Whatchyamacallit – Taste You Like Yogurt


Taste You Like Yogurt by Whatchyamacallit ft Flula Borg & Flynt Flos

This video has everything. Strange lyrics, awesome dancing, great special effects.

If you enjoy this try watching some of the videos from Turquoise Jeep Records.

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Beauty and the BEAT!


This obviously is

a spoof of Beauty and the Beast from Disney done ghetto style. Truly a best of the internet candidate. Check out how many internet stars you can find in this video.


Here are the lyrics:

Little town, it”s a quiet village
Every day like the one before
Little town, full of little people
Waking up to say…

People of the Hood:
What”s good, What”s good, What”s good, What”s good
Get yo tail out the street

There go Bonquesha she wit Trey like always
He”s on the downlow I can tell
Every morning just the same, since the morning that we came
To this busted ratchet town

Good morning Belle

Good morning Cleetus.

Where you going?

The weave shop! I just saw the most wonderful style it”s an up do with some finger waves and some micro braids….

That”s nice…Patrice, where my brownies, hurry up

Hey little mama can I get them digits
So I can hit you on yo cell, yo let me get it though

Her beauty ain”t all that!

But her booty is real fat

No denyin” she a boogie girl that Belle

What”s good?

What it do?

How is yo Mama “nem!


What You Call Me?

How is your wife?

I need 6 legs

Uh-uh, that”s too expensive

There must be more than this old hood rat life!

LaWasha & LaDrya:
Look there she go, she think she got that good hair
Girl that”s a lace-front I can tell.

Where she get that ugly dress?

Miles Jai:
Cause she look a crusty mess!

LaWasha & LaDrya:
Cause she really is a boogie girl that Belle! Mmm.

Oh, isn”t this a hot mess
Who would name their first-born Blue Ivy?
Here”s Kim Kardash “n Kanye
Wonder if they”ll have a brand new show on BET?

Well I had heard that she a chocolate chaser,
They say she like that caramel.

She aint looking for no beast
Less he lookted like Tyrese

Random Mexican:
Very different from the rest of us

Vonzell & Shaqueeba:
Boo you ain”t like the rest of us

Yes different from the rest of us is Belle


Oh shit!

Right from the moment I had met you seent you
I said you bangin and I fell
Baby what”s it gonna be,
Tell me is you feelin me?
Cause I”m makin plans to leave my momma house.

Chicken Heads:
Look there he go, isn”t he awl that
My boo, Jerome…girl he so foine
Uh-uh, 4 real? Girl no he didn”t
If she can”t use yo” comb don”t bring her home

Chaos Section:
Eh-Eh, Mmhmm, Uh-uh, Okrrr
Yo” kitchen nappy…Girl hide yo kids
Sho nuff, Shawty, Okay, Aint nobody got time for that
Yo homie move!
Jamal, Jamel, Jaquan, Jaqual
My baby daddy (Child I don”t know, good mornting, Oh good mornting)

There must be more than this old hoodrat life

If you got good credit, you can be my wife.

Look there she go, she lookted so ridiculous
She thank she in a fury tale
Why she got her weave like that
Tell me where they do that at
She really is a boogie girl
A beauty but a boogie girl
She really is a boogie girl…….THAT BELLE

What”s good

What”s good

What”s good
What”s good

What”s good

What”s good

If you don”t get out the skreet oh I swear for God! uh uh!
Don”t make me take my shoe off!
Ooh get out a my way! Ugh!

Best Japanese Ghost Prank Ever


I swear we could never do this in the U.S. because people would ham it up or end up suing or shooting someone. This has to be one of the best ghost pranks I have ever seen. Seriously, this guy is scared out of his mind.


Yung Humma ft Flynt Flossy – Lemme Smang It

Here is an awesome rap video I just found. I thought I was watching Tim and Eric because of the production value. The lyrics are great though! These guys are geniuses! Who needs a budget to make a perfect rap video???


Mmmmmm, Hmmmmm (Ay) Hhmmmmm (Tummiscratch beat)

[Verse 1: Yung Humma]
Hey, little lady how you feelin’?
It’s Humma-Boo at the crib just chillin’
Tryin’ to figure out what I’m gonna do today
How about you throw on somethin’ sexy and come my way?
I got a truth for you, man you gonna like it
I hear those giggles: go ahead and get excited
You say in the bed that your man is a lame guy
Havin’ sex with him is just like watching paint dry
Daaaayymn, I really hope that that ain’t true
But if it is, here’s what I’m gonna do for you:
And when you get here, I’m not just gonna Bang it
I’mma smash it too, so let’s just say I’m gonna “Smang” It

