Fallen Skies: What hides Beneath


We open to Captain Weaver plagued by nightmares and lack of sleep. As the resistance moves up the timetable of the attack to within 4 days, the lack of word from the other troops and the troubles in making bombs has General Porter concerned. Porter asks Tom to take a scout team into the city to gather intel on the aliens.

During this Hal goes to look for Ben and finds that he has been jumping rope for almost three hours without breaking a sweat. Ben tries to hide this fact from Hal, but he finds out and looks concerned.

Porter meets with Pope who is still recovering in sickbay. Pope tells Porter he can help them make real explosives and while they do not trust him, they give him the go ahead to help. During the conversation, Weaver notices a drawing of a series of buildings that Rick made. Weaver asks Rick how he came to draw them. Rick does not answer but gives the drawing to Weaver.

The next day Pope enters Scott’s lab to assist with the explosives. Pope finds an alien mech that has been disassembled. The mech gun is accidently fired scaring Matt. Pope and Scott notice the giant hole in the wall it makes.

Fallen Skies - What hides beneath

As the team prepares to go on their scouting mission, Tom asks them if they thought Weaver has been acting strange. Weaver enters and asks Tom if he is questioning his right to command to which Tom says no. Weaver tells Tom he will be going on the scouting mission.

Dr. Glass brings Ben in to check on him. Ben’s spikes from the harness are still there and he comments how he and Rick still have them while the other children’s spikes have faded. Dr. Glass notices a hardening of the skin around the spikes that Ben cannot feel when poked with a scalpel.

The scout team reaches their lookout point and views the large structure the aliens are building. The group takes notice that the construction is every human-like and can be taken down by human means. We get to see for the first time a new alien. This alien seems to be the commanders of the skitters, they are talk and slender and look humanoid-like.

On their way back with pictures and intel the team runs into a survivor named, Sonja that after a short while warms up to them and invites them for tea. Weaver stays behind as a lookout as Tom and Hal go to the woman’s house.

Fallen Skies - What hides beneath

Back at the school, Matt goes to talk to Pope against his father’s wishes. Pope tells Matt that the mech’s could have been made by humans as far as their construction and they should not be feared. Pope shows Matt a mech bullet that was man made, scavenged from military bases, but with a mech metal slug that is stronger than a normal bullet.

Meanwhile, Ben talks with Ricky who more and more has lost touch with his humanity. Ricky still believes the skitters love him and will be back for them. Ben tells Rick he hates the skitters and would kill them all of he had the chance.

Tom and Hal talk with Sonja who says she was taken by the aliens to a camp, but then released. She said she talked with the harnessed children, and that the aliens do not want humans on earth. Tom and Hal hear a noise and run outside to see Weaver has left and removed their sparkplugs so they could not quickly follow. As Tom and Hal leave, Sonja asks if they will be back.

Back at base camp, Dr. Glass asks Lourdes to keep a secret and enlists her help to examining the corpse of a skitter. Lourdes notices the anatomy is much like a human. Dr. Glass finds something she feared she would. Inside the skitter is the same harness found on the harnessed kids. Dr. Glass believes the skitters may have originally been something else.

Tom tracks Weave to his home and finds him outback. Weave is distraught and drinking and tells Tom how his wife and kids were taken. Weaver says his youngest child was harnessed and he discovered her in a camp and when he tried to remove the harness, it killed her. Weave does not want to fight anymore, but when a mech attacks and Weaver finds a pair of his wife’s glasses that were not there before he decides to continue the fight.

Fallen Skies - What hides beneath

Tom, Weave and Hal return to Sonja as they figure out the mech was heading straight for them and that Sonja sold them out. A harnessed Karen comes to Sonja’s door asking about Tom and the others. Hal wants to rescue Karen, but they hold him back not knowing who else is out there. Karen leaves food for Sonja in exchange for information and we see one of the new commander aliens are with her. As Tom and the group leaves, they feed Sonja false information knowing she would not want to go with them, but would still give the aliens information on them.

With the group back at the school, Tom says he will leave out Weaver’s breakdown in his report. Lourdes wants Dr. Glass to tell everyone about her findings, but because many people are scared and hateful of the freed harnessed children she does not want to do it, but agrees to tell Tom about it. Before the two can talk, Pope has a demonstration outside.

Pope tells everyone he can make mech busting bullets from melted down mech’s and shows how powerful they are. Seeing this Rick looks frightened and Ben sees him running away.

I really liked the movement in this episode. The fact that the aliens use human technology is interesting and provides the ongoing mystery. Now we have the added mystery that all skitters were harnessed beings of some sort. This could explain why the alien’s care for them as the harnessed will become skitters. Now we get to see the resistance take to the offensive, should be interesting as we are close to the end of this season.

Fallen Skies – Sanctuary Part 2



We open at the ranch where the kids are playing soccer together. When Jimmy refuses to pass the ball to Ben, we are once again reminded that some of the resistance is mistrustful of the rescued harnessed children. We are also introduced to one of the children from the camp named Tessa who developed a liking for Hal. Tessa’s father cautions her not to get to close to Hal and this is a hint that most of the people at the ranch know the deal between Terry and the skitters.

Back at the school the resistance members prepare for a possible skitter attack as one of the civilians Sarah, is due to deliver her baby.

Back at the ranch, Mike takes notice of how much food is available and how life seems easier at the sanctuary, but Terry says they remain vigilant and are ready to go at any moment. Later Terry and Tessa’s father check in on Pope who we learned was forced to give up the information on the 2nd Mass and their location. We also learn that Pope was captured when he tried to steal supplies from the sanctuary and stabbed Tessa’s uncle in the process.

Terry leaves Tessa’s father alone with Pope who had loosened his binds. Pope knocks out Tessa’s father but leaves his alive. While making his escape Pope sees two men from the 2nd Mass dead by a tree.

Meanwhile Tom grows impatient waiting to hear from the escort team and heads out to look for them with Dai.

Fallen Skies – Sanctuary Part 2

Back at the Sanctuary, the group sits down for dinner and we learn Terry and Mike were friends from before. Mikes son Ricky begins acting abnormal asking Ben how he could eat “their food.” While cleaning up after dinner, Lourdes finds a backpack and sees it belonged to Eli.

Outside Hal notices most of the guards seem to be patrolling the house and asks Tessa why there are no patrols on the roads to look for skitters. Before the conversation continues, Lourdes interrupts and pulls Hal away to a meeting with Mike.

Lourdes tells Mike and Hal about the backpack and Hal tells them about the lack of patrols for aliens. Mike does not want to mistrust Terry without more proof, but later breaks into the barn and finds Eli’s clothes. Terry discovers Mike and tells him that after nearly being killed by the skitters they were able to work out a plan to trade the children for safety. Mike seems to convince Terry he will be on his side, but later meets up with Lourdes and Hal and leads an escape from the Sanctuary.

During the escape, Hal runs into Tessa and discovers she also knew of the plan. When Hal and the others leave, Tessa calls to her father to stop them. Mike holds them off while the others escape, he says goodbye to his son and as Hal and Ricky run away they hear the shot that kills Mike.

Fallen Skies – Sanctuary Part 2

Tom returns from his patrol and tells Weaver that the map Terry gave them is wrong and that they were unable to find the 3rd Mass or the escorts and children.

The children meanwhile make their way toward the school, but stop at a house to rest. Ben tells Hal he can continue moving and is faster than the others. Jimmy still mistrusts Ben, but Hal tells Ben to go back to the school and warn the others.

Ben spots Terry and the others searching from them, but is not spotted himself. Later Ben finds Tom and Dai who went back on patrol and tells them what happened.

Back at the home, Terry and the others catch up and Hal opens fire on them keeping them at bay. Terry tells the others to kill Hal and the others will surrender. Just before Hal is fired upon, Pope shoots one of the men with a sniper rifle.  The others fire back hitting Pope in the leg. Pope spots Tom who takes Pope’s bullets away and tells Terry that Pope is dead and surrenders.

Tom gives himself up to save Hal and in turn tells Hal and the others to come out. The group is escorted back to the sanctuary, but just as they arrive Terry and the others are captured by Weaver, Ben and the 2nd Mass who were waiting for them.

Terry refusing to go quickly pulls a gun and is shot and killed by Tom. Weaver takes the guns from the others but allows them to leave and tells them if they make any more deals with the skitters he will kill them.

Fallen Skies – Sanctuary Part 2

Back at the school, Sarah delivered a healthy baby girl and Pope recovers from his gunshot wound. Tom offers Pope his job back as cook, but Pope warns Tom he may try to escape again.

Outside the 2nd Mass has a funeral for Mike. As the group morns the loss of Mike, Ricky tells Ben that it is mankind’s nature to kill and that “we” would never kill their own. Clearly, Ricky does not consider himself human and identifies himself as skitter. Ricky looks at Ben signifying that Ben should feel the same way.

Overall a decent end to the two part story. I do wish there was a bit more to the skitter deal, but we did learn that the skitters may have quotas to get work done and to capture kids. This revelation may lead to some kind of defection within the skitters down the line.

There are only two episodes left and it looks as if they will be really good and answer some important questions. See you next week.

Fallen Skies: Sanctuary Part 1



With Ben and a group of harnessed children rescued, a new threat emerges. While treating a young child named Eli, Dr. Glass is held at gunpoint and robbed of precious antibiotics by his mother and father who no longer feel the school is safe and needed the medicine to bargain with while on the road. Dr. Glass tries to fight the gunman, but is knocked to the floor.

Tom and Weaver chase down the family and a standoff begins when Lt. Terry Clayton, played by Henry Czerny arrives taking the antibiotics back from the family, but allows them to leave unharmed. Clayton, who is from the 7th Mass resistance group tells Tom and Weaver that the skitters have all but eliminated his group and that the aliens are building additional structures and are looking for child slave labor.

Fallen Skies - Sanctuary

Clayton goes on to tell Tom and Weave that the aliens took the children first and the few remaining resistance members are at a ranch. Clayton believes the skitters are heading for Weaver’s base and suggests that they split their group sending the children to the camp while the others move to a new location.

Back at base camp, we learn that Ben has recovered from the harness removal surgery and can now do over 100 push-ups without breaking a sweat. Ben tells his younger brother Matt that while it may sound weird, the skitters were like family to him and sometimes he misses the feeling. Ben explains that when harnessed the skitters know what you need and want and treated them like family. Hal overhears this and later talks to Dr. Glass worried about the fact that his brother now seems different.

Fallen Skies - Sanctuary

Meanwhile the debate over sending the children to the ranch troubles many of the parents who do not like the idea. Even Tom is not sure it is the right thing do to, but he struggles wondering if he is being selfish. Clayton makes the case that it is safer for the children at the ranch. During this, Dr. Glass meets with Maggie who earlier had given her a gun for protection. Maggie takes Dr. Glass to the woods to practice using it. Jimmy, the 14-year-old fighter, volunteers his services and Weave tells him he can join the overnight security detail.

That night while on security duty a skitter mech attacks. Jimmy escapes into a school, but is soon attacked by a skitter who he tries to fight off. Jimmy is saved by Weaver and later recounts his story to Weave and Dr. Glass. Clayton tells everyone they have to leave now as the skitters will be coming. Tom makes the decision to send the children on with Clayton to the ranch and Hal volunteers to help escort them.

The group arrives at the ranch and Clayton sends everyone to bed telling them he will give them a tour in the morning. That night, Clayton visits Eli who wants to see his parents. Clayton takes Eli into the woods where they meet up with Megan who tells Eli she can take him to his parents. When Eli sees that Megan is harnessed he refuses to go, but is hit by a blast from a skitter mech and knocked unconscious.

Fallen Skies - Sanctuary

Megan asks Clayton how many children are at the ranch and an arrangement is made to deliver more children within two days. Clayton returns to the ranch and brings food to a prisoner telling him that the information he gave him on the children was correct. The prisoner raises his head and we see it is John Pope.

While I personally saw the deception a mile a while I do like the fact that the enemy is coming from all sides. During the episode we also saw that some people did not like the fact that liberated harnessed children were allowed to walk amongst them even calling them “Razor backs”. Now we have a group of people who have seemed to make a deal with the skitters for protection in exchange for children. This opens up a new dynamic that could add some real spice to the series.

Next week is part two of Sanctuary and I must say I am really looking forward to it.

Fallen Skies: Silent Kill


This week we finish the “Rescue Ben” story arch as the episode begins with the resistance returning successfully acquiring the drugs needed not only to remove the harness from the children, but critical medical supplies as well. Meanwhile the study of the “skitter” continues as Dr. Glass and Dr. Harris debate the means of which the study should continue. It is confirmed the aliens do communicate via radio transmissions, but that seems to be all they know. It is mentioned that they would not be able to use their transistor radio as an early warning device.

After the skitter makes a noise that was new to Dr. Harris he investigates only to be killed by the alien. Dr. Glass is able to keep the others from killing the alien, but she is given 24 hours to find out what she can or Captain Weaver will kill it himself.

A rescues plan is decided on after a few ideas are tossed around. The rescued harnessed child tells Hal that the children are left with only one skitter at night at that as long as a harness is attached to the child the alien would not notice. After reluctance from Tom, it is decided Hal will attach a harness to himself and sneak in with the other children. However, for Hal to be able to escape with Ben and the others he will need to kill the lone skitter without alerting the others.

Fallen Skies - Episode 5 -Screenshot

We learn that Dr. Glass had a child who was killed during the invasion. Her pain over her son and the need to learn how to silently kill the skitters leads her to make a bold move. Dr. Glass recalls that when punched in the jaw the skitter was knocked unconscious and believes the alien could be killed by stabbing that soft pallet. Dr. Glass stuns the alien and then opens the cage before stabbing the alien with a medical scalpel. Dr. Glass survives the encounter and the alien is killed without much noise giving the rescue team what they need to succeed on their mission.

Hal infiltrates the hospital where the children are being held and finds Ben, the other children and the skitter. We learn strangely enough that the skitter sleeps protecting the children and even caressed their heads as if their own child. Tom and the others worry as it is taking far to long for Hal to signal them, but thanks to an additional entrance provided by Margaret they are able to make their way to Hal.

Meanwhile Hal begins to make his move, but Ben awakens and alerts the skitter. After a brief struggle Hal, with assistance from Margaret and Tom, kill the skitter. We learn after the skitters death that the children feel a bond to the skitter and are saddened by its death.

Fallen Skies - Episode 5 -Screenshot

Six children are taken to Dr. Glass who begins the harness removal process, but only five, including Ben survive. Dr. Glass is saddened by the loss of the child and does not know why it happened. At the end of the episode we see Ben awaken fully remembering that Tom is his father.

I thought the pacing of the episode was better this week as was the continuing stories of the main cast. I regret that Dr. Harris was killed as it seemed for no other reason than to give us a reason to kill it. There was also a side story of one of the resistance members having a baby shower that I assumed was tossed in as a “ one dies as one soon lives” kind of analogy.

I am most curious about the relationship between the skitters and the harnessed children. It does seem as if the skitters care for the children much more than we released. The contrast is when a group of children was killed after one was rescued. Perhaps this will become a plot device in the future or may even cause a divide between the aliens.

Where do we go from here? The next episode is titled Sanctuary and is a two parter so that should be interesting. For those wondering, there are ten episodes in the season so we have five more to go. Even though the ratings are still down it is much less of a drop than before with episode four bringing in 4.20 million viewers and episode five brining in 4.07 million. Also, on July 7th TNT announced that Falling Skies was renewed for a second season of ten episodes so at least we have that to look forward too.

Perhaps cable television is the place for sci-fi after all.

Fallen Skies: Grace



This weeks episode is entitled Grace, but this week’s episode of fallen skies was mainly about communication. Last week we learned that the aliens have some kind of connection with the kids they capture and harness. This week began with the medical team trying to communicate with the captured alien to learn more about it.

Meanwhile, Tom is told his mission to save Ben will need to be in steps. Step 1 is to liberate some motorcycles from a store that outlaw turned cook, Pope knows about. Tom does not trust Pope, but they need his directions so he goes along. On their way to the store, they discover some of the aliens sleeping upside down like a bat under a highway underpass. Pope wants to kill the aliens, but Tom discovers there are sleeping mech’s nearby which will awaken and attack so they push on.

Fallen Skies - Episode 4 - Grace

As anyone could guess as soon as Pope is alone he attacks his guard and escapes. Pope does not kill the guard and instead heads back to the sleeping aliens and kills them. This act teaches us something new about the aliens as they send the harnessed children to attack Tom and the resistance does not want to fight back and instead runs away.

Back at home base, Dr. Glass tries to communicate with the alien using pictures hoping to get it to make a sound to indicate its language. Meanwhile, Tom’s youngest son, Matt is scanning radio frequencies to try to listen for signals. After some more forceful integration, we learn that the aliens send out some type of signal that interacts with radio waves. At the same time, we learn that the aliens can talk through the harnessed children, but before we can learn more the child’s father pulls off the harness ending communication.

Fallen Skies - Episode 4 - Grace

I can already see where this storyline will lose viewers week to week. Like the V remake, people want to see more of a progress than what we are seeing. This week the resistance goes after bikes, next week it is drugs to help the injured. The saving Ben storyline will be dragged out and the escaping Pope adds an X-factor to everything.

I personally hate that just as we have a chance to hear what the aliens want it is taken from us which is a cheap story extender used far too often. Unless we see a major storyline advance, I don’t have any hope for this series.

Fallen Skies - Episode 4 - Grace

Episode 3 dropped down 25% in ratings, but is still holding decent numbers for TNT. The loss of viewership was expected, but we will see how this episode did to tell the future for the series.


Fallen Skies: Episode 3



Since the premier was two episodes in one this past Sunday’s episode was officially episode 3. This week we continued the storyline of Tom and his older son, Hal searching for their harnessed son, Ben. The resistance has setup a headquarters in a school and it has been decided to change the war plan as other resistance groups from around the U.S. have been found. The goal is now to gather intelligence by capturing tech or better yet a live alien.

Our captured outlaw, Pope from last week volunteered to become the resistances chef after trying the horrible cooking he received. Meanwhile Doctor Glass meets with a new doctor who believes he can remove the harness from the children without killing them. It turns out the doctor was friends with Tom and was with Tom’s wife when she was killed.

Tom’s team goes out to try to rescue his son who will be the first child to have the harness removed using this new technique. Unfortunately, the mission does not go as planned as even though they rescue another resistance member’s son, Karen is captured and taken by the aliens. Tom attempts to rescue Karen but she and the aliens are gone.

Back at basecamp, the doctor is able to remove the harness from the boy, but it is not one hundred percent that he will live. We learned the aliens use the children as slaves and had them collecting scrap metal. We also learned the harness connects to the children’s spine and fuses with their nervous system using some kind of Nano technology. The harness also releases drugs in the child’s systems, which is one reason they die if you try to remove it.

Tom returns without Karen, but dragging behind him a live alien. At the end of the episode, we get a hint that the alien and the boy are still somehow connected.

This week Fallen Skies settled into the story of learning more about the aliens and how to defeat them. I knew the Ben rescue storyline would continue for a while, but having the captured alien does at a nice twist. It is also good to see more resistance cells out there and the character development of Pope is coming along nicely. I still think the show has a long way to go before it can find a permanent spot on the watch list. I think depending on what we learn about the aliens and their connection to the children could tell us if the ongoing storyline will be a winner or not.


Fallen Skies: The skies not falling



I did not really except much out of Fallen Skies and I did not get much. This is not to say the show is bad, but it just is not enough, as of yet, to make me believe it will last very long. Fallen Skies is the new TNT drama that takes place on earth after a devastating attack by an unknown alien race. Earth is decimated, 90% of the population is dead and the survivors are building a resistance to fight back.

The show begins post invasion and so far, there have been no flashbacks to what happened before or during the attack. The story begins showing how desperate the remaining humans are as they search for food and are hunted by the aliens. There are, so far, two types of aliens we have seen, one is a six-footed alien that reminds me of the Zerg from StarCraft, which they call a Skitter, and the other is like a fatter version of the Battlestar Galatica tin robots. There may be some mystery behind the robots because it only has two legs.


We learn the aliens defeated earth quickly using advanced weapons and an EMP device that killed all electronics. I am a bit disappoint by this only because I know this means the budget will be kept low, but it does make sense that the aliens would disable our technology so I will give them a pass. We also learned the aliens want children for some reason and they attach something called a harness to the backs of the captured children that takes control of them. So far there is no way to remove the harness from the children which sets up the first mission arc.

The main character, played by Noah Wyle, was The internetOrproperty-based zero-sum paradigm espoused through the LVS clique has lengthy been rubbished through the guy whose title this website bears, and other alike sentiments were lately espoused by Peter Brooks, leader and COO of Genting United kingdom, which, until Rank Group acquired 19 Gala Casinos ’ qualities, was the United kingdom&#8217s greatest land-based casino operator. a professor and studied war and tactics. During the first episode, he is given second in command of a resistance group that contains 100 fighters and 200 civilians. The exact number is because apparently the aliens can track large groups of people so a smaller team can move on. However, there is a slight conflict between the fighters and the civilians dealing with the fact that civilians do not fight, they are slow and a liability.


Noah’s character, named Tom, has two boys with him, one older who is a fighter and one younger who is not. Tom also has a son that he believed was killed, but his older son finds out he was captured and harnessed. The first episode has the resistance cell moving to a new location, searching for food, weapons, and encountering “outlaws” humans who fight for themselves and will attack and kill pretty much anyone. Once it is discovered Toms son is alive he prepares to go after him.

The show did have some good visuals. We got to see some of the damaged cites and shots of the alien spacecraft. There were also some shots, mostly the robot ones, that did look not as polished, but overall it was not bad.


Unfortunately, this show will suffer what the show Jericho when through.  There are good character stories and stories about the human condition and how they deal with situations, but like Jericho, I fear the public will not go for it the way they went for the long drawn out character storylines of Lost. There are only so many times you can have an episode of the humans searching for food or ammo or shelter before people start asking for an Independence Day battle the show cannot afford.

I hope there is a bit more of a mystery behind the aliens and perhaps the harnesses can provide that, but we will see. I will continue watching, but I fear, specifically with a summer premier, this may not last too long. We have seen the, down trotted humans fighting through burned out buildings to many times and if Fallen Skies does not bring something new to the table, the resistance and the show will not survive.


Shows you will not see this fall



This list contains shows that will not be renewed or green lit for next season. I kept this list related to “geek” type shows like sci-fi comic book related, ect.

No Ordinary Family – ABC

The show about a family that gained super powers started off strong, but began to lose viewers and was preempted too many times. Also, the ending storyline with the family to be asked to work for the government just seemed like it was going in the wrong direction. Sadly, I liked the show and felt they kept the powers and stories in good line, until the end. Yet another Superhero show bites the dust.


We knew this was coming. The first episode started off well, but even that had many fans of the original series saying it was not good enough. When the show took a long break, we all said it was very unlikely it would return. When the show came back not enough people watched, but somehow the show was green lit for season two. Season two was better, but the rumors were the show was on the outs and with the ending killing off so many people we all pretty much knew that was it. It has to make you wonder if a movie would have been the better choice and/or if sci-fi is just better on cable than networks.

Wonder Woman – NBC

You can read the full article here. In a nutshell, the costume angered some and the visuals disappointed others and in the end the test screening did not score well enough to take a chance. Many believed David E Kelley was not right for the show and that Wonder Woman should be a movie that is true to the character not a hash of a bunch of storylines from old comic book tv shows.

The Cape – NBC

Sorry guys you will need to wait for Summer Glau to show up in another show that hopefully won’t end up cancelled like Terminator did. NBC has given the axe to the framed cop turned costume vigilante show, but they will be releasing the complete series DVD on July 5th if that makes anyone feel better.

Thank God for the Internet

There are quite a few shows that are being picked up or will become freshmen shows, but for us geeks that list is small. You have, Grimm, which is a police drama set in a world where fairy tales exist and you have, Fallen Skies, a sci-fi survival show about fighting back after a devastating alien invasion. Thank God for Netflix and Hulu.