Alien Crush Returns

Alien Crush Returns

It’s scary to think that it’s now 23 years since Naxat dreamed up the genesis of the Crush series. There have since been several sequels, both official and otherwise, the last of which was the little-known Jaki Crush, itself now almost 20 years old, but that was it. Until now! Yes, in a move of special magnificence, Tamsoft have resurrected this great series and what better way of doing so than to remake the original? Alien Crush Returns is more of a sequel than a remake really though and they’ve even managed to tack on a backstory this time!

Alien Crush Returns

Apparently “an elite squad of space marines sets off to investigate an alien spaceship trapped in Jupiter’s gravity” or some such nonsense. Sound familiar? How they’ve managed to facilitate a pinball game with that story I don’t know, but the game includes a story mode, arcade mode, ranking mode and versus mode (1-4 player), and as well as multiple tables, including bonus tables as always, and lots of other sweet features like multi ball, reverse ball, etc.

Alien Crush Returns

The biggest change between this game and the original is of course the graphics which are lovely and suitably grotesque, including pulsating sacs, toothy mouths, slimy tubes, scuttling insects, and all manner of horrifying beasts. There’s even huge bosses this time too! There are initially three tables to play in arcade mode (although more can be downloaded) and the ball pings around them at quite a speed, probably the fastest of any Crush game so far, and as usual they are packed with secrets and bonuses galore.

Alien Crush Returns

I haven’t yet spent any time playing this game as I don’t own a Wii but the prospect of playing it sure makes buying one a tempting prospect, and the possibility of a Devil’s Crush Returns in the future is even more exciting! So, Alien Crush has indeed returned but is it better than the original? Well, that remains to be seen, but I can’t wait to find out!

RKS Score: 4/5

Gaming PC Benchmarking Guide February 2011

Gaming PC Benchmarking stopwatchIf you are like me then you probably do not have the latest gaming PC out there. Even if you built a new machine it will probably have at least one obsolete part easily within a month or two. Because of this dilemma I have created the following gaming PC benchmarking criteria, which has some modern games and game engines as well as some older ones which still scale well.

A problem a benchmarker will face, especially when comparing an older machine with a newer one is that sometimes the older machine will not be able to run whatever game or benchmark as opposed to the new machine. Not necessarily saying the whole program won’t run but saying that it won’t run at the exact settings that the program runs on the faster, newer machine. Some settings will simply never run because the GPU will never ever have the ability to render those settings as it’s limited at a hardware level.

The specifications for my main gaming PC which is now old are:

OS: Windows XP Professional (Corporate)
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-MA770-DS3
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5400+ 2.8 Ghz
Video Card: Sapphire ATI 3870 512 MB
Memory: G. Skill 4 GB DDR2 800 Mhz (limited to 3.4 GB by the 32-bit OS)
Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster Live Platinum
Storage: Western Digital 750 GB 7200 RPM HD
Case: generic black case from
Power Supply: generic 480 Watt
Peripherals: NEC DVD burner

My concern was to create a benchmarking guide that a normal person that is not running the latest hardware AND does not have an unlimited budget can use to test their system against ours and all the upcoming gaming PCs and parts we plan to review. How to do that? It’s rather simple. I sat there and hunted down many free games and demos that are currently available on the internet for download.

These benchmarks are run at a reasonable resolution that will yield great graphics while getting high frame-rates which a real gamer will use in a real world without risking to suffer lag in a (ranked) game.

As far as my picks go, I could have picked to run other games and just have FRAPS show my the framerates but FRAPS uses the hard drive a lot, especially to record and that would quickly become a bottleneck.

I will discuss why I picked those programs to benchmark now rather than some others which might be more popular. The list is the following:

The RealStorm Global Illumination Bench 2006 test has the following settings:

Demo: 1/5 Global Illumination Compare
Resolution: 1280×1024
Shadows: On
Reflections: On
Anti Alias: On
Depth of Field: On
Volume Lights: On
Radiosity: On

Download it from:

This is the default benchmark option for this old benchmarking tool that is now discontinued but it will destroy the living shit out of any system out there. This benchmark uses straight-up RAW CPU processing power. It does NOT have multi-core support and it will simulate the max speed a single core will deliver in a system. Not every program has multi-core support and it’s still extremely important to have each core be as fast as possible. To a limited degree this benchmark does test the RAM as well but it’s mainly for the CPU. It stressed the living shit out of the system by making the CPU render everything, ignoring the GPU.

