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Ryan Modjeski: Legacy Interactive

Legacy Interactive logo
Legacy Interactive logo

Name: Ryan Modjeski

Company: Legacy Interactive

Profession: Producer

Favorite Classic Game: The Secret of Monkey Island II and Ms. Pac-Man (preferably a modded Laundromat version).

Quote: I make games.

Biot: Ryan Modjeski began his career making games as a toddler, dictating amendments to board game rules as they suited his whim. He continued his love of interactive design when he discovered Dungeons and Dragons in grade school, concocting and running elaborate imaginary campaigns for is classroom friends during recess. Writing and designing his first adventure game on spec in the late 1990’s, he has gone on to work as a designer and producer of casual, mobile and social games. He was recently a juror for the 2010 Indiecade International Festival of Independent Games and keeps a game design blog at

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One thought on “Ryan Modjeski: Legacy Interactive

  • All Monkey Island games are forever epic in the annals of adventure gaming history. Ms. Pacman is more epic though on so many levels! ;-]

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