Mega Man 4

Megaman 4 - Nintendo Box

Mega Man 4

This is the first Mega Man I ever played back in the NES era. Anyways, the game is just your average Mega Man game with all new eight robot masters and the same evil doer behind each Mega Man game. This time around there is another Dr. behind this although he was being controller by Dr. Wily.


Mega_Man_4_NES_Title Screen

Furthermore, the game is your basic Mega Man title on the NES. With all new levels and the newly added mega buster you are going to have lots of more fun! har har well sort of….you still have to go through the robot masters beat up ratio. You can also destroy them with the mega buster if you are one of those hardcore mega man players. There are also the usual E tanks to help you in boss battles and also your allies Rush and Beat. Well, there is not much to tell about this game. One of the best features I like of this game is the music. In my opinion, the music is amazing and will keep you coming for more.


So that’s about it, try this game out and any of the other Mega Man games because I’m sure you will enjoy them. Also, be sure to get lots of practice to play Mega Man 9 on your virtual console. Now that’s a big challenge!

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  • All the original Mega Man games are the best and Jesus, so freaking HARD!

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