Lemme Smang it girl (Smash it and Bang It)

[Verse 2: Yung Humma]
The way I work that kitty gonna make your heart sang
Now are you ready baby then let’s get crazy
I hope your muscles warmed up, you caaan’t be lazy (Get loose)
This is what I like to call “Smash Bang fusion”
Gotta focus, mama don’t wanna get a “Cooch Contusion”
I like to mix it up, I like to do stuff;
I like to start slow and then I beat it up
You should be cautious, don’t be scary
I’ma have you lookin’ like a Wild Thornberry
The locals got you dry
Well let me be your tourist;
I’ll leave your body feeling like a rainforest
(Drip drip) so let’s get it poppin’. Tell me can you hang?
Now lemme smang it, baby: Smash it and Bang


[Verse 3: Eff dot Floss]
Flynt Flossy, known across the Nation
Smash & Bang is my favorite combination
Kiss you to your toes till you get that sensation
It’s a love scene, baby, with no communication. (Baby!)
Got mine’s off, now to the next location (baby!)
I need inspiration, your mouth fixation
Smangin’ them drawers is my life’s aspiration
Eff dot Floss loves ladies and relations (Love it!)
Call me Marathon, my Jimmy run long
Call me Schwarzenegger, my sex game strong
I smang it Tarantino, From Dusk till Dawn
I smang it everywhere from the bed to the lawn

Check out more of their music here on the Turquoise Jeep website. We’re serious!

Yung Humma ft Flynt Flossy Lemme Smang It

Jedi Kittens Strike Back

Jedi Kittens Strike Back

Seriously, this video short was made for Youtube. What goes together better than Star Wars and Kittens, I mean really.


Video Info:

Tweet: http://bit.ly/JediKittensStrikeBack
The Jedi Kittens are striking back with with an action packed adventure. Who can resist the X-Wing and Tie Fighting kittens!

Join my facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/thefinalcutking

Music composed by Andrew Gerlicher –http://www.youtube.com/user/ForgeTrackAudio1024

Special thanks to Aaron Benitez for helping me shoot.http://www.youtube.com/thevfxbro

Behind the scenes are coming tomorrow on the second channel.
No Cats were harmed – in fact they were rescued. Meow

Sexy Candid Camera: The Cabana 445


Imagine you wanted into a Cabana and had a sexy girl spill a tray on online casino games you and then the manager spanked her right at your table. You don”t have to dream about it anymore, check out this clip.


Dubstep Fridays: My Name is Boxxstep!


You’ve survived another week, time to enjoy some Dubstep from SaladUK. This time we feature a internet superstar Boxxy. If you don’t know who Boxxy is read this – http://ohinternet.com/Boxxy It tells you everything you need to know.


Original Video:

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Doctor P – Watch Out

The Fresh Prince of the Dark Side Pranks Christian TV

The Fresh Prince of the Dark Side Pranks Christian TV

Anyone remember old phone pranks, I guess not, but this is today’s version of that. This is a video from a guy who sent in an e-mail to a Christian call in television show. Just watch as the guy begins to read it before he figures out what it is.


Here is the full e-mail:

Thought you all might be interested in the rest of the text he didn’t read out. Here is the original email:
I am a newly born-again Christian and would like to share my story of salvation with you.

I was born in West Philadelphia and also raised there. I spent most of my days playing basketball on a playground – but also chilling out and relaxing. But then one day a couple of guys who were up to no good starting making trouble in my living area. I ended up getting into a fight, which terrified my mother. As a result she sent me away from West Philadelphia to the most peaceful area of Bel Air to live with my Auntie. On my journey to Bel Air, I whistled for a cab but it was noticable that the cab driver was not licensed. I ignored my concerns and told him to make haste to Bel Air. We arrived at the house some time between seven and eight pm and I was glad to see the back of the cab driver. I looked at the house and I was very impressed with the quality of living that my auntie possessed. I realised that I could get used to this lifestyle.

However, whatever was missing in my life when I lived in West Philadelphia was still there. I felt no happier, although everything was indicating that I should. My auntie took me to church that sunday. I hadn’t been for several years. And I had a wonderful chat with so many beautfiul people. For the first time in my life I felt complete. I was finally there. To sit next to Jesus on his throne as the prince of heaven.

God Bless,

Raccoon Dance Mix


Apparently the story is a lady called into 911 reporting a Raccoon in her yard. Well, being the internet someone made a song to it and it is pretty awesome.


Mix by DJ Assault f/Amanda Jones

Thanks to Paul for sending us this.

