Super Mario Bros Crossover

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We love this kind of stuff and it is one of the main reasons we began Obsolete Gamer, to find projects like this. ~J.A. Laraque

Super Mario Bros Crossover

Now you have to bear with me because though I love retro gaming, recently I haven’t had the time to keep up on everything going on so you will have to excuse me when I talk about something like it has just come out even if it has been available for a long time.

Super Mario Bros Crossover title screen

I recently ran across this Super Mario Bros Crossover flash game made by the folks over at Exploding Rabbit. Now this game was created by fans and has been released since 2010, (which makes me feel even worst that I just found it now). You can read all about it on the Super Mario Bros Crossover Wiki. Currently they are on version 3.1.2 which you can play right now in our Obsolete Gamer Arcade Room.

So the game plays just like the original NES game, but as you can see in the trailer, the characters and levels are different such as being able to play as Ryu and Link and using special abilities from the different characters.

The overall goal is the same, you go from left to right making your way through the worlds and defeating the enemies until you get to the fourth level of each world where you face Bowser. Now the levels have been tweaked and changed since different characters have different abilities to add more challenge and re-playability to the game.

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We love this kind of stuff and it is one of the main reasons we began Obsolete Gamer, to find projects like this. Now as we said this game has been released for 4 years now and is constantly worked on which is great to see. Also, they allow you to download it and embed it on your site which is awesome and exactly what we did, but we wanted to give full credit and let everyone know about this game who, like us, might have missed it.

So give it a try and let us know what you think. Also visit Exploding Rabbit and check out their other awesome games, videos and projects including their YouTube page.

Super Action Squad

Also if you love this kind of great work as much as we do please consider supporting the Super Action Squad.

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