fallen skies

Fallen Skies: What hides Beneath

I really liked the movement in this episode. The fact that the aliens use human technology is interesting and provides the ongoing mystery. Now we have the added mystery that all skitters were harnessed beings of some sort. This could explain why the alien’s care for them as the harnessed will become skitters. Now we get to see the resistance take to the offensive, should be interesting as we are close to the end of this season. [...]

Fallen Skies – Sanctuary Part 2

Lourdes tells Mike and Hal about the backpack and Hal tells them about the lack of patrols for aliens. Mike does not want to mistrust Terry without more proof, but later breaks into the barn and finds Eli’s clothes. Terry discovers Mike and tells him that after nearly being killed by the skitters they were able to work out a plan to trade the children for safety. Mike seems to convince Terry he will be on his side, but later meets up with Lourdes and Hal and leads an escape from the Sanctuary. [...]

Fallen Skies: Sanctuary Part 1

Back at basecamp, we learn that Ben has recovered from the harness removal surgery and can now do over 100 push-ups without breaking a sweat. Ben tells his younger brother Matt that while it may sound weird, the skitters were like family to him and sometimes he misses the feeling. Ben explains that when harnessed the skitters know what you need and want and treated them like family. Hal overhears this and later talks to Dr. Glass worried about the fact that his brother now seems different. [...]

Fallen Skies: Silent Kill

A rescues plan is decided on after a few ideas are tossed around. The rescued harnessed child tells Hal that the children are left with only one skitter at night at that as long as a harness is attached to the child the alien would not notice. After reluctance from Tom, it is decided Hal will attach a harness to himself and sneak in with the other children. However, for Hal to be able to escape with Ben and the others he will need to kill the lone skitter without alerting the others. [...]

Fallen Skies: Grace

I can already see where this storyline will lose viewers week to week. Like the V remake, people want to see more of a progress than what we are seeing. This week the resistance goes after bikes, next week it is drugs to help the injured. The saving Ben storyline will be dragged out and the escaping Pope adds an X-factor to everything. [...]

Fallen Skies: Episode 3

This week Fallen Skies settled into the story of learning more about the aliens and how to defeat them. I knew the Ben rescue storyline would continue for a while, but having the captured alien does at a nice twist. It is also good to see more resistance cells out there and the character development of Pope is coming along nicely. I still think the show has a long way to go before it can find a permanent spot on the watch list. I think depending on what we learn about the aliens and their connection to the children could tell us if the ongoing storyline will be a winner or not. [...]

Fallen Skies: The skies not falling

I did not really except much out of Fallen Skies and I did not get much. This is not to say the show is bad, but it just is not enough, as of yet, to make me believe it will last very long. Fallen Skies is the new TNT drama that takes place on earth after a devastating attack by an unknown alien race. Earth is decimated, 90% of the population is dead and the survivors are building a resistance to fight back. [...]