Your very first experience with a 3D game and its hits you

Back in 1990s when games were mainly popular on arcades in India,some of the many popular arcade games here were – Cadillacs‑Dinosaurs,Super Mario Bros,Street Fighter 2,King of Fighters,Sonic and some more.

It was the year 1998 when I witnessed the very first 3D game right in front of my retinas.For a complete first 10 minutes of focusing hard on the visuals, I was awestruck. That piece of innovation hit all the right wavelengths in my head to an extent that I could not play it at all(What??You can see that environment in a 360 degree rotation)during my first several attempts.I was fascinated.I loved it! I felt a sudden emergence of an entirely new exuberance in me.The information was too much for the young brain of mine and I shivered in great excitement when I saw what I saw at that time.I am short on words here.

The game I am talking about here was Mortal Combat 4,arcade edition.

The finishing moves were obviously for a 18+ gamer but I suppose that at that time the ratings system was not in place.Even if it was then I must say that it’s still pending implementation in my country and thank goodness for that.


All that gore and ruthless killing in the game, which otherwise, would have hurt my tiny little brain soon transformed to super cool fun.I,with my couple more friends,started to enjoy the game and the new revolutionary “3D-graphics” took our experience of gaming to a whole new level.

For us at that time,even those 500 Tris character models were the most super realistic digital form of moving art ever witnessed in a game before.The ending moves were the parts for what we were playing the game.Soon the two player versus gaming mode took a similar shape as of the previous arcade fighter games offered and it elevated how we used to enjoy digital gaming earlier even more. And then no one wanted to finish a game again and again for fun or for scores.We all just wanted to kick and slam each other’s digital asses for good in 3D.

The impact of this one 3D game was so successful to have put some serious impact on my head at that time and I instantly found ,in my 8th standard of junior schooling, that I wanted to make games in the future as a career. I am pretty sure I wasn’t alone with such an uprising feeling of doing something which was totally fresh as a career option at that time and most of the people didn’t even know how to generalize it with a term.

With time I realized the diversity in this one field and hence I choose to be a 3D designer.I still have to get my hands on my first game design project,but I have been pretty content with what I have done so far.However I am happy with the fact I am doing something which I loved at first glanced.

So let me ask you,which was the first 3D game you played and what impact/change/effect did it have on your brain in terms of gaming experience.

The Interview – Vadim Asadov – iZ3D

iz3d logo
iz3d logo


3D gaming is here, you have already seen the impact 3D has had on movies and television and now 3D gaming will add a new dynamic with Steroscopic 3D. If you want to be on the forefront of 3D gaming you will need the right tools including a PC that can handle 3D gaming, a good 3D monitor and 3D glasses.

Now there are going to be tons of people looking to cash in on 3D gaming, but its best to do your research before you lay down the cash needed to get in the game. Selecting the right parts can not only save you money but insure you get the best 3D gaming experience out there.

iZ3D offers a 22 inch monitor and stylish 3D glasses that are sure to impress. Obsolete Gamer was able to talk to Vadim Asadov, Vice President of Business Development at iZ3D and you can check out his gaming profile as well.

Tell us a little about iZ3D?

iZ3D Inc is a company started as 3D display project in 1999. Our original name was Neurok Optics LLC and then we create joint venture with Chi Mei Optoelectronic from Taiwan – world 3rd biggest display manufacturer. We also created 3d driver to run our display as well as another 3d devices.

What effect will 3D gaming have on PC gaming in general?

It makes it more natural, more immerse, more attractive – and of course will require more GPU power. But it is really hard to return back to flat word after 3D 🙂 I think more and more people will accept 3d soon.

Some people feel it’s still a little early for 3D gaming due to cost of setup what are your thoughts?

I don’t think cost is an issue – check new GPU price – it is high. And modern 3d monitors are not so expensive, may be 20-25% more than common.

Why is it important to select the right monitor, simply put, why purchase the iZ3D 22in monitor?

There are a lot of factor you need to keep in mind for 3D: quality, brightness, resolution, glasses (all 3d monitors use either active or passive glasses). I think 22″ iZ3D is the best combination of all factors important for 3d

You also have a number of 3D glasses, tell us about them?

Glasses are the same technologically – they all are polarization based (same as sport sun glasses). But we have choice for different styles and color – we think it is important for gamers as well.

What games have you played in 3D and which is your favorite?

I’d be happy to play more, but … I like to play WoW from time to time for 3d only – some places there are just amazing!

There are a ton of games out there that are already taking advantage of 3D technology with many more on the horizon. For most it will come down to a matter of budget before they pull the trigger and go 3D, but if you think 3D gaming is just a fad, well they said the same about HD.

Virtual Boy (JAPAN)

Nintendo Virtual Boy System
Nintendo Virtual Boy System

Known too many in the gaming industry as the red menace the Virtual Boy or VR-32 was released to America during the summer of 1985.  The overall goal was to bring a true 3D gaming experience to the Nintendo fanbase one that could be portable and stationary. One of the first problems was the price, retailing at almost $200 at release most gamers took a pass feeling the graphics and design just wasn’t worth the cost. In a little over a year the Virtual Boy was discontinued and Nintendo tried to forget ever attempting the venture.

Many gamers just could not accept the red color and simple graphics of the Virtual Boy. In addition many gamers complained of headaches and eye strain while using the VB. However, there were some fans of the VR-32 that enjoyed some of the 14 games released in the U.S. including Wario Land, Tennis and 3D Tetris, but it just wasn’t enough to save it.

Some felt Nintendo was just overreaching. With the Game Boy being such a megahit many felt Nintendo did not make a real effort to create a new gaming system. It was felt the Virtual Boy offered almost no real advantage over the Game Boy and with the GB costing almost one hundred dollars less most were not willing to shell out more cash.

In the end the Virtual Boy only sold 770,000 units even after slashing its pricing several times. Strangely enough a small reassurance came when toy stores began selling the Virtual Boy for less than fifty dollars, but by then it was more of a collector’s item than a must have system. The VR-32 is still considered a collector’s item today and many sell for upwards of one hundred dollars on eBay.

I personally came across a Virtual Boy in the now closed Kay Bee toys several years ago. The Virtual Boy had been marked with a clearance sticker for the low price of $29.99. By then the Playstation was already out and there were a ton of better handhelds but something inside me wanted to get it so badly. I admit I thought it looked kind of cool and they were selling the games for $1.99 each so I purchased the unit and five games.

What I did not know was that there were straps for the Virtual Boy so you could wear it on your head which when I tried it just seemed strange. Even stranger was a few of my friends who also purchased Virtual Boys said theirs did not have the straps or any place where straps could fit. Either way the unit felt really heavy on the head and it would be dangerous to walk around like that so maybe I got a prototype or the strap version was discontinued.

Virtual Boy Mario’s Tennis cartridge
Virtual Boy Mario’s Tennis cartridge
Nintendo cartridges
Nintendo cartridges