Mega Man VII

So we take a look at Mega Man VII for the SNES. The game is definitely worth checking and going over as it’s probably one of the better SNES Mega Man games.

Mega Man VII - snes- gameplay screenshot

The music is Capcom’s soundtrack at its best. It’s as enjoyable as the NES counter parts and very fulfilling! The transition from NES Mega Man to SNES Mega Man was a success! The sound effects could have been a little better but I understand what they were trying to do especially with the release of the X series. The main idea was to make Mega Man a more kid friendly game because X was more of a serious game. That’s just my theory and that’s just how it looks like.

Mega Man VII - snes- gameplay screenshot

The graphics are quite enriching and beautiful for such a SNES title. Mega Man has never looked more lively and he is quite enjoyable to look at especially when you aren’t doing anything with him and he just stares side to side. You know he wants to shoot at stuff! Either way, all the classic Mega Man characters are here including Proto Man and the introduction of Bass starts in this game as well. They all look sharp and lively, it’s a great sight especially to gamers that were playing 8-bit Mega Man all these years.

Mega Man VII - snes- gameplay screenshot

There is not much to say about the Gameplay, it’s Mega Man after all! Mega man is known for its action packed shooting everywhere levels! The bosses are as tough as ever and represent a great challenge. The introduction to collecting clamps as money to create new items and such was a great addition to the series. It gave it more of an RPG taste and helped you through your quest to defeat Dr. Wily.

Mega Man VII - snes- gameplay screenshot

Mega Man games have been known for having amazing replay value and this one is no different. I can always go back to this one and beat it in a single run from time to time. It’s just a very enjoyable game and believe it or not, I feel the same way about many of the NES counterparts. There is just so much joy of defeating robot masters and shooting everywhere that never gets all. Mega Man is where it’s at for replay value.


Finally, this game is a must have for any collector or player. You will get a side-scroller that’s definitely worth every single penny. You might end up paying a little too much for this game but it’s a great addition and gameplay experience to anyone! Be sure not to miss this game, and don’t forget to check out the X series for the same console. Till next week!

MegaMan 2 Ending


There was something about this ending. Perhaps it had that “The Hulk” feeling with David Banner walking down the lonely road in the old television show or maybe it was seeing Dr. Wily on his knees begging for mercy. Seeing the weather change as our hero heads home and the final shot of his helmet before we get the credits, it had a cinematic feel to it.


The entire game had some great music and was so fun to play, a true classic.


Yeah! That’s the name of this article! FUCK YOU, CAPCOM!

Whoa, whoa, calm down there, buddy! Take a breather and tell us what’s wrong.

You want to know what’s wrong, readers? Are you deaf? Are you daft? Stupid? Or just plain retarded? Didn’t you hear? They are cancelling the Mega Man franchise! The Mega Man franchise! The whole goddamn thing! Do you even-

So what? Mega Man has been dead for awhi-

Look At That GQ Smile

Don’t you say it! Don’t you dare even say that blasphemous shit! Mega Man is as healthy and as vibrant as ever! Mega Man Network seemed to sell well amongst the little ones! Mega Man 9 & 10 were a great homage to the past and beginnings of our rock n’ roll android hero! Mega Man Zero and ZX kept to the hardcore, instant death pitfall, metal crunching insanity of the old Mega Man X style of game play. The Zero series was the most badass installment for the franchise outside of all the stupid ELF shit!

Umar, Mega Man was cool on the NES. Nothing about the franchise is-

Did I say you could speak, smegma breath? Did you even play Marvel VS Capcom 3? Do you watch the tournaments for the game? Do you know who is one of the most badass characters chosen? That’s right. It isn’t Wesker or Arthur! It’s the Maverick-fucking Reploid, Zero! How can you compete against a robot with a plasma gun and a lightsaber? How? You can’t even concoct an answer for that kind of shit! Even EMPs don’t do a thing to him.

I see your point. That does sound pretty darn bad ass!

Thank you! I’m glad we’ve come to an understanding on the travesty set before us!

Looks Like You Won, Wily!

Capcom… what the fuck, man? Why are you doing this shit to me? My daughter is due in a couple of days. How am I going to explain this to her? “Daddy?”, she’s going to ask me, “Why aren’t there any games with super fighting robots? Perhaps ones with androids that thwart the plans of a comically evil mad scientist who time and time again proves he is untrustworthy. Why hasn’t this existed?” After a pause that thickens the air she will look at me baffled. “Daddy? Why are you crying?”

