Super R-Type

Super R Type Gameplay Screenshot

One of my favorite shmups back in the 90s and especially during the console wars of the SNES-Genesis was Super R-Type. I remember going to my friend’s house just to play this game and had a blast with it. It’s just one of those games that would leave me breathless. This game at least for the most part always keeps me wanting come for more. I’m glad I was able to find this game once again. I don’t have to keep bothering my friend anymore to play it although I stopped doing that over ten years ago. Anyways, the gameplay is your solid shmup gameplay that involves a lot of shooting and a lot of power ups. The game of course increases in difficulty as you get to the later levels so take the first couple levels as training.

Super R Type Gameplay Screenshot

The game is also really great graphically and a must have for any shmups fanatic! The game can get quite challenging so if you are looking for a good challenge on shooting form, don’t hesitate to try this one out. Like any game, you can master this one with practice. Some of you may need a lot of practice while others not much at all especially gamers that are used to these kind of games.

Overall, this is one of those games that brings back memories of my childhood. It’s always great to have games like these. I’m sure many of you have sentimental games that’ll give you a flashback of your youth. In this case, I always remember taking the controller away from my friend so that I would play it only to loose five seconds later. Let us keep those memories alive forever. Until next week!

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2 thoughts on “Super R-Type

  • Probably one of the most popular of these kind of games, especially for the Nintendo consoles.

  • The “challenge” was artificial and derived solely from the fact that a single hit anywhere, even in a boss battle, would kill you and force you to restart the entire level over again.

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