BurgerTime World Record attempt accompanies launch of new version on Wednesday

BurgerTime World Record

In celebration of the XBox Live release of Burgertime World Tour on Wednesday, a new world record score will fall on a version of the original classic.

Groton, CT gamer Eric Cummings will be firing up his classic Nintendo Entertainment System and taking aim at the official world record score on the original BurgerTime cartridge for the system.  According to Twin Galaxies, the current BurgerTime world record on the NES version is 225,650, a score Cummings has been able to triple in practice games.

Cummings is no stranger to NES world record scores, currently holding the record scores on titles such as Contra, Shadowgate and Super Dodge Ball and appearing in theGuinness World Records Gamer’s Edition 2011 for Bonk’s Adventure.  The broadcast will abide by Twin Galaxies rules and is being recorded for official submission to the organization.

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