This is like telling me Disney World is closing down. Do you fucking grasp the literal hole you’ve placed in my heart? I went to the doctor and they told me I have a HOLE which shouldn’t be there in my heart! Thanks for handing out my death certificate, you reapers of childhood dreams! Thanks for killing away Mega Man while Sonic the Hedgehog thrives in the festering mounds of shit it has enterprised on.

I can’t handle this insanity, Capcom. I don’t even know what else to tell you!

“Good luck with your future endeavors!” No, I wouldn’t wish you safe tidings on your journey without Mega Man.

“I hope it all turns out well.” We both know this would be a lie pouring out between the gaps of my teeth.

“Please bring back Mega Man!” As much as I despise you right now, as much as my stomach twists in knots, as much as my blood boils in unbridled wrath, I know pleading won’t bring back Mega Man. I’m realistic about this kind of shit. You just don’t care. You’ve lost money and cut your losses. Mega Man isn’t cool right? It’s all about Lost Planets, Ace Attorneys, and Street Fighters. No room in your hearts for an android boy and his dog Rush? It’s fine. You may kill one of the greatest heroes of all time but you’ll never kill off Dr. Wily’s Stage song in Mega Man 2. That sweet harmony will always resonate in my heart and echo within my soul forever!

But seriously, though…

Fuck you!

Mega Man II

MegaMan 2- Gameplay ScreenshotMega Man II

Mega Man 2 has been named the best Mega Man game for the NES for many different reasons. Unlike the rest of the games excluding Mega Man 1, the game continues on from where it left off. I’m not sure if this entirely true as in some later Mega Man games Dr. Wily gets freed by his robots so that would only indicate that he was successfully placed in jail at the last Mega Man game. It doesn’t really matter anyways because we play these games for the awesome classic gameplay and Mega Man is king of it. The game plays great and with the usually great Mega Man soundtrack, you’ll be loving this game all the way through.

MegaMan 2- Gameplay Screenshot


The Mega buster charge shot is missing in this game as it wasn’t introduced until Mega Man 4 so you’ll be having some tough times ahead. The regular Mega buster does damage the robot masters in strong quantities. In fact, you can defeat all the robot masters with just your mega buster in normal mode. Speaking of modes, the game comes with two modes, normal mode and hard mode. I’m sure you can figure out which is which and what they do so I won’t go into further details. As with every Mega Man game once you defeat the robot master you’ll gain their power and be able to use it for the rest of the game. You will also gain additional gadgets that looked more like Rush’s body parts that will help you in your quest.

MegaMan 2- Gameplay Screenshot

The goal is quite simple as you defeat the eight robot masters and then head to Dr. Wily’s castle. There you will go through various levels until you reach the end. It’s odd that in some Mega Man games he decides to go all around the castle only to end up in an area where he could have just gone around and skip all the battles. It’s alright though, this only benefits to you and the replay value.

There is not much more to say about this game except that it’s a true classic and it should not be ignored. The game is might affordable for the NES but if you are aiming for the Famicom version get ready to pay up big time. The complete in a box Rockman 2 can go well over one hundred dollars. My advice, stick with the NES version.

Mega Man 4

Megaman 4 - Nintendo Box

Mega Man 4

This is the first Mega Man I ever played back in the NES era. Anyways, the game is just your average Mega Man game with all new eight robot masters and the same evil doer behind each Mega Man game. This time around there is another Dr. behind this although he was being controller by Dr. Wily.


Mega_Man_4_NES_Title Screen

Furthermore, the game is your basic Mega Man title on the NES. With all new levels and the newly added mega buster you are going to have lots of more fun! har har well sort of….you still have to go through the robot masters beat up ratio. You can also destroy them with the mega buster if you are one of those hardcore mega man players. There are also the usual E tanks to help you in boss battles and also your allies Rush and Beat. Well, there is not much to tell about this game. One of the best features I like of this game is the music. In my opinion, the music is amazing and will keep you coming for more.


So that’s about it, try this game out and any of the other Mega Man games because I’m sure you will enjoy them. Also, be sure to get lots of practice to play Mega Man 9 on your virtual console. Now that’s a big challenge!