reporter Dan Vasser who one day begins jumping backwards in time. The show had a very Quantum Leap vibe to it because Dan would need to interact with the life of the person he jumped to in order to change his or hers destiny. The different with Journeyman was that Dan did not jump into the body of the person so there was much more room for mistakes.

The story had a decent love story involving Vasser’s wife Kate who began to wonder where Dan was disappearing to. The only part I did not like was the brother Jack who seemed bent on breaking Dan up with Katie, but towards the end, their relationship got better. Dan eventually meets another “jumper” named Olivia, played by Moon Bloodgood who Dan knew and believed had died.


The show had some great stories about the people Dan was meant to interact with as well as the love story between him and his wife. The science behind the jumps came out slowly, but was enough to keep the sci-fi fans interested without scaring off anyone else. Sadly, just as the show was really getting good and we learned more about the jumps and what they really meant the show was cancelled.

This was during a time when NBC was fighting over whether the American public wanted to come home and turn its brain off and watch 24/7 reality television or enjoy shows that could make you think and feel like Studio 60 and Journeyman. Unfortunately, we saw what won out.


There were only 13 episodes aired and because of this, we may not see the show on networks such as Netflix and Hulu. However, you can view clips and show information on NBC’s Journeyman website.

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Shows you will not see this fall



This list contains shows that will not be renewed or green lit for next season. I kept this list related to “geek” type shows like sci-fi comic book related, ect.

No Ordinary Family – ABC

The show about a family that gained super powers started off strong, but began to lose viewers and was preempted too many times. Also, the ending storyline with the family to be asked to work for the government just seemed like it was going in the wrong direction. Sadly, I liked the show and felt they kept the powers and stories in good line, until the end. Yet another Superhero show bites the dust.


We knew this was coming. The first episode started off well, but even that had many fans of the original series saying it was not good enough. When the show took a long break, we all said it was very unlikely it would return. When the show came back not enough people watched, but somehow the show was green lit for season two. Season two was better, but the rumors were the show was on the outs and with the ending killing off so many people we all pretty much knew that was it. It has to make you wonder if a movie would have been the better choice and/or if sci-fi is just better on cable than networks.

Wonder Woman – NBC

You can read the full article here. In a nutshell, the costume angered some and the visuals disappointed others and in the end the test screening did not score well enough to take a chance. Many believed David E Kelley was not right for the show and that Wonder Woman should be a movie that is true to the character not a hash of a bunch of storylines from old comic book tv shows.

The Cape – NBC

Sorry guys you will need to wait for Summer Glau to show up in another show that hopefully won’t end up cancelled like Terminator did. NBC has given the axe to the framed cop turned costume vigilante show, but they will be releasing the complete series DVD on July 5th if that makes anyone feel better.

Thank God for the Internet

There are quite a few shows that are being picked up or will become freshmen shows, but for us geeks that list is small. You have, Grimm, which is a police drama set in a world where fairy tales exist and you have, Fallen Skies, a sci-fi survival show about fighting back after a devastating alien invasion. Thank God for Netflix and Hulu.


Wonder Woman TV Show Dropped


Perhaps NBC was just scared of more failure of hero related television after the slow painful death of Heroes and the stink of The Cape, either way the David E. Kelley Wonder Woman project will not see the light of day on network television.

There seems to be different reasons as to why the show will not make it on air, from the hate they received over the costume changes to low scores during test screening, but considering this news has made as many people happy as upset, perhaps they made the right move. Many believe it is better to save Wonder Woman for the big screen and do it right rather than taint her name with a bad television show.

Of course, NBC has a record of dumping good shows and rushing to cookie cutter concepts and reality shows so when there were rumors that WW was in trouble most expected it to get dumped. Strangely enough, some people are calling actress Adrianne Palicki, who would have played Wonder Woman, as being a curse to shows since she was on other shows that never made it or died soon after it launched such as Lost in Space, Lone Star and Mercy Reef.

Finally, some felt David E. Kelley himself should not have been working on the show. Many felt he is best used for court room and lawyer shows and with the changes to Wonder Woman’s origin and storyline, including making her a CEO, it was less a Wonder Woman story are more a hybrid of other storylines.

So what will we get instead of a Wonder Woman show? Word is NBC has picked up The Playboy Club, Awake, Grimm, Whitney, Up All Night, Smash and Prime Suspect, let’s remember these names and see how many are still around by 2012.


Wonder Woman TV Show: WW in Action


A lot has been made about Wonder Woman’s costume in her recent pilot. Many fans did not like the lighter blue pants or the blue boots instead of her classic red. From what we see in these shots, thanks to The Daily Blam and Daily Mail, the management over at NBC were listing well and made some changes.

Adrianne Palicki: Wonder Woman Costume



So if you haven’t heard NBC has picked up the Wonder Woman plot from David E. Kelly. Originally, the networked passed on the show, but with the Comcast folks coming in and the General Electric people going out it looks as if the show might just make it to our television sets. Rebooting the series however, is going to cost a pretty penny with licensing fees and production, but with a costume already in place and a pilot in the books it looks good, not as good as Adrianne in it.


Entertainment Weekly got the scoop on the new outfit and it looks pretty good even with a few changes such as the blue boots. Personally, I am glad they kept the bracelets and incorporated the lasso. We also know that along with Palicki, Elizabeth Hurley and Cary Elwes will be joining the cast.