Profiled: Aidan Price

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Name: Adian Price

Company: East Asia Soft

east asia soft

Title: Game Designer

Favorite Classic Game: Contra

lostseagame logo

We sat down with Aidan Price from East Asia Soft to talk about their upcoming game Lost Sea and about Aidan’s gaming influences which included classic games such as the original Super Mario Bros. and Contra for the NES. Aidan also worked on a number of projects before his work as game designer on Lost Sea included Brink and Magic the Gathering: Duels of the Planeswalkers. Aidan comes to us from Hong Kong so we can add that stamp to our virtual passport of places we have visited on Gamer Profiles and he gave us some inside into how gamers and arcades are a bit different than in the States and his native U.K. so check out the interview and let us know what you think.


Contra: Hard Corps



Contra: Hard Corps

Let me start by saying that while this is a true, crazy Contra game, Hard Corps was a bit of a disappointment.
The good parts: You can play as 4 different characters, which would be great for the replay value….if it were possible to actually finish the game the first time.

The graphics are absolutely beautiful (as expected); there are some cool cut-scenes; heat-seeking-missile guns are always a good thing; there’s enough variation in bad-guys to make it interesting; the bosses are many and very well designed……

Here’s the problem: Where the earlier Contra games (arcade and console) are notorious for their difficulty and 1-hit kills, at least there is a high fun-factor in overcoming the challenges and looking for the patterns…. Hard Corps does not have this. Here’s why:

Whenever you shoot something, which is constantly, your enemy explodes in a beautiful shower of fireballs. The problem……’s so huge and bright, you’re constantly being cheap-killed by a stray bullet!!! The normal dexterity needed to play these games are normally reserved for AD&D 2nd Edition Thieves (Yep, I’m old). I get that. But, when you can’t see what you’re trying to dodge, it just takes all the fun out it. I’m not freaking Daredevil! (2nd nerd drop..I’m done)

If you’re a fan of this genre, or a Contra completist…go for it. It has all the juicy goodness of awesome weapons, cool music, huge bosses, robots, and great controls. But for me, I’m going back to Contra III, for the SNES….and that’s saying something, because I’ve always been a ‘Sega over Nintendo’ guy.


Overall: 6/10 solo 7/10 co-op

BurgerTime World Record attempt accompanies launch of new version on Wednesday

BurgerTime World Record

In celebration of the XBox Live release of Burgertime World Tour on Wednesday, a new world record score will fall on a version of the original classic.

Groton, CT gamer Eric Cummings will be firing up his classic Nintendo Entertainment System and taking aim at the official world record score on the original BurgerTime cartridge for the system.  According to Twin Galaxies, the current BurgerTime world record on the NES version is 225,650, a score Cummings has been able to triple in practice games.

Cummings is no stranger to NES world record scores, currently holding the record scores on titles such as Contra, Shadowgate and Super Dodge Ball and appearing in theGuinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2011 for Bonk’s Adventure.  The broadcast will abide by Twin Galaxies rules and is being recorded for official submission to the organization.

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The Pirates Cove: Famicom Carts

Here they are my latest Famicom finds and they are all pirate carts!! Oh yes these are all pirate carts for some pretty fun games:

Famicom Pirate Cartridges 1

That game you see with the airplanes is actually Tetris. I don’t know why there are airplanes all over the cart but I guess they were trying to make it look cool. There is also Adventure Island, Sky Kid, and some Namcot baseball game.

Famicom Pirate Cartridges 2

Then finally the top games of this find. Behold are Contra, Super Mario Bros, Yu Yu Hakusho + Dragon Ball Z, and some strategy game. These are actually the carts that cost me that most. The Yu Yu Hakusho is pretty unique which lets you play the whole dark tournament saga and maybe even more since I haven’t gotten that far yet. You can also pick which fighter you’ll fight with and they also have their own unique powers!!
Famicom Pirate Cartridges 3

Well that’s about it. Lots of good stuff here and there. There will be more new things in the future so stay tuned.