Dub Step Fridays: Rebecca Blackstep


Who would have ever thought you could make a Rebecca Black song good? Well our Dub Step remixers at Salad UK did. Check out this weeks Dub Step.


SaladUK’s Channel – http://www.youtube.com/Saladuk
SaladUK’s Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/SaladUK

The Worst PSA Ever

'The Situation' and Bristol Palin Talk Sex

Seriously what could be worse than the Jersey Shores, “The Situation” taking with Bristol Palin about abstinence and protection? I swear it looks as if Bristol wants to jump his bones right that and the situation looks at her like an ATM machine. The only way this prevents sex is if it is playing while you are trying to get busy.


Dubstep Fridays: Swagga in the Rain


We here at Obscure Internet have a thing for Dubstep. For those that do not know it is in a nutshell a video remixed to go with Dubstep dance music. We believe everyone should dance on Fridays so we will be bringing you new ones each week.

This dubstep features Gene Kelly from Singing in the Rain and honestly, it is one of our favorites.


Thanks to Salad UK for the video. All relevant information below is from their YouTube page.

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Excision & DatsiK – Swagga

Obscure News: 50 Bikers vs 2 Thieves

50 Bikers vs 2 Thieves

Talk about a zerg rush. In this video two robbers make a costly mistake when trying to rob a place that had 50 bikers in it. This reminds me of the guy who tried to rob a donut shop all the local cops hung out at.


Frozen Grand Central Terminal

Frozen Grand Central

This is an awesome video from the folks over at Improv Everywhere. Improv Everywhere has executed over 100 different missions in New York. This mission has over 200 people freeze in place on cue in Grand Central Terminal and the public’s reaction was pretty funny.


Check out their website at – http://www.improveverywhere.com


De-Screwing Your Boss

Screw Chair

Not quite what you think it is. This kid removes all the screws from his bosses chair. Yes, it is a simple prank, but it works.


Here is the Guile theme goes with anything version.


Rampage and Boost Mobile Detect BS

Rampage and Boost Mobile Detect BS

This is a pretty cool commercial from Boost Mobile featuring Rampage who can detect bullshit and will kick anyone’s ass who tries to feed him some.


Turkish Rambo: The Rampage

Turkish Rambo

We can all make fun of a bad movie or a cheaply made movie, but this one takes the take. Just look at how the RPG fires and how he keeps finding ammo on the ground as if this was Resident Evil. If RPG’s worked like that the war in the middle east would be going much differently.


This get’s put in best of the internet.

Holy Ghost VS Pendulum & MC GQ – Baptazia

Holy Ghost VS Pendulum & MC GQ - Baptazia

You ever watch some of those baptist churches where the people “catch a spirit” and dance all crazy? It kind of looks like a rave doesn’t it. What happens when someone put together a video of these people to some dance music, you get one incredible video.



Obscure News: Horse Herpes

Horse Herpes

From our Obscure News desk, we find this story of a Horse herpes outbreak that forced rodeo queen to ride stick ponies instead of their real ones.


Got a weird, funny or obscure news story or video? Send it to us and we will credit you for the find.


Banned Commercials: Bud Light Lime – In the Can

Bud Light Lime in The Can Banned Commercial

It is sad we can have reality shows that drain the brain and soul, but a commercial that uses humor and innuendo in this manner gets their commercial banned. Sure, it is a cheeky video, but it is funny and works for the audience it is targeting.



The Magnum man

Magnum man 2
I doubt they approve of use in this manner

So the story is the guy in this video does a trick where he puts a condom over his head, but it does look as if he did not plan for it to be on that long. Honestly, it’s hard to tell, some people were starting wonder if he was in trouble which others laughed and said to leave him be.


Could you imagine having on your tombstone, died with condom over head?


Public Marriage Proposals gone wrong: Mascot Cheer-up

Guy gets turned down proposing at Basketball Game

Everyone has seen the public marriage proposals at sporting events, well what would happen if someone said no?


What’s funny about this video is first, you hear the announcer say, “I wish someone would say no to these.” and then when she turns him down the announcer is like, “I was just kidding, you know that right?”

What’s sad is the girl was put on the spot and most likely never knew it was coming. Sure, it is heartbreaking for the guy, but if you are not 100% sure she will say yes, why take the chance. They booed the poor girl so badly, but the mascot was there to cheer the guy up.

Check out McGrady, he is like, “Damn that was cold.”


Guile Theme goes with Everything

Guile Theme goes with Everything

The title says it all, these are a series of videos where the audio and music was replaced with the theme of Guile from Street Fighter 2. Personally the KFC one is the best.






