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The Obsolete Gamer Show #35: The Clip Show

Next up part one in our audio version of the Gamer Parent series where we talk with gamers who are now parents. This gives a good insight into being both a gamer and a parent and we hope to add more interviews in the near future. Finally we bring you two interviews from Florida Supercon. The first one is an extended version of our interview with Stealth Mobile Gaming and our interview with Florida Arcade & Pinball Exposition.

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Gamer Parents: Growing up a Gamer

This week our Gamer Parent series continues on our podcast as the group talks about what it was like for our parents dealing with kids who were growing up gamers. We talked about J.A. Laraque’s story about his mother spending x-mas eve searching for a NES and the different types of bargaining we a kids had to do in order to get the games and systems we wanted. Finally we discussed when our parents began to understand our gaming ways and even joined in on the gaming action.

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Gamer Parents – Bargaining

The old tried and true, this method trades more work for whatever you are bargaining for, but it has its issues. First, most kids don’t know what their labor is worth. Is raking leaves for six months worth that Double Dragon game? Second, if you end up disappointing your parents by not doing said work it can kill any change for successful future bargaining. Now if you can agree to something really simple then so be it, but we are talking children here. I recommend not using this one unless you know for certain this is the only strategy that will work.

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My video game Christmas Story

Seven stores later with no NES in sight I just wanted to go home and quit. I felt Christmas was ruined and didn’t even want to celebrate it anymore. Nothing my mom said or did make me feel any better. I had laid down in the backseat of the car when it came to a stop. I knew we couldn’t have arrived home yet.

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