Super Contra

Super Contra - NES Box

Super Contra

The contra series was the game to play back in the day for many reasons. One of them being for its great replay value and another was for the great challenge and level design. I can’t explain how satisfying destroying everyone in your way feels but if you played the game, you know what I mean. This game is a must play for any NES player or Nintendo player overall because it’s just that great. The challenge can make you want to stay away from it but it only takes some practice and the “S” weapon to kick ass with ease. I myself I’m still trying to beat the game without losing any lives which is a very tough task to complete but I’ll do it eventually after all practice makes perfect.

Super Contra - NES Gameplay Screenshot

Super C has some of the craziest bosses around including aliens and Helicopters and more aliens well if you played it you’ll see all of them. One of the more interesting things about this game is the so called Konami code that’ll give you 30 lives for those of you who die a lot. I highly suggest playing the game without the code since it’ll give you a challenge to accomplish man I can’t remember how many times I died practicing levels with this game but now I can go through it with ease. Well that’s about it if you want a challenge and best of all play it with a friend then pick up Super C at your local thrift stores or try ebay if you don’t want to travel. The price range for this game is 15-20 dollars so expect to pay that at least. Until next time!

Famiclone: Power Joy 3

Famiclone Power Joy Controler

So which Famiclone have you used the most? For me, the Power Joy 3 is the only Famiclone I’ve used but lately it has been giving me problems. For example, this Famiclone is only made up of a N64 style controller with the cartridge slot in the back of it. The problem with that is that I can easily move the cart out of place and therefore mess up the whole game and then I’ll have to start over.

Another problem with this Famiclone is the cartridge slot itself. It seems it was only made for pirate carts because most of my licensed carts can’t seem to fit in any possible way. It’s very annoying since the Famiclone is supposed to make it real handy to just plug and play but it becomes annoying in the end. I have to end up playing my Famicom carts in my NES or Famicom.

Well I wouldn’t recommend this Famiclone unless you are a pirate freak and hate license games. There are also built in games that make it real handy when you just don’t want to take your carts out. Of course, you get the usual games like Super Mario Bros and Contra but to this day, those games are awesome! Enjoy and hope this little blog helps you decide on future Famiclone purchases.

One last thing, I give this Famiclone a rating as well! This Famiclone gets a three out of five. I’ll have to work on some number graphics for this heheheh.

Lincoln Davis: NCsoft

NCSoft logo
NCSoft logo

Name: Lincoln Davis

Company: NCsoft

Profession: Senior Public Relations Manager

Favorite Classic Game: Contra on NES

Quote: Contra was the first game I was able to complete without dying once. Super Spreads rocks!

Current Event: I’m currently driving the PR surrounding the upcoming launch of Guild Wars 2, sustained PR for Aion and City of Heroes while preparing for other projects we have yet to announce.

Brain Kritzberg: Ninth Dimension Studios

Ninth Dimension logo
Ninth Dimension logo

Name: Brian Kritzberg

Company: Ninth Dimension Studios, LLC

Profession: Producer/Co-Founder

Favorite Classic Game: Contra for NES

Quote: I’m not quite sure why I love this game so much, but I just do!  I must have played it a million times with my best friend growing up and I still play it today.  When a game doesn’t get old after 20 years you know you have a winner!  It had several things going for it; Firstly, it was one of the few games that you could play in Co-Op Mode on NES.  Playing alongside your buddy blowing up galactic henchmen and crazy arm-flailing aliens is always more fun than doing it by yourself!  I also liked the assortment of weapons you could get your hands on; especially the spread-shot gun, where the entire screen was practically enveloped when you fired.  This game actually had really good gameplay, fun graphics, and was quite challenging.  Definitely my top pick!

Jay Stuckwisch: Twisted Pixel Games

Twisted Pixel logo

Name:Jay Stuckwisch

Company: Twisted Pixel Game

Profession: Community Manager / Merchandising Manager

Favorite Classic Game: Contra

Quote: I loved that you were Military Vs. Aliens, pretty awesome!  The mix up of game play was a pretty sweet effect too.  I would have to say that game is what evolved my love for video games and made me want to be a part of this industry.  Game on!!