On my system, under the settings I listed above my computer yielded 2569 raymarks (the raw score used only by this benchmark), as well as 2.61 fps (frames per second) average, a minimum score of 1.7 fps, and a maximum score of 9.27 fps. Yes, that’s really really low but go ahead and run the benchmark on your own system. I hope you have good cooling, because you will need it! ;]

The Battleforge 1024×768 test has the following settings:

Shadow Quality: Very High
Resolution: 1024×768
Texture Quality: High
Fullscreen: On
Shader Quality: High
Anti-Aliasing: 8x
MultiThread Rendering: Auto-Detect
FX Quality: Very High
VSynch: Off
Cloud Shadows: Off
Glow: Off

Download from:

Battleforge is a FANTASTIC free-mmo-rts that has kind of been abandoned by EA but it’s still free and many, many people still play it. I have mastered everything in the game and my friends are now all bored of it but I will play it once in a while. You can check my original review of the game here as well as check out my first strategy guide here for doing Battlegrounds as well as my second strategy guide for Battleforge here that shows you how to farm the mission Raven’s End by yourself.

Anyways, this full game is FREE and it includes a built in benchmarking tool. The way to use it is to login first to the game and then not login to your character, instead hit back, and select options, and go to the graphics screen and select to run the benchmark.

I picked this part of the test to run at 1024×768 because when I play the game competitively and most of the time, I run it only at this resolution to get the max amount of framerates and no lag.

At this resolution my system put out an average framerate of 9.2 fps, a minimum framerate of 3.4 fps, and a maximum framerate of 54.9 fps.

Again, if you never checked out the game, I encourage you to do so, especially if you are a massive RTS player. I like this game and benchmark because it taxes your CPU, RAM, and GPU. Every unit in the game moves and attacks in a complex way and it’s a great example of showing how well your system performs playing a real time war game with a ton of units.

The Battleforge 1280×1024 test has the following settings:

Shadow Quality: Very High
Resolution: 1280×1024
Texture Quality: High
Fullscreen: On
Shader Quality: High
Anti-Aliasing: 8x
MultiThread Rendering: Auto-Detect
FX Quality: Very High
VSynch: Off
Cloud Shadows: Off
Glow: Off

Download from:

The same as above except with better eyecandy because of the higher resolution.

My average framerate was 6.8 fps, my minimum framerate was 0.5 fps, and my maximum framerate was 53.5 fps. Do you see now why I play it at a lower resolution? The game looks almost the same to me anyways, so might as well avoid lag!

The Dirt 2 1280×1024 max settings test has the following settings:

Resolution: 1280×1024
Refresh Rate: 60
Multisampling: 8x MSAA
Vsync: Off
Aspect Ratio: Normal
Gamma: 1.0
Night Lighting: High
Shadows: High
Particles: High
Mirrors: Ultra
Crowd: Ultra
Ground Cover: High
Drivers: Ultra
Distant Vehicles: Ultra
Objects: Ultra
Trees: Ultra
Vehicle Reflections: Ultra
Water: Ultra
Post Process: Ultra
Skidmarks: On
Ambient Occlusion: High
Cloth: High

Download from:

In my opinion, you cannot get more intense for beating up your gaming system than playing a racing game OTHER than playing a real flight simulator game with all the options on. Think about how fast a system needs to render what’s going in a racing game, especially 200 MPH or higher being scaled realistically and you will see how these games are system killers.

Codemasters games are pure unadulturated eye candy, especially Dirt 2, GRID, and F1 2010. The games keep getting prettier and still run very efficiently despite the graphic quality increase. These games are also system killers because of how great they simulate the physics needed to create a realistic racing and driving experience.

Although I play it usually at a lower resolution, I tested it at 1280×1024 just to stay consistent with my future gaming PC reviews as well as my upcoming new gaming PC that I plan to buy this year so we can see the before and after results. My average framerate was 15.7 fps and my minimum framerate was 13.4 fps.

This IS the game that made me realize I needed to upgrade my machine to a newer system.

The demo (although I have the full game) includes a built in benchmarking tool so it’s a great test.

Tom Clancy’s HAWX 1280×1024 max settings test:

Screen Resolution: 1280×1024
Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
Antialiasing: 8x
VSync: Off
Full Screen: On
View Distance: High
Forest: High
Environment: High
Texture Quality: High
Engine Heat: On

Download from:

My friend Chris Mosso, which was my top Lieutenant in my massive guild in Auto Assault, always kept recommending for me to try out Tom Clancy’s HAWX saying it was an amazingly fun game and of course, he was completely right. I hadn’t had that much fun playing a game like that where you fly around fighting for your life since Descent: Freespace. The game is a permanent adrenaline rush and is simply total eye candy. I’ve shown this game to some friends of mine that are not gamers and it got them dizzy from just staring at the screen when I play.

Anyways, although this game is super eyecandy, it does have an AMAZINGLY efficient game engine. I like to include this game in the benchmarking guide because it represents for me what a well written game’s performance would be like with a typical game system. My system got an average framerate of 23 fps and a maximum framerate of 127 fps.

The fun demo includes the benchmarking tool, so it’s totally worth getting.

X3 Terran Conflict 1280×1024 max settings test

Resolution: 1280×1024 Fullscreen
Antialiasing: 8x
Anisotropic Texture Filtering: 16x
Texture Quality: High
Shader Quality: High
More Dynamic Light Sources: On
Ship Colour Variations: On

Download from:

My friend Ramiro became a huge fan of the X series after I lent and gave him a copy of X Beyond The Frontier many years ago. As kids, we grew up playing Elite 2: Frontier on my Amiga 600. We thought it was the most epic game every made and and I played it religiously exploring star systems and reading up on their composition and learning a lot about astronomy as well as doing missions nuking planets from space as well as other crazy things like assassinations. I even dabbled with Privateer 1 and 2 later on, but those games were much simpler than both Elite 1 and Elite 2: Frontier.

Anyways, although I played X: Beyond The Frontier a lot and a little of X2, I kind of gave up on that series, especially when I later got into playing Eve Online and found it kind of pointless to play a game like that single player. The people who make the X series have ALWAYS impressed the living hell out of me with how efficient their game engines are as well as how scalable, detailed, and completely beautiful they are.

This game engine will rock the socks of your CPU, RAM, and GPU. I couldn’t believe my eyes as to how detailed the final part of the benchmark was when I saw the massive, super-detailed space station being rendered as it was, on my old gaming PC.

Let’s see the numbers… My system only got a framerate of 17.012 fps in this benchmark but believe me, considering the settings and how beautiful everything looks, that was still higher than I expected it to be. Still, I would maybe play X3 when I get my next gaming machine.

Trackmania Nations

Resolution: 1280×1024
Antialiasing: 16 samples
Shadows: Complex
Shader Quality: PC3 High
Texture Quality: High
Max Filtering: Anisotropic 16x
Geometry Details: Normal
PostProcess FXs: On
Force Dynamic Colors: On
Force Motion Blur: On
Force Bloom: On
Water Geometry: On
Stadium Water Geometry: On
Trees Always High Quality: On

Download from:

Trackmania is still one of my favorite racing game series of all time. This benchmark is done using the game Trackmania Nations that has always been the free version of Trackmania and the one that most people in the world play. I highly recommend getting Trackmania United if you are serious about having FUN in playing a racing game MMO.

This game is a massive physics simulator and it has looked good right from the start. The game engine is probably even as efficient as probably the Unreal engine except that Epic Games doesn’t put out free games! At 1280×1024 my system puts out an average framerate of 31.8 fps.

Okay, so there’s the list. Yeah, you might say that who cares because my system is running Windows XP and therefore DirectX 9 but the way I see it, gaming is a lot like racing cars in the real world. You might run DX11 on your Windows 7 box but if you barely run stuff and my system gets higher framerates than yours, that’s pretty sad. Only real results matter in the real world! I say fuck it, compare apples to oranges. I just care if the system will be able to run a game 100% stable as well as with decent performance.

So that about wraps it up. I hope you use my February 2011 benchmarking guide to test out your system and post some results below as comments. I know my system is a 2007 average price gaming system but let’s see what my next PC yields! And let’s see what the gaming PCs I will review soon will show us. Will these brands defend their speed claims when being tested in the real world? Stay tuned!

Cosplay: Team Rocket

So a few people actually liked the little stories before the sexy pictures, I guess it made them a little happier about the Cosplay. This week you get some pictures from Alienware with descriptions, so it’s like something good wrapped within something awesome. You guess which is which.

Blizzcon 2008

Clan PMS & H20

My first time going and it was a blast. We were with the Dell guys over in the back with our awesome Semi truck. We had a lot of contests and gave out some cool prizes. We had a beat the pro tournament there where fans could play against Clan PMS and Clan H20 which are pictured above. Those guys and gals were really cool and we had a great time. The final day of the show I filled in as MC for a bit and while it took some getting used to I think I did and okay job.

Blizzcon 2009

Blizzcon 2009 Warcraft 3 DOTA contest winners

These are the guys who won our Warcraft 3 DOTA contest. It was a lot of fun working Blizzcon because honestly the people there were so nice and though our section was smaller for this event we still had a great crowd. You may have even seen me testing out one of the laptops on G4TV’s coverage of the event, but for some reason I just can’t find the footage.

Halloween 2009

We were always allowed to wear some type of costume for Halloween at Alienware with a few exceptions. Last year we had a contest for the best costume and it was voted on by other employees. It was good fun, but there was bias. I mean the warehouse guys stick together and my small team had no chance to win. Then again we didn’t dress up; maybe that was part of it too.

Happy Now?

Alright, enough about me and my time at AW on with the pictures!

Via Cosplay!


Mikail Yazbeck: TaleWorlds Entertainment

TaleWorlds Entertainment logo
TaleWorlds Entertainment logo

Name: Mikail Yazbeck

Company: TaleWorlds Entertainment

Profession: Designer

Favorite Classic Game: Heroes of Might & Magic II

Quote: I remember getting HoMM II, b/c I had to return some stupid mini-golf game that wouldn’t run on my 75MHz Pentium, thank goodness for that, the franchise turned out to be a lifelong gaming love affair that still has me entranced with its simplicity, depth, and wonderful style both visually and aurally. I still find myself playing through the franchise (yes, even #4, go on, chuckle) and listening to the music while I design.

Bio/Current Event: I’m crazy Lebanese-American expatriate doing design/many other things work at TaleWorlds Entertainment in Turkey.

We’re currently designing Project Obvious: The Sequel and handling the release of our upcoming expansion pack to M&B: Warband.

JerseyJosh: Game Casa logo logo

Name: JerseyJosh


Profession: Staff Writer , Executive Editor, Talent

Favorite Classic Game: The Legend of Zelda – NES

Quote: Zelda was the first game that got me to think and prove I was the smartest.  Beating that game was my greatest accomplishment until the first time I got to second base.


EbGames rack
EbGames rack

Ah, turkey time is almost upon us and though we are still playing our way through Black Ops there are a few good games being released next week that are ready to suck the cash right from us. This week we are looking at three games that are worthy of a purchase, but let’s take a look at them first and then decide.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood – PS3

What is better than an assassin, a team of assassin’s.  In Brotherhood we continue where ACII left off with Ezio Auditore da Firenze and a new villain who is the son of the villain from part 2. There have been a number of changes to combat and added horse-riding moves and abilities. In addition the Desmond storyline continues with promises of real answers and some conclusions being given. The graphics look even better this time around and the city is like three times as large. If you liked any of the other Assassin’s Creed’s you should definitely pick this one up.

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

EA and the development team wanted to bring the NFS franchise back from the dead. They admitted that the last game was just not what it should be and blamed it on a number of things including how long they were allowed to work on it. Now with more time the team has put together a game they hope will restore NFS to its former glory.

First off, they didn’t go the open world route which so many racing games are doing these days. Instead the team focused on making sure the tracks were designed to the max from the ground up to look stunning and have the fun factor that racers want.  The game is about chases and it goes both ways. Play as the cops and the racers and level up on both ends in single player and pick your side in multiplayer. With a ton of awesome cars and incredible locations to race em this game might just put Need for Speed back on top.


Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing and that is the motto used in creating this new NBA jam. If you played the old arcade versions the only differences you will notice is new NBA players and updates to the visuals. The thing is that is a good thing. NBA Jam was fine the way it was and now you can continue the legacy of over the top dunks and full court jump shots. Put together your perfect duo by choosing from 30 NBA teams all licensed and trademarked. Sure, it is not 2K11, but it isn’t supposed to be. This is NBA Jam, home of the BOOM SHAKA LAKA.

Insufficient funds

Those are the top picks this week and we are sorry you will yet again be inviting your girlfriend over for chicken hotdogs and a bittorrent movie. However, with all these great games who needs a girlfriend, that’s why they invented X-Tube.


vote McCain Obama Super Mario Bros
vote McCain Obama Super Mario Bros

Hey, its election time and you have the awesome choice between spineless yes men and tea baggers, why not skip all that and play some video games instead. Okay, fine. MTV told me to rock the vote so how about you game the vote. While you are out picking up these games stop over at your local voting station and get your democracy on.

God of War: The Ghost of Sparta

I have a love hate relationship with the PlayStation portable. I like the games and all, but why all the remakes and such like Final Fantasy and Parasite Eve being PSP only? Oh, well in GOW Sparta we follow the events of our hero between the story from GOW 1 and GOW2. This story takes place during Kratos visit to Atlantis and if it wasn’t sunk before we now know how it got that way. The game is the second to find its way onto the PSP and has all the brutality it did before and stunning visuals to boot. One thing we know for sure, he really dislikes King Midas.

Golden Eye 007 – Wii

Hey, pop quiz, how do you get people to keep playing the Wii, answer, you remake games that were awesome on previous consoles. Yes, my Wii hate runs read, but my love for Golden Eye never dies. It was one the best console shooters of all time and even ranks up high for all-time best FPS shooters. Now those of you with the Wii gathering dust have a reason to celebrate as a remake of this classic is coming to you Nov 2nd.

Now the game is new meaning new graphics and even a new bond as you play as Daniel Craig, but all the classic gameplay that made it great is still there. You can still decide how you want to finish missions going in Rambo style or playing it like Bond really would being stealthy and cool. Multiplayer is back with a four person split screen tons of modes and support for the Wii and classic remote, nunchuk and even the zapper. Will I be buying a Wii to play this, no. Will I get my friend to buy it and camp his house, yes.

What about the Kinect Games?

Yeah, about that, as I said this list is for games I would buy and this week these two are the only ones I would consider. However there is also the new Sonic Free Riders and Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 that look good. However, I need to be a little more hash and this week you only get two from me. Next, week we will be back for our countdown to black Friday report so stay tuned and until then keep the spending to a minimum.

Community Profile: Game Casa logo logo

Game Casa

From the very first video game there have been fans and followers who wanted nothing more than a place to learn, interact and discuss gaming with fellow gamers and so community groups were formed. Today there are thousands of sites to visit for just about every type of game.

Today we look at a social gaming site that brings together casual and hardcore gamers alike to immerse themselves in all things gaming. The site offers news, reviews, editorials and more on everything gaming and they have a great sense of humor to boot.

Obsolete Gamer had a chance to talk with one of the founders of Gama Case, but first here is a video from their Youtube page about how they got started:

Obsolete Gamer: How long as Game Casa been around?

Josh: Game Casa has been around in various forms for almost five years. Originally it was a forum site and a myspace page that would have the links to podcasts.  GameCasa.Net was started up which gave people a central home to go to so they could connect with each other, read reviews and news, check out videos and leave comments.  GameCasa has branched out to GameCasa.Net, and we also have homes on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and ITunes.

Obsolete Gamer: How important is social networking and community sites such as yours to the gaming community and gaming culture in general?

Josh: Social Networking is one of the driving forces that keeps the gaming community alive.  Back in the day the only way you could get to talk about games was by passing around a copy of Nintendo Power and before that you would have to go to the local arcade to connect with other games and you’d usually end up losing all your parents’ quarters if they gave you any.  Nowadays with sites like ours, people can with common interests can come together and find out who is playing what, when, etc.  A lot of the people who work on GameCasa are in the same guild on World of Warcraft, so that’s yet another benefit the site brings.  It’s good for the various sites to be familiar with one another.  Everyone brings something different to the table.  One person can serve as a go between and share content and spread the word of mouth for so many different sites.

Obsolete Gamer: What is the key to keeping members and fans interested in Game Casa?

Josh: Right now the key is providing the audience with informative and unique entertaining content.  There’s a lot of places where people can get news and reviews on games, but we try to make it a little bit more entertaining.  A recent review of F1 2010 showed King Arthur speeding around on a riding lawn mower while discussing the racing game.  Realistic?  Maybe only in a fantasy world where a guy could race a lawn mower against an F1 vehicle.  But you won’t see that on too many other sites.

Another thing we try to do is do live streams of certain events.  With the iPhone 4, we can use that as a camera and stream live reviews, something we did recently with the new NBA Jam on Justin.TV.  It’s a matter of timing though, most of the time we’ll be sitting around and say, “Now would be a good time for some live streaming reviews”. Joystick logo Joystick logo

Obsolete Gamer: How do you guys select what you feature on your blog?

Josh: We try and stay current with all the gaming news that is released throughout the day.  We keep our eyes on the various sites and we get press releases from various companies.  If it’s something we think our fans would be interested in, we pass it along.  Since we all have regular day jobs, it’s hard to come up with a concept, do the research, and write a good article on a topic.  We’d like to bring in more people that have the time to do opinion pieces and game reviews on a more frequent basis.  If someone on GameCasa that is a frequent visitor to the site makes it known that they enjoy something, I will look to post things regarding those games just for them.  We have a guy who is really into Borderlands so I will make sure to get Borderlands news out for him.  The voices on Trials HD were done by the guys from GameCasa so I always make sure to get out anything on that title as well as stuff from Red Lynx.  So you could see the blog content is fan driven to a point.  The more the fans and readers speak up, the easier it is to find stuff to write about.

Obsolete Gamer: Can you tell us about the videos on your YouTube page?

Josh: There is a wide mix of content on the youtube page.  A lot of the content is just us sitting around talking about the games we are playing, which keeps with our style of being for casual gamers.  Sometimes we have a fun time with it and add a little bit extra that the fans want to see.  Recently we have been getting out to more events in the NorthEast like Challenge Arcade, GamerDoc launch parties, and Too Many Games.  The events we go to bring in more fans because we get to meet more people and spread the word about GameCasa.  We recently got our hands on some new production equipment, so we are hoping to bring some more high quality products to the youtube page.  You can look at the older stuff and see how different it is than the newer stuff.  The videos are different than the written pieces.  If the fans want to see videos featuring certain people, that’s a bit harder to pull off because you have to coordinate schedules, figure out stuff to do etc.

Obsolete Gamer: Tell us about your Podcast.

Josh: Right now the podcasts are being done on Talkshoe.  Fans can log in through their computer or call in through the phone.  We try to do podcasts during a time when there is something really good to talk about.  We did one where we got to discuss E3 2010 this summer and another one just after Too Many Games.  It’s a sure bet we’ll have a few coming up as the holiday season approaches and the big companies roll out their holiday releases.  The podcasts have becoming more and more popular as we get more people coming in to discuss things.  Having Rake and Brandon on to chat about things (when they figure Talkshoe out) also helps build an interest in getting people to listen in.  All of the podcasts are available on iTunes by searching “GameCasa”. You can find out when we have podcasts schedule by going to GameCasa or following us on Twitter or Facebook. arcade logo arcade logo

Obsolete Gamer: Tell us about your gaming background?

Josh: For me (Josh), I started out gaming with classic arcade games and the Atari system. I spent many hours of my childhood at other people’s houses playing video games with other guys.  It didn’t matter whether or not I really even liked them.  If they had Nintendo, it was a sure bet they would get a knock on the door from me.  I was like a Victorian-Era English Street Urchin, “Excuse me, might I come in for some Ninja Turtles?” I’ve had all of the big systems and am a big fan of RPGs.  I got a closer look at video gaming when I worked as a Quality Assurance Tester for EA Sports in Orlando.  That job was the go to gig for any Orlando guy who couldn’t find anything better or was in between jobs. The one thing I hated about it was that they made it seem bigger than it actually was.  They made it seem as if we were all working to cure cancer.  There was a controversy a few years back when an EA Sports employee’s wife wrote a blog about how EA worked he husband to the bone and never paid overtime.  I believed it.  When a game hits beta you work 14 hours a day with no days off.  It took me awhile after I left to enjoy video games with a passion again.  Part of that was the fact that I had to become a member of the full time workforce.  I would say it really came back to life when I started writing for GameCasa.

Obsolete Gamer: What is your favorite classic game and why?

Josh: Without a doubt my favorite classic game is the original Legend of Zelda for the NES.  It brings back so many memories of your first real video game experience, and that was when it really changed for me.  So many of my friends had it and we would get together playing the game.  We shared the joys of getting Master Sword and the horror of the power going out and our whole save file getting erased.  Zelda was the first Virtual Console game (R.I.P. Virtual Console) I downloaded when I got the Wii.

Obsolete Gamer: What games are you currently playing?

Josh: I’m pretty hooked on Red Dead Redemption and World of Warcraft.  You can probably tell that if you read GameCasa as a good number of articles have to do with those titles.  I’ll play any good comic book super hero game if it comes out and isn’t based on a movie.

Here are the answers from Arthur Webb, Co-founder of Game Casa: logo logo

Obsolete Gamer: Can you tell us about how Game Casa started?

That video basically says it all.  To sum it up: Tone and I were sick of news/reviews geared towards nerds and wanted to provide casual gamers with information they can relate to.

Obsolete Gamer:  Originally what was the reasoning behind creating Game Casa and how has it changed over time? That is another question best suited for Art.

Like I said in the question above, Tone and I wanted to provide casual gamers with entertaining information they can relate to–the key words being entertaining and relate.  All of the shows/sites we got our info from had a ‘nerdy white guy and failed porn actress’ formula that we thought was lame.  What if you’re a 6’4″ black prison guard, and asian body-builder, or a metal head mad scientist?  They can’t relate to X-Play or IGN.  Beyond that, who wants to get their news/reviews in such a boring format?  I’d rather see something entertaining: like a cripple in a 500 lb wheelchair running over a nintendo cartridge.  As Josh mentioned above, Game Casa evolved from a TV show concept into a podcast, into a myspce site, and eventually into a WordPress MU / BuddyPress social site that connects casual gamers across platform (with supporting social media and broadcast sites to boot).

Obsolete Gamer: Tell us about your gaming background?

It was so long ago I can’t really remember…  My dad was a chemist and always purchased the latest computer shit.  I had some gaming system before Atari, then got an Atari, a Mac, Nintendo (smashed about 3 of them), Super Nintendo, Turbo Graphics 16, Atari Lynx, then got every modern console and most of the handhelds after Nintendo 64.  That and I would play games in the arcade whenever I was at the beach or at the mall.  I’ve enjoyed gaming casually all of my life and turned my passion into a vocation after university, when wound up ditching my career in fitness and got a job working as a field rep for Playstation.  I moved on after the PS3 shit the bed and they went into a hiring/promotion freeze and started Game Casa shortly thereafter.

Obsolete Gamer:  What is your favorite classic game and why?

This is the hardest (like my dick) question to answer…  So many classic games hold a spot dear to my balls, I mean, my heart.  Some of my favorites include Sinistar, Yi-Ar Kung Fu, Gladiator and Mat Mania.

Obsolete Gamer:  What games are you currently playing?

When I have time, I love to play Dawn Of War 2 (even though I have to use shitty Windows to play it), Halo Reach, Red Dead Redemption and Demon’s Souls; however, I have a laundry list of one’s I’d like to play.  Just need the time to play em…  Full time work, a newborn and a bunch of wood-be start-up businesses make gaming difficult!

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