Lion King


Pomplamoose covers the Angry Bird theme


So the question asked was will the Angry Birds theme replace the Super Mario Brothers theme as far as popularity in gaming and my response is God I hope not. However, the Pomplamoose cover was pretty cool so check it out.



The Picard Song

The Picard Song

The original song was created by, Dark Materia featuring clips from Star Trek the next Generation and original music. The original video was uploaded by, CoJux. Perhaps you have to like Star Trek somewhat to like this song, but I still consider it one of the best of the internet.



Fuckin Tea

A lot of people think that drinking alcohol will man you up… Little do they know that only the most hardcore men drink tea, motherfucker, as this video shows.

“I prefer the taste of Pilsner”

This video is brought to you by the brilliant comedy group Upright Citizens Brigade. You can view similar crazy videos over at their youtube channel here.
fuckin tea - Are you man enough?

“Empires will fall, but steam will RISE!”
“I’m tame!”

So many good lines in this one. 😀

Hey Hitler, Osama Bin Laden Is Dead

I just love how much Hitler has become a running joke on the internet. This recurring meme is getting out of hand.

This one was surprisingly good but I still think that Hitler is best for singing the theme song to the Jeffersons “Movin’ On Up”

If Der Fuhrer weren’t so busy turning over on his grave, I’m sure he’d fall on his ass laughing.

Wait a second… I think Hitler is still alive!

Hitler lives? wtf!

He’s been spotted! Best not piss him off…

Red Fang: Prehistoric Dog

Red Fang

Here is a pretty awesome music video from the group, Red Fang. This song is titled Prehistoric Dog and the video features some funny scenes involving the band a group of LARP’ers.

[youtube width=”600″ height=”480″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fuRKRFjm-HA[/youtube]

You can check out their website here.


Prehistoric Dog Lyrics

Dogs that howl from outer space
Come to Earth to lay to waste
With fang and claw to shred your face
They will erase the human race
Time to kiss your ass goodbye
Prehistoric dogs of war
Pack of wolves is at your door
Their will to kill will fill the pits of hell
Blood is spilled and none too soon
Looking down from cratered moon
They see us flee we need to break the spell
Dogs that howl from outer space
Come to Earth to lay to waste
With fang and claw to shred your face
They will erase the human race
Time to kiss your ass goodbye
Our lives are long
But our flesh is gone
It may be wrong
God bless godlessness
We’re walking tall
If we walk at all
We’re living like a
Prehistoric dog



Back to the Ship

Captain Kirk LSS

This video created by Fall on Your Sword pretty much shows you how Captain Kirk had taken to much LSD. The video is pretty awesome especially if you are a Star Trek Fan.



Here are the lyrics:

Space. Space. Space. Space. Space. Space.

Captain’s log, stardate two point five something. I’ve taken too much LSD. I’m trapped on the planet’s surface. I’ve been trapped here taking plant poisons, LSD. I can’t breathe. I’m underwater. I feel like my penis is on the ground.

Captain’s log, stardate two point five something. Psi deck. Can’t talk, I’ve taken too much LSD.

I’m—transmitting from the Earth’s core. I’m trapped on this planet without my crew, without my ship.

I’ve—taken some sort of psychedelic plant here. Couldn’t be avoided. I’m now lying on my back. I’m trying to get a circumcision.

My penis needs me wrapped in pure alcohol.

I need to go back to the ship. I can’t breathe.

Need to go b-b-back to the ship. I can’t breathe.

Need to go back to the ship. I can’t breathe.

Need to go back to the ship. I can’t breathe.

Need to go b-b-back to the ship. I can’t breathe.

Some sort of—some sort of—some sort of—some sort of planet, leave me out of this poison ground.

Captain’s log, stardate two point something, fucking God, taken too much LSD. I got to get off this planet.

My crew, my ship, too lackadaisical, too stoned, to even respond. I need some sort of a remedy. I hate to—hate to contact the ship service. Go two time, go two times, time the poison a line to take the vibe off. Never taken so much LSD in my life.

I hate to—hate to—hate to—

Need to go back to the ship. I can’t breathe.

Need to go b-b-back to the ship. I can’t breathe.

Need to go back to the shake to got breathe.

Need to go back to the ship. I can’t breathe.

Need to go b-b-back to the ship. I can’t breathe.

Need to go back to the ship. I can’t breathe.

Need to go back to the ship. I can’t breathe.

Need to go b-b-back to the ship. I can’t breathe.

Capt to crew, I’ve got an emergency. I’m on the planet’s surface. I seems to—hello, Country Crow.

This is Sulu, go ahead.

I’ve got some kind of emergency down here with some kind of a psychedelic plant. I feel like I’m breathing liquid water. Hello, crew.

Get it to start.

What the hell are you talking about, Captain? Can you name even since? Have ya taken more LSD, have ya?

I’m trying to take as much poison as I can to get this lackadaisical crew pointed in the right direction.

Listen, I’m just only fucking lying, Captain.

My people is like a penis crew. I can’t go on the ground. I have to breathe two times. I feel like two thousand people. I’m tripping out. I need help. Some kind of sick bay. I hate to—hate to—hate to—

Need to go back to the ship. I can’t breathe.

Need to go b-b-back to the ship. I can’t breathe.

Need to go back to the ship. I can’t breathe.

Hate to—need to go back to back. I can’t breathe.

Need to go b-b-back to the ship. I hate to.

Need to go back to back. I can’t breathe.

Need to go back to the ship.

Need to go, need to go, need to go, back.

Penis, LSD, I’m on the ground; I can’t breathe water. I can’t pee like a ground TV. I gotta go two times. I have to go home. Please.

I need help. I’ve taken two times as many times as LSD that can kill me. I’m a man. I can’t go on the ground. I’m breathing LSD. I got penises all over me. I hate to—

Need to go back to the ship. I can’t breathe.

Need to go b-b-back to the ship. I can’t breathe.

Need to go back to the ship. I can’t breathe.

Hate to—need to go back to back. I can’t breathe.

Need to go b-b-back to the ship.

I hate to—need to go back to the back. I can’t breathe.

Need to go b-b-back to the ship. I believe.

Need to go, need to go, need to go, back, breathe.

Want to call a ship, need to go to planet’s surface, be naked. Permanently.


Marvel Video: Little Thor


Remember the Star Wars Volkswagon commercial where the little kid is dressed as Darth Vader and tries to command his dog? Well, it appears Marvel loved that and decided to whip up a little video using a little Thor.


There are also a ton of Marvel related Easter Eggs within the video, can you find them all?


Windows 386: The Spy that Blue-screened on Me

Windows 386 promo video

The Spy that Blue-screened on Me

In 1988, Microsoft sent out a video tape to retailers that was to explain the benefits of Windows 386 so that they could purchase them to sell to their customers. The original video is over 12 minutes long, but this video has been shorted to where it gets “good”.

Personally, I love the part where they pretty much say they stole some of the interface from Lotus.


MS DOS 5 Upgrade Song

MS Dos upgrade rap

I really want this video to speak for itself, but in a nutshell this is an promotional video that was sent to retailers to get them to purchase the MS Dos 5 upgrade to sell to their customers. This was done using a rap video, a horrible, horrible, rap video.



Batsu Games: No-Reaction Pie Hell


So here is the deal. A bet was made on which team would win, the loser had to stay in another persons house and live there for a day like it was his own home. Here is the rub, four people will follow him around all day and throw pies at him while an announcer tells him to do various things. The trick is the man cannot react to being hit by the pies.

Only in Japan.

Here is Part 1:


Part 2:


Part 3:


David Hasselhoff: Don’t Hassel the Hoff


The guys over at 60Frames created this video a few years ago featuring David Hasselhoff during ninja practice and the 80’s retro band, The Boy Cruise.



Mega64: Heavy Rain

[youtube id=”dP30WYgYiUI” width=”633″ height=”356″]

Mega64: Heavy Rain


These guys make excellent parody videos where they take what you would do in a game and act it out in real life.
Here is their latest video on the game, Heavy Rain.


Online Piracy PSA Parody

PSA Parody

You ever see those PSA’s mainly at movie theaters where they ask if you would steal a car or rob someone at gunpoint and then they say if you pirate video or music it is the same thing? Yeah, those videos suck as much as the smoking Truth PSA’s. Here is a parody video based on the Piracy PSA’s that is pretty funny.

Ghetto Leprechaun


This is a news story for a few years ago. Just before St. Patrick’s day in Mobile, Alabama residents reported seeing a leprechaun in a tree. What resulted was a Decouvrez une machine a sous purement et simplement sublimissime ! Avec ses 5 lignes et ses 3 rouleaux, ce bijou videoludique vous plongera au c?ur d?une atmosphere digne des plus grands casino online s ! Agremente d?un look resolument vintage, Jackpot Jester 50 000 propose une manche Super Game au cours de laquelle vous pouvez empocher une somme fantastique : 50 000 pieces ! Gonzo’s Quest est la machine a sous video avec 5 roues, 3 colonnes et 20 lignes presentee par un incroyable film video, animations 3D et une avalanche tout nouvelle qui remplace la traditionelle roue tournante. pretty funny news report with accounts from residents on the leprechaun and what they would do if they caught him.