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Fallen Skies: The skies not falling



I did not really except much out of Fallen Skies and I did not get much. This is not to say the show is bad, but it just is not enough, as of yet, to make me believe it will last very long. Fallen Skies is the new TNT drama that takes place on earth after a devastating attack by an unknown alien race. Earth is decimated, 90% of the population is dead and the survivors are building a resistance to fight back.

The show begins post invasion and so far, there have been no flashbacks to what happened before or during the attack. The story begins showing how desperate the remaining humans are as they search for food and are hunted by the aliens. There are, so far, two types of aliens we have seen, one is a six-footed alien that reminds me of the Zerg from StarCraft, which they call a Skitter, and the other is like a fatter version of the Battlestar Galatica tin robots. There may be some mystery behind the robots because it only has two legs.


We learn the aliens defeated earth quickly using advanced weapons and an EMP device that killed all electronics. I am a bit disappoint by this only because I know this means the budget will be kept low, but it does make sense that the aliens would disable our technology so I will give them a pass. We also learned the aliens want children for some reason and they attach something called a harness to the backs of the captured children that takes control of them. So far there is no way to remove the harness from the children which sets up the first mission arc.

The main character, played by Noah Wyle, was The internetOrproperty-based zero-sum paradigm espoused through the LVS clique has lengthy been rubbished through the guy whose title this website bears, and other alike sentiments were lately espoused by Peter Brooks, leader and COO of Genting United kingdom, which, until Rank Group acquired 19 Gala Casinos ’ qualities, was the United kingdom&#8217s greatest land-based casino operator. a professor and studied war and tactics. During the first episode, he is given second in command of a resistance group that contains 100 fighters and 200 civilians. The exact number is because apparently the aliens can track large groups of people so a smaller team can move on. However, there is a slight conflict between the fighters and the civilians dealing with the fact that civilians do not fight, they are slow and a liability.


Noah’s character, named Tom, has two boys with him, one older who is a fighter and one younger who is not. Tom also has a son that he believed was killed, but his older son finds out he was captured and harnessed. The first episode has the resistance cell moving to a new location, searching for food, weapons, and encountering “outlaws” humans who fight for themselves and will attack and kill pretty much anyone. Once it is discovered Toms son is alive he prepares to go after him.

The show did have some good visuals. We got to see some of the damaged cites and shots of the alien spacecraft. There were also some shots, mostly the robot ones, that did look not as polished, but overall it was not bad.


Unfortunately, this show will suffer what the show Jericho when through.  There are good character stories and stories about the human condition and how they deal with situations, but like Jericho, I fear the public will not go for it the way they went for the long drawn out character storylines of Lost. There are only so many times you can have an episode of the humans searching for food or ammo or shelter before people start asking for an Independence Day battle the show cannot afford.

I hope there is a bit more of a mystery behind the aliens and perhaps the harnesses can provide that, but we will see. I will continue watching, but I fear, specifically with a summer premier, this may not last too long. We have seen the, down trotted humans fighting through burned out buildings to many times and if Fallen Skies does not bring something new to the table, the resistance and the show will not